Young Women Doing Incredible Things

02/03/2015 10:32 | Updated 02 March 2015
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International women's day should be more than just a day. It should be every day. But nevertheless, we're still going to celebrate it, as we love any excuse to shout out about women doing incredible things.

These young women, whether they're a household name or just the girl next door, have all done something special to inspire us. From standing up against extreme forms of the patriarchy, to triumphing in the face adversity, we're taking a couple of moments during our day to sit back and revel in what women are capable of achieving.

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Happy International Women's Day!

  • 1 Maggie Cole
    Karen Cole/Twitter
    Late last year, Tesco removed a sign which singled out a superhero alarm clock as a "fun gift for boys" in response to a complaint about gender stereotyping. The author of that complaint? Seven-year-old Maggie Cole, who proved you're never too young to make a change.
  • 2 Malala Yousafzai
    No inspirational women's list would be complete without Malala Yousafzai.

    The 17-year-old education activist, who was shot by the Taliban for her support of girls' right to education, has gone far beyond campaigning for just her Pakistan homeland.

    Malala was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in October 2014, making her the youngest ever recipient.
  • 3 Dominique Harrison-Bentzen
    Dominique is a pretty last minute entry - but we couldn't not include her.

    The UCLan student has raised more than £30,000 for homeless people after Robbie, a man who slept on the streets, offered her his last change so she could get home safely.

    So touched by his generosity, she decided to return the favour and spent 24 hours with Robbie raise the money. Dominique is an inspiring example of how charity really does start from home.
  • 4 Laci Green
    Sex education is notoriously dire. That's why Laci Green, who is host to the largest sex education show on the internet, Sex+, makes our list.

    The 25-year-old's vlog consists of a YouTube video series, social media blogging, university lectures, and community activism. The project currently reaches over five million people each month in over 100 countries.
  • 5 Jack Monroe
    Jack Monroe is a 25-year-old single mother from Southend on Sea, who started a blog when she was unemployed and looking for work.

    She charted the realities of life on the breadline, and the difficulty of finding work as a single parent in an economic downturn.

    After being referred to a food bank last year, she cooks budget meals for herself and her three year old son for less than £10 a week, and recently spoke to a group of MPs in Parliament about food poverty and food banks in Britain. She also won the 2014 Women of the Year Enterprise award.
  • 6 Grace Jones
    Grace Jones is a 15-year-old campaigner from Croydon.

    Inspired by her experiences growing up, Grace is working with Unilever in a campaign branded Project Sunlight.

    The initiative, launched in association with Oxfam, has brought together youngsters campaigning on a local level with leading industry figures to make steps towards eradicating food waste worldwide.
  • 7 Aisha Abdulsalam
    ARK Putney Academy
    Meet Aisha, who is set to be the world’s first Kurdish female Pilot.

    After achieving A-levels in Maths and Art & Design, she has gained a place to study Aviation Pilot Studies at Buckinghamshire New University.

    “In my country as well as in Iraq, there are no women pilots," she says. "So if I do become a pilot, I will be the first Kurdish woman to become a pilot.”

    On top of taking her A-levels, Aisha also had to care for her mother, who had been diagnosed with cancer.

    She might not be Britain's first female pilot, but she's certainly an inspirational figure for British youths.
  • 8 Rosie Corrigan
    21-year-old Rosie became the youngest woman ever to be elected as Mayor after first entering politics to campaign about tuna paninis.

    Labour party member Rosie Corrigan was elected Mayor of Selby, a market town in North Yorkshire in May.

    Corrigan plans to use her year in office to further encourage political awareness in the youth of Selby.
  • 9 Emma Holten
    Emma Holten
    The Danish activist was the victim of revenge porn three years ago, when an ex-boyfriend shared intimate photographs on a "creepshot" website.

    But the 23-year-old refuses to be ashamed of her naked body.

    Emma decided to reclaim her body by taking and sharing topless photographs of herself.

    A new photo series featuring Emma nude, shot by a photographer of her own choice, allow the activist to show her body on her own terms.
  • 10 Gracie Francesca
    Gracie Francesca, a 24-year-old fashion and beauty blogger from London, provides more than just tutorials. Under the vlog name The Ugly Face of Beauty she lays bare her body confidence issues - and was named Cosmopolitan's next newcomer in the magazine's blog awards.

    Gracie, who grew up on a council estate, was bullied when she was younger for being overweight and ugly. Explaining the reason behind launching her warts n all vlog, she said: "I was self-harming and lied about it to everyone for like 10 years, so when I came out of therapy I just started being honest because I couldn’t be bothered to lie anymore."
  • 11 Scout Willis
    The child of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Scout had some big boots to fill.

    But instead of going down the usual perfume-cosmetics-model route, Scout has used her fame to campaign.

    The 23-year-old took to the streets of New York in 2014 topless, to stand up for the right for women to choose how they represent their bodies.

    "No woman should be made to feel ashamed of her body," she said at the time.
    Scout also protested Instagram's ban on female topless photos by posting topless photos along with the caption #FreeTheNipple.
  • 12 Fahma Mohamed
    David M. Benett via Getty Images
    Bristol schoolgirl Fahma Mohamed (pictured) and Muna Hassan teamed up with a group of young women from youth charity INtegrate Bristol to campaign against FGM>
    They successfully persuaded the then education secretary Michael Gove to contact every school about FGM, as well as winning the backing of UN secretary general Ban Ki-moon.
  • 13 Sejal Hathi
    An avid social entrepreneur, Sejal Hathi founded both the nonprofit Girls Helping Girls at age 15, and the social enterprise girltank at age 19, dedicated to socially and economically empowering young women globally. Over the last few years, the 21-year-old's organisations have mobilized more than 30,000 young women change-makers in 104 countries to design sustainable social change.
  • 14 Emma Watson
    Pascal le Segretain via Getty Images
    Emma Watson, where do we start?

    It's not even her work as a UN Goodwill Ambassador and HeForShe advocate which makes her one of our favourite women, it's the pride she takes in being a feminist we love.

    While many other female celebrities are afraid to declare themselves feminists so they don't damage their brand, Emma is out, loud and proud - just take her recent response to those Prince Harry rumours.
  • 15 Rowan Hansen
    The Hansen Family
    11-year-old Rowan Hansen was turned into a superhero after complaining to DC Comics about the lack of female role models in their graphic novels. br clear="all">
    Rowan, from Illinois, wrote "I love your comics, but I would love them a lot more if there were more girls. br clear="all">
    "There are Superman and Batman movies, but not a Wonder Woman one. You have a Flash TV show but not a Wonder Woman one. Marvel comics made a movie about a talking tree and raccoon awesome, but you haven't made a movie with Wonder Woman. Please do something about this. Girls read comics, too, and they care."

    Hear hear.
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