Best Winter Coats For 2015: From Topshop To Debenhams

08/10/2015 15:20 | Updated 08 October 2015

Feeling warm and looking stylish do not always go hand in hand. Especially if (like us) you're the type of person who spends most of the winter months like a freezing Hodor-esque broken record, constantly proclaiming how cold you are.

But every year, the high street tries and you have to commend them for it. Luckily, this year, bum-skimming jackets are out and long, cosy coats are in - which gives us a head start on the whole ordeal.

To save you the trouble, we've searched high and wide for this season's best styles. Check out our pick of the 15 most badass winter coats to buy now:

  • Topshop Curly Faux Fur Double Breasted Coat
    £95 from

    Is it possible to look like a sexy Yeti? It is now. This could also double as a blanket for those tactical under-desk naps during Christmas party season.
  • Mango Faux-Fur Appliqué Wool Coat
    £139.99 from

    For everyone who ever dreamed of looking like a real life Snow Queen. Plus the fact it's cream makes for a legitimate reason to avoid public transport. Taxi!
  • Zara Wool Coat in Light Burgundy
    £69.99 from

    Stick two fingers up to the festive red coat crowd with this infinitely more stylish wine-hued number. Bonus points for teaming with an even darker berry lip stain.
  • Selected Femme Scarlet Trench Coat
    £150 from

    Weatherproof and sexy are rarely used in the same sentence but this 90s inspired trench manages to nail it. It's Blade Runner meets Burberry and we need it.
  • Whistles Wolfie Faux Fur Coat
    £295 from

    The coat that screams "I'M NEVER GOING TO BE COLD AGAIN", and "I also might be naked under this."
  • M&S Buttonsafe Animal Print Coat With Wool
    £129 from

    Sick of seeing everyone in the same leopard print fur coat? Invest in a wool one instead. The M&S Buttonsafe technology also means the buttons won't ever fall off, so you know this one's a keeper.
  • The Kooples Sheep Shearing-Style Coat
    £325 from

    This is the kind of coat you could slip on over skinny jeans and people would start throwing about the term 'model chic' whilst simultaneously planning to Single White Female you.
  • Shrimps Smith Coat
    £845 from

    If we had nearly a grand to spend on a coat, it would be this coat. Scottish tartan, luminous green faux fur... it shouldn't work, but it does. And it would look so damn good with a bright red lip.
  • Urban Outfitters Mono Blanket Coat
    £89 from

    Are you the kind of person who longs to leave the house in a dressing gown? Your winter Just. Got. Interesting. as these belted-waist, hooded-styles are pretty much just that, albeit more socially acceptable.
  • Missguided Oversized Camel Coat
    £70 from

    If Kim Kardashian was outside of a taxi or air conditioned building long enough to endure winter temperatures, this is probably what she'd wear. Seriously chic.
  • ASOS Suede Shearling Coat
    £170 from

    For the inner 70s football manager or first year Goldsmiths student in you.
  • Miss Selfridge Tan Suede Trench Coat
    £170 from

    This coat will keep you warm in more ways than one as wearing suede makes people 99.9%* more likely to try stroking you.

  • Missguided Longline Wool Coat With Faux Fur Collar
    £70 from

    There's something about this coat that says expensive Russian hooker and we like it.
  • Primark Olive Lux Faux Fur Trim Midi Parka
    £35 from

    Warm, sturdy, durable and so much cheaper than all the other high street parkas that you won't be as devastated when someone steals it from a club cloakroom.
  • Zara Water Repellent Cotton Raincoat
    £59.99 from

    Because this is England...


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