Best Winter Coats For 2015: From Topshop To Debenhams

08/10/2015 15:20 BST | Updated 08/10/2015 15:59 BST

Feeling warm and looking stylish do not always go hand in hand. Especially if (like us) you're the type of person who spends most of the winter months like a freezing Hodor-esque broken record, constantly proclaiming how cold you are.

But every year, the high street tries and you have to commend them for it. Luckily, this year, bum-skimming jackets are out and long, cosy coats are in - which gives us a head start on the whole ordeal.

To save you the trouble, we've searched high and wide for this season's best styles. Check out our pick of the 15 most badass winter coats to buy now:

Best Winter Coats 2015


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Best Winter Coats 2015