Boris Johnson Proves He Can Be The Next James Bond After Daniel Craig Tips Him For 007 Role

23/10/2015 16:32 | Updated 23 October 2015

Boris Johnson has been tipped by Daniel Craig to be the next James Bond.

Rumour is rife over who will play the iconic 007 character after current Bond star Craig said he would rather "slash his wrists" than take on the grueling role again.

The 47-year-old actor told The Sun on Friday: “It is actually Boris Johnson next. I would like to announce that right now.”

Johnson has proved he has the skillset to take on the role. Here we look at nine times the Mayor of London has proved he has what it takes to be shaken, not stirred.

  • 1 Shooting an invisible gun from a helicopter
    Andrew Parsons/PA Archive
    We're not sure who exactly the Mayor of London is pointing his invisible gun at, but during a week-long visit to China in 2013, Boris Johnson took a helicopter ride over Hong Kong. The visit was designed to promote trade between the far east and London.
  • 2 Taking out the opposition
    Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
    It doesn't matter whether your nemesis is Jaws, Oddjob... or a 10-year-old boy, they aren't going to get in Boris' way. While on a trip to Tokyo earlier this month, the Mayor of London took part in a rugby demonstration, wiping out the young boy as he attempted a tackle.
  • 3 Using a zipwire... sort of
    Ben Kendall/PA Archive
    The next James Bond has to be able to tackle just about anything. Boris has shown that he will attempt most things, although his success rate isn't quite up to Bond's standards yet. In 2012, Boris tried to use a zipwire. Half way down he got stuck and had to be rescued. At the Olympic event in Victoria Park he could be heard shouting: "Get me a rope, get me a ladder."
  • 4 Using any transport necessary, even a boat
    LEON NEAL via Getty Images
    At a launch event for London Poppy Day in 2012, the city's mayor joined members from the Royal British Legion on board a rigid inflatable boat.
  • 5 Possessing a knowledge of science
    John Phillips via Getty Images
    On a visit to the Royal Institution, Boris took part in a scientific experiment to officially launch the Story of London festival.
  • 6 Boarding Royal Navy vessels
    Dan Kitwood via Getty Images
    Making yet another unconventional entrance, Boris was winched on board HMS Severn in 2012 as part of an event to raise awareness of the Royal British Legion's Poppy Day appeal.
  • 7 Manning big guns
    Gareth Fuller/PA Archive
    Joining members of the Armed Forces and volunteers, Boris fired a salute from a 105mm light gun to launch the London Poppy Appeal, which aims to raise more than one million pounds in just one day, in front of Armoury House, London.
  • 8 Riding/ sitting on a motorcycle
    Gareth Fuller/PA Archive
    Boris Johnson sits on a police motorcycle as he meets with officers from the Metropolitan Police's newly-formed Roads Transport Policing Command at Islington Police station, London.
  • 9 Steering flash cars
    Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive
    The capital's mayor sits in a Jaguar sports car as he tours the stands at the Great British Brands festival at the Zhuo Zhan Mall, the largest shopping mall in China.

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