Premier League TV Rights Deal: 7 Other Things £5.14 Billion Could Get You

11/02/2015 10:46 | Updated 11 February 2015
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£5.136bn – that’s how much Sky and rival BT paid for the rights to screen Premier League football from 2016 to 2019.

The princely sum is 70% higher than the previous deal, marking the mind-bogglingly fast rise in how lucrative football has become.

Here are 7 things that would cost just as much as the Premier League TV rights.

  • You could be 16 times richer than the Queen...
    Bloomberg via Getty Images
    With a fortune of just £328 million, the Queen would could only afford to buy the TV rights to a mere 43 games (which would effectively cost 7.62m each).
  • Benedict Cumberbatch could never be off TV...
    Alex Huckle via Getty Images
    At an estimated £5 million for three 90-minute episodes of Sherlock, £5.14 billion would be enough to make 1,028 of them.
  • You could buy your own police force(s)....
    ANDREW COWIE via Getty Images
    £5.4 billion is more than half of the Home Office's entire budget (which sank to £8.4 billion in 2014/2015).
  • You could build 5 new destroyers...
    Andrew Milligan/PA Archive
    And with each Royal Naval Destroyer costing £1 billion, you'd have money left over.
  • You could get a whole lot of nurses...
    WPA Pool via Getty Images
    £5.14 billion could pay for nearly 200,000 nurses (who are normally on salaries of £26,000 each).
  • You could build at lot of new schools
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    At a cost of around £14 million each, you could build 367 schools
  • And you could buy your own suite of TV channels
    Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
    With stations like Channel 5 going for £450 million, you could potentially buy 11 similarly big channels and put whatever you like on them (that's a lot of Big Brother).

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