The Oscars: The Longest And Shortest Acceptance Speeches Ever

20/02/2015 17:19 | Updated 24 February 2015

With the Oscars just around the corner, here's our round-up of the shortest and longest Academy Awards acceptance speeches of the last 25 years.

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The most commonly spoken word was "Thanks", understandably, with "Family", "Father", "Mother" and "God" ranking highly too.

The Longest Speeches

  • 1 Matthew McConaughey - 2014
  • Winning Best Actor for 'Dallas Buyers Club', Matthew's speech was the longest in 25 years at 549 words.
  • 2 Halle Berry - 2002
  • Halle's first Oscar was for Best Actress in 2002, where she beat the standing record for longest acceptance speech. She basically thanked everyone, and spoke 528 words.
  • 3 Cate Blanchett - 2014
  • The leading lady from 'Blue Jasmine' took a huge 513 words to accept her Best Actress award last year.
  • 4 Jamie Foxx - 2005
  • Jamie won his gong for his portrayal of Ray Charles in 'Ray'. It took him 490 words to thank everyone who got him to where he was.
  • 5 Al Pacino - 1993
  • Pacino spoke 475 words in his acceptance speech for 'Scent of a Woman'.

The Shortest Speeches

  • 1 Joe Pesci - 1991
  • Taking the Best Supporting Actor award in 1993 for 'Goodfellas', Joe Pesci mumbled just six words.
  • 2 Anna Paquin - 1994
  • The Best Supporting Actress award was taken by a young Anna Paquin in 1994, who only got up the courage to speak 50 words while hyperventilating.
  • 3 Juliette Binoche - 1997
  • Taking home the statue for 'The English Patient', Juliette Binoche only uttered 59 words in her acceptance speech.
  • 4 Morgan Freeman - 2005
  • Sadly the man with the world's greatest voice only said 62 words in this speech, winning Best Supporting Actor for 'Million Dollar Baby'.
  • 5 Marion Cotillard - 2008
  • For her portrayal of Edith Piaf in 'La Vie en Rose', Marion Cotillard picked up a Best Actress Oscar and gave the shortest speech by any person to win the award.


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