Tampon Tax Targeted In Taylor Swift 'Bad Blood' Parody By Jenny Bede And Cariad Lloyd

11/08/2015 10:17 BST | Updated 11/08/2015 10:59 BST

A pair of comedians have targeted George Osborne with their latest video, twisting the words of Taylor Swift's hit song 'Bad Blood' to be about the VAT charged on tampons and sanitary products.

The women's essential is currently considered a "luxury" item by Her Majesty's Government, meaning women are forced to pay an extra 5% for something they use every month.

Now the campaign to axe the tampon tax has its own theme song, thanks to Jenny Bede and Cariad Lloyd. Their expert parody of Taylor Swift's hit features a host of characters, including Madame Ovary, Jenn Da Bias, Oestro Jen and Aunti Flo.

cariad lloyd

A potato, a Soreen malt loaf and a woolen sock are all suggested in jest as possible alternatives to the "luxury" items. "You can try what you can 'til the tampon tax goes," they sing. "If it don't go soon, blood will flow."

"Initially we were just being silly but when I started looking into what doesn’t have VAT I just got really angry," Cariad told The Debrief. "It’s ridiculous and we just felt that more women should know about this, at least to start the discussion about why we are taxed in this way."

The tampon tax has hit headlines once again this week, after Labour leadership hopeful Andy Burnham said he would axe the extra charge.

[h/t Metro]