Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge's Baby Name Revealed - By Racing Corgis

20/03/2015 13:08 | Updated 20 May 2015

Ladbrokes Barkingham Palace Gold Cup Royal Corgi Race

Royal Corgis have revealed the name of the Duke and Duchess's new baby. Well, sort of!

In anticipation of the arrival of the new royal baby next month, a pack of corgis took part in a race to help punters determine the name and sex of the future heir to the throne.

And the winner was...Alexandra!

The 10 dogs - renowned for being the Queen's favourite breed - gathered in London's prestigious Bedford Square to battle it out at the world's first ever 'Barkingham Palace Gold Cup' , organised by bookmakers Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes Barkingham Palace Gold Cup Royal Corgi Race

Each corgi taking part in the race shared a possible name for Prince George's future brother or sister.

Front runners Elizabeth (5/1) and James (8/1) made it into the group along with rank outsiders, Camilla (100/1) and Boris (200/1).

But according to the race, Kate and William will give birth to a baby girl named Alexandra (8/1) after she was the first corgi past the post ahead of Camilla and Victoria (10/1) in 4.32 seconds.

She then took her place on the winner's podium and was awarded the Ladbrokes Barkingham Palace Gold Cup in a ceremony, complete with national anthem and Union Jack swathe.

Ladbrokes Barkingham Palace Gold Cup Royal Corgi Race

Jessica Bridge, from Ladbrokes, said: "Alexandra romped to victory and it looks like Kate will soon be giving birth to a little girl next month. Royal baby betting is booming and the arrival of a new heir to the throne is sure to see a record amount of wagers placed.

"There's a market for everything about the future Prince or Princess, from name and sex to weight and hair colour, but it's the Royal Baby's name that will attract thousands of bets across the UK.

"Elizabeth and James are currently the most popular girl and boy's names, but that hasn't stopped punters from betting on outsiders, including Sapesan and Mercedes at 500/1 apiece.

"Today's corgi race was designed to celebrate the excitement surrounding the impending birth and encourage everyone to get involved with the fun." THE ROYAL CORGI RACE RESULTS:


1. Alexandra (8/1)

2. Camilla (100/1)

3. Victoria (10/1)

4. Philippa (33/1)

5. Elizabeth (5/1)


1. Spencer (25/1)

2. James (8/1)

3. Boris (200/1)

4. Henry (16/1)

5. Albert (20/1)



1. Elizabeth (5/1)

2. Charlotte (6/1)

3. Alexandra (8/1)

4. Victoria (10/1)

5. Diana (12/1)


1. James (8/1)

2. Arthur (10/1)

3. Henry (16/1)

4. Charles (16/1)

5. Thomas (16/1)