PMQs 28 January 2015 Was Mostly Shouting, So Here's The Best Bits...

28/01/2015 12:56 GMT | Updated 28/01/2015 15:59 GMT

If you don't like watching Prime Minister's Questions because of all the unnecessary shouting and carry on, this is for you.

Wednesday's PMQs wasn't a particularly interesting one, but here's some of the more reasonable bits...

Ed and Dave argued about the NHS:

And they argued about who was weaponising it:

Before weaponising Wales:

The Prime Minister put his glasses on:

And there were a couple of very awkward musical references:

Osborne looked like he was being squeezed out of the front bench:

Still, it looked like he was enjoying himself:

The PM had a frog in his throat:

At least things got a bit more interesting when Dennis Skinner piped up:

But mostly, it was more of the same, shouting and self-referential tripe:

And the same old soundbites:

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