Ridiculous Rental Prices: 9 Property Ads That Prove You'll Be Stuck As A Tenant Forever

22/07/2015 12:56 | Updated 22 July 2015

Rental prices in some parts of the country have reached astronomical levels.

On Wednesday, accountancy firm PwC revealed more than half of 20 to 39-year-olds would still be renting from private landlords a decade from now, prompting calls from charities for drastic action to be taken to protect tenants from spiralling costs.

In light of this week's latest findings, we've compiled a depressing guide to nine of the most ridiculous rental properties, which shows why many of England's under-40s will be left off the property ladder forever.

  • 1 Cramped in the kitchenette
    This 'comfy' room, which features a single bed, kitchenette, wardrobe and dining table (if it could get any more depressing, for one) - all in the same room - was on the market for the princely sum of £737 a month. It was reportedly snapped up within 15 hours of being advertised.
  • 2 Slender space, but slim shower included
    A one bed flat in West Kensington, one of the country's most affluent areas, surprised many with this post on Zoopla. Described as "cosy" - "godawful shithole that'll erase your sanity" was one website's take - this room comes with a shower underneath the bed. Advertisers said it was "sure to be popular". At £502 a month? Oh, the humanity.
  • 3 Just a measly mattress
    There are few ridiculously-priced rooms on offer in the UK that trump this one. For just £700 a month you can be the proud (transient) owner of this property in Elephant & Castle. At least it comes with a radiator and a TV; you could pawn them both to try and pay the fees.
  • 4 Meager in Mayfair
    E J Harris/ SWNS
    This one-bedroom flat in Mayfair was so sought after it went within a record-breaking 40 minutes of being advertised. Described as "slightly only larger than a garage", this £1,666 a month was secured by the successful tenant after they were forced to pay £10,000 up-front.
  • 5 Paltry property
    Northfields Estate Agents
    An Ealing bedroom, pictured above, went on the market for £871. The estate agent even boasted that the 19sq meter property had "a good sized living area"...
  • 6 Measly mod cons
    The phrase “no room to swing a cat” springs to mind on first glance of this particular des res. The Earl’s Court studio flat comes equipped with bed, fridge, hob, shower and microwave oven – all crammed into little more than a cupboard space. Intriguingly, there is no mention of a toilet (go in the shower? The sink?) but all this could have been yours for the handsome fee of £563 a month.
  • 7 Cosy in Clapham
    This room has been advertised at £800 per month. The single bed in south London's Clapham at least comes with a nice communal garden/ park . One website commented: "There must be prisons nicer than this." Charming...
  • 8 Exotic but expensive
    Pictures of this this colourful number don't look too bad. Until you discover it'll cost you a grand a month. The single bed stay in Kings Cross does come with a bathroom and kitchen, but at this price you'll have no money left to buy either toiletries or food!
  • 9 Lean loft living...
    An advert appeared on Gumtree back in 2014 for this "cute little loft conversion" in central London for just £160 a month. Unfortunately, it's only suitable for someone who is "less than 5’4 ft tall" and has "no history of claustrophobia", the advert read. While almost certainly a fake, it was in fact covered as a genuine accommodation offer by several websites. Hopefully things won't ever get THIS bad for Generation Rent.

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