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10 Best Smartphones You Can Buy Right Now

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Buying the best smartphone in 2015 is harder than it looks.

The arrival of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will surely keep Apple fans well and truly happy while those looking for the best Android smartphone are in for a treat.

Samsung unveiled the incredible curved-screen Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge at MWC 2015 while HTC kept its track record intact by unveiling the updated HTC One M9.

Most recently LG unveiled the LG G4. With a stunning 5.5-inch 'Quantum Dot' display, the G4 features a leather back and an SLR-style camera that hopes to beat even Sony's superb efforts.

Huawei unveiled their superb P8, an ultra-thin Android phone that'll keep pace with even the most premium smartphones out there.

Last but not least there's the Sony Xperia Z3, the phone that proves 'if it ain't broke'. A larger better screen is matched to an updated version of the classic Xperia design. Oh and Sony's promising a two-day battery life.

To make the quest for the right phone for you easier, we've selected our favourite nine smartphones available in 2014. Take a look at our selections of the best smartphones available right now.

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    Apple's largest ever iPhone, both in terms of physical size and popularity. So what's all the fuss about? Well you get a larger, thinner iPhone with a 4.7-inch screen or 5.5-inch display if you chose the iPhone 6 Plus. It features a new 8MP camera with uprated optics as well as a faster more efficient processor.
  • 2
    The Galaxy S6 Edge is probably the most advanced phone available right now. With it's stunningly curved 2K display and powerful octa-core processor this is a return to form for Samsung that was much needed. If you're after the absolute cutting-edge then this is for you, just don't expect the battery to last any longer than a day.
  • 3
    The LG G4 is LG's most advanced smartphone yet. Combining a massive 5.5-inch 2K display with a powerful F1.8 lens camera this is a phone that means business. If you can get past the size of it then you'll be richly rewarded. Thanks to that F1.8 lens LG claims that the G4 is the closest you'll get to a professional SLR on a smartphone without spending thousands on a camera.
  • 4
    The HTC One M9 is not the massive overhaul we were hoping for, but that's OK. The update is still impressive boasting a massive 20MP camera on the back as well as a new unibody design that feels lighter and better to hold. What it lacks in originality it makes up for in performance, this phone has it in bucket loads.
  • 5
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    The Sony Xperia Z3/Z3 Compact are the perfect example of 'if it ain't broke' thinking. Design changes are minimal but practical with soft rubber corners protecting against drops. The new Z3 comes packing a massive 5.2-inch screen but thanks to smaller bezels it keeps the same small footprint. It'll play HD audio and shoot 4K. That's not all though, Sony's boasting a whopping two-day battery life.
  • 6
    The Huawei P8 is now a part of our hall of fame. Why? Well for starters just look at it. The company's new flagship Android phone is a stunner, and along with its looks the P8 has some serious power. With an eight-core processor, Full-HD screen, ultra-thin chassis and a camera that can capture light paintings this is a phone to compete with the best of them.
  • 7
    The Google Nexus 6 is exactly like a toaster. Why? Well because all toasters serve one purpose and they do it really well. This is the Nexus 6. Its job is to be a large-screen phone that'll run Google's new Android OS. It does it really well. It will be too big for some, but if you can handle the size then this is an incredible phone.
  • 8
    The Moto X 2 is significant for two reasons; the first of which is that you can almost entirely design it yourself. On top of that you get a stunning 5.2-inch display that's matched with a phone that measures in at just 3.8mm at its thinnest point. Thanks to Motorola's agreement with Google it's pure Android and will get updates from Google as soon as they're announced. For now, this is your Nexus replacement.
  • 9
    This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it shows the biggest departure from Samsung's design thinking yet. Gone is the cheap plasticky body, replaced with a thin metal frame and smooth leather back. The screen is still 5.7-inches but Samsung's upped the resolution to a massive 2K.
  • 10
    The Nokia Lumia 930 is the flagship phone for Microsoft. Running the increasingly impressive Windows Phone operating system the 930 is a serious contender against the iPhone 6 and S6. It also happens to be a seriously powerful smartphone as well with a 5-inch Full-HD display, 20MP camera and professional levels of film recording thanks to four mics for full stereo pickup.

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