Hoverboard Explodes After Spontaneously Catching Fire On Owner's Driveway

02/12/2015 11:31 | Updated 02 December 2015

Hoverboards are great aren't they. Yes, their name is a cruel trick, but once you get on them and that sense of imbalance and social awkwardness fades you soon forget the insignificant fact that nothing about them actually hovers.

There is however a problem. Firstly, the meanies over at the DVLA have deemed them illegal for anything other than your garden path and secondly, they keep exploding.

hoverboard explodes

The first part is not that concerning, eventually someone at the DVLA will have the good fortune to ride a non-exploding hoverboard and realise that actually their legs are now redundant.


The second part is slightly more concerning though because as US resident Timothy Cade found out first hand, there's nothing more terrifying than watching your childhood dream quite literally go up in flames.

Having spent $500 on Amazon on what he assumed was a legitimately safe hoverboard, Cade was horrified when one day it simply decided to catch fire.

Not content with simply catching fire, the battery then decided to ignite and shortly thereafter explode.


Hardly a dream scenario, and even more terrifying when you think what might have happened if Cade was actually using it at the time. The source of the problem is that at present, plenty of companies are claiming to sell the 'original' hoverboard, but many are using complex electrical parts which just simply aren't up to the job.

In much the same way that cheaper components in USB chargers are causing our gadgets to catch fire, cheap components in hoverboards are causing them to overheat and explode.

So what's the lesson from all this? We'd wait until hoverboards can actually hover.

  • 1 Hendo Hoverboard
    Lexus isn't the only company to make an electromagnetic hoverboard. The Hendo won us over the moment we saw it's glowing blue energy source. Sure it costs $10,000 and needs and entirely magnetic floor but these are just tiny imperfections in the grand scheme of creating a hoverboard.
  • 2 Leafblower Hoverboard
    While it's not strictly practical, this is the hoverboard you can make at home and for that, we give them a serious thumbs up. Created using nothing more than a few re-purposed leafblowers and some MDF this noisy (and cumbersome) alternative is a million miles from Lexus' Slide but we love it anyway.
  • 3 Propellor Hoverboard
    Arguably the most-successful attempt at a hoverboard we've seen so far is Catalin Alexandru Duru's effort. This propellor-powered hoverboard actually managed to set a Guinness World Record by travelling over 279m. If we were betting (which we're not) then this is where we'd place our money.
  • 4 'Back To The Future' Zboard
    While you can buy the Zboard, its actual functionality is sadly limited, and by limited we mean it's actually just a prop. That said there's no shame in appreciating what has become one of the most iconic film props in history and for just $1,500 this lovingly created piece of filmmaking history can be yours.
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