BNP Removed From Electoral Commission's Register Of UK Political Parties

08/01/2016 15:16 | Updated 08 January 2016

The British National Party has been removed from the register of political parties in Great Britain by the Electoral Commission - but the party says it is in the process of re-registering after a "a small clerical error from a party that is supposed to be dead in the water".

The commission announced Friday that the BNP had been removed for failing to confirm their registration details with the Commission - a legal requirement that must be submitted annually.

The Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 requires all registered political parties to submit an annual notification confirming that the details they have registered with the Commission remain accurate. The party must also pay a re-registration fee of £25.

nick griffin british national party

Nick Griffin's British National Party has been removed from the register of UK political parties

The last date a notification can be submitted to the Commission is six months after the deadline for submission of a party’s statement of accounts, the commission said.

The BNP's statement of account were due on July 1, 2015, meaning their final deadline passed on January 1, 2016.

The Electoral Commission said it did not receive the notification by this date "and is required by law to remove the BNP from its register of political parties in Great Britain".

Now that the BNP has been removed from the register, the commission said BNP candidates cannot use the party’s name, descriptions or emblems on the ballot paper at elections.

The party can, however, submit an application to re-register at any time and their name, descriptions and emblems are protected under PPERA for two years to prevent other parties using them, the commission said.


The BNP was formed by John Tyndall in 1982 from the merging of several political parties. From 1999 to 2014 it was led by Nick Griffin. In December 2012 several disgruntled members of the party left and formed the short-lived British Freedom Party, which was de-registered less than two years later when it also failed to return the annual registration.

  • 1 Getting hammered by pretty much everyone on Question Time
    With protests outside and a exceptionally hostile audience, Griffin spent the evening unable to recall his own manifesto, being dubbed the "Dr Strangelove" of British politics, comparing himself to Winston Churchill and being unable to respond to repeated accusations that he denied the Holocaust.
  • 2 Insisting it was he that stopped war in Syria (the war that's still going on)
    British National Party leader Nick Griffin "literally prevented a war in Syria," party spokesman Simon Darby has claimed. "He flew out to Damascus and prevented a war. He was instrumental in putting that letter across to the UK Parliament before that vote when we decided we wouldn't quite rightly interfere in Syria." While in the war-torn country, Griffin posted videos of swimming pools, and said that Damascus seemed pretty peaceful to him.
  • 3 The time he admitting eating roadkill
    Casting dignity aside like well... roadkill, Griffin said in a speech to party faithful that it was a lack of hope, not food, which was killing people. "Nobody starves to death in this country. You can scrape a dead rabbit off the road, if you have to. I've done it with our kids when they were young. When we were really skint, we've eaten roadkill. Yeah, that's what you have to do."
  • 4 And encouraged party members to sell scrap metal to fund their activities
    Dan Kitwood via Getty Images
    In the same speech, he said: "People have been experimenting with scrap, it's great fun, something I've done in the past. Collecting broken fridges etc. Any idea of the price of copper? It's phenomenal. Bring copper along to the branch meeting, put them together and you can get a £1 per pound. That's good money. We should be doing that. We're doing experiments with an eBay account, we used to have jumble sales, but every branch should have an eBay officer, bring something I can sell on eBay to the branch meetings. The eBay officer should be the most important person in the branch, that's hundreds of pounds a year."
  • 5 Getting 'uninvited' by the Queen
    LEON NEAL via Getty Images
    The Queen withdrew an invitation for Nick Griffin to attend a party at Buckingham Palace because he "exploited it for political reasons". He and fellow BNP member Andrew Brons were automatically eligible for a garden party ticket as elected members of the European parliament. He also waved his invite to photographers, inadvertently revealing his home address.
  • 6 The many, many times he got egged
    Peter Macdiarmid via Getty Images
    This happens a lot. But this is one of the most furious.
  • 7 Starting a cookery show
    Perhaps he suspected a career change was on the horizon. Griffin began posting the cookery show on YouTube in January (though it doesn't cover roadkill). Many British "wives" don't know how to cook cheap food, he said, swigging a beer and looking sombre. So he would teach them how to cook fayre to "beat the Tory blues".
  • 8 Starting a 'whites-only' foodbank
    'For the avoidance of doubt, our BNP food banks are for indigenous Brits only. 'Minorities' all have their own (taxpayer-funded) charities,' Griffin tweeted at the time. Weyman Bennett, the general secretary of Unite Against Fascism, who Griffin called an "orc" said the offers of free food were reminiscent of “Hitler’s soup kitchens."
  • 9 Tweeting the address of a gay couple who won a legal fight
    Handout/PA Archive
    Michael Black and John Morgan won their high-profile civil case against a Christian B&B owner who had told them they could not stay in one of her double rooms due to her religion. Griffin posted the following tweet: "A British Justice team will come up to [their Huntington address] & give you [Black and Morgan] a … bit of drama by way of reminding you that an English couple's home is their castle. Say No to heterophobia!" Police investigated but did not take further action.
  • 10 Going bankrupt
    Christopher Furlong via Getty Images
    He was declared bankrupt in January, but said it would not affect his election campaign (he lost). "I am now turning the experience to the benefit of hard-up constituents by producing a booklet on dealing with debt. No surrender!" he tweeted afterwards.
  • 11 Spectacularly losing almost every seat in the 2014 elections
    Christopher Furlong via Getty Images
    Griffin lost his seat in the European parliament and retained only one council seat in the whole country.

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