9 December 2016

How To Do Christmas When Your World Has Ended

Alone Christmas Janneke Heeres via Getty Images

Last year, when my husband Rob died, I sacked off Christmas. I didn't buy any presents, I didn't give a fuck about the John Lewis advert and I left the country to spend it in India. And people, I loved Christmas. The lights in Oxford Circus. Pigs in blankets, mulled wine, all the cheesy jingles Spotify can muster into a playlist. It was a time when we spent it as a family with my sister and parents, and Rob would cook Christmas day dinner. We'd fight over Strictly and Doctor Who. Our dog Daisy would clamber over all the presents believing them to be hers. I couldn't imagine celebrating it again without feeling overwhelmed by the absence of him. But this year, we've decided to spend it again as a family.

Will Self Says Nigel Farage Is A 'Grubby Little Opportunist'

Athena Image

MP Calls Brexit Group Bullies. They Respond By Attacking Her Face

Politics Eu Politics Soubry
Yui Mok/PA Wire

Boris Johnson Slapped Down By Downing Street Over Saudi Criticism

Politics Brexit
Victoria Jones/PA Wire

Donald Trump's Latest Appointment Will Raise Temperatures

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Sue Ogrocki/AP

Grieve Gives IDS Another Lesson In Constitutional Law And Article 50

Headshot Head Shot Portrait Tpics
Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment

Tories Plot To Kill Bill That Aims to Axe Hereditary Peer By-Elections

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Black Students Walk Out Of Major NUS Meeting Over 'Institutional Racism'

Aadam Muuse

Inmates 'Deliberately' Being Sent Back To Prison To Cash-In On Spice


Peppa Pig's 'Moral Values' Questioned By Islamic Leaders

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig

Junk Food Aimed At Children Banned

Preschool Age Unhealthy Eating Baby Girls Girls Teenage Girls Females Dieting Prepared Potato Meal Gourmet Obsolete Facial Expression Hungry
kiankhoon via Getty Images

Watch The Final Day Of Supreme Court Brexit Challenge Live

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Bin Laden Family Killed In Private Jet Travelling 40% Too Fast On Landing

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STR New / Reuters

Five Things You Need To Know From Westminster

Brexit Vote

Five Out Of Six A Level Students Given False Exam Result Predictions

18 To 19 Years 20 To 24 Years Achievement Adult Education African Ethnicity Aspiration Bonding Both Male And Female Building Exterior Campus
Peter Muller via Getty Images

Jess Varnish ‘Shocked’ By British Cycling Verdict On Shane Sutton

Jess Varnish

Mother Of Brit In 'Plot To Kill Donald Trump' Says He Fears Harsh Sentence


Here Are Five Ways You Can Help Food Banks Fight Hunger At Christmas

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Scientists Predict Dire News For Polar Bears

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Handout . / Reuters

Hundreds Of Police Accused Of Abusing Power For Sexual Gain

Men Tied Up Slavery Hostage Restraining Handcuffs Prisoner Thief Criminal Prison Victim Adult Law Toughness Struggle Violence Crime Social Issues
napatcha via Getty Images

Parliament Backs Triggering Article 50 In March

Court Brexit Horizontal Panoramic

More Migrants And Refugees Died This Year Than Ever Before

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Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

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Pakistan Plane Crash.. Germany’s Muslim Schoolgirls 'Must Join Swimming Lessons'

Trump Picks Climate Change Sceptic To Lead Environmental Protection Agency

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Brendan McDermid / Reuters

Emily Thornberry Mocks PMQs Stand-In Over Brexit

Politics Pmqs
PA/PA Wire

Chris Grayling Faces Calls To Resign From Tory MP Over Leaked Letter

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Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Lib Dems' And Tories' Wordless Argument Is A Twitter Gem

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Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Food Banks Launch Appeal As Christmas Demand Trebles


Researchers Believe They've Finally Found Who Swung Brexit

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Mick Jagger's Girlfriend Has Given Birth To His Eighth Child

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Brent N. Clarke via Getty Images

David Walliams Recalls How Kylie Minogue Once Turned Him Down

David Walliams Kylie Minogue The Jonathan Ross Show

How This Mum's Graphic Photo Of Caesarean Scar Proves She's A 'Bad Ass Mama'


Meet Rag'n'Bone Man, The Winner Of The 2017 Brits Critics' Choice Award

Rag N Bone Man Brits
Brit Awards

1950s Marriage Advice For Women Will Make Your Feminist Blood Boil

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George Marks via Getty Images

Tom Hardy Is Going To Read You A Bedtime Story On New Year’s Eve

Tom Hardy
BBC Pictures

Ronda Rousey Proves 'Strong Is Beautiful' In The Most Kick-Ass Advert Of 2016

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

Emerson, Lake And Palmer Star Greg Lake Dies, Aged 69

Athena Image
Jorgen Angel via Getty Images

Lush Staff Steal Our Hearts With Response To Tweet Mocking Their Enthusiasm


Forget Christmas, We're Celebrating 'Princemas'

Prince Tree
Lish Laynette/instagram

15 Pictures That Prove Elf On The Shelf Is Actually Creepy As Hell


Former 'Emmerdale' Star Leah Bracknell Shares Health Update, Months After Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

Leah Bracknell
Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

People Sharing Their First Memories Of The Internet Is Getting Us All Nostalgic

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STR New / Reuters

How Being Optimistic Could Help You Live Longer

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Yellow Dog Productions via Getty Images