3 September 2015

Why I'm Crossing the Line to Stop Shell

Emma Thompson Rezac/Greenpeace

I know that I'll be called naive or hypocritical, or both. The world needs oil and we all drive cars. But things are changing at impressive speed. Silicon Valley is building more electric vehicles than you can shake a stick at. Batteries are getting better all the time and soon will be in our homes and businesses. It's not hard to imagine a future where the petrol pump is a museum exhibit that children will be boggled by. But Shell wants us to believe that this vision of the future is impossible, that renewable energy is a passing fad.

Britain Watches On As Dead Toddlers Wash Up On European Shores


How The Image Of A Dead Syrian Child Divided Britain's Press

PM Refuses To Budge On EU Refugees

David Cameron
Carl Court/PA Wire

'Simon Danczuk Is In Our Cross-Hairs'

Simon Danczuk
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Cameron Moves To Placate Eurosceptics Over EU Referendum Bill

Bill Cash
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

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Why This Migration Picture Is A Difficult Story To Tell

Turkish Gendarmerie Soldier Moves A Body Washed As
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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Palmyra And Five Other Treasures Lost To 'Cultural Cleansing'


Refugee Whose Life Was Changed By Photo Reveals What Happened Next

Buy Pens

Christian 'Hypocrite' Kim Davis Hoping To 'Cash In' On Her Bigotry

Kim Davis

Why China Is Making Its WWII Parade Into An Extravaganza

Athena Image
Credit: Matt Sheehan/The WorldPost

Chuka Umunna Has Set Out His Red Lines For Serving Under Corbyn

Chuka Ummuna
BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

Zero-Hours Contracts Up By 120,000 In Just 12 Months

Zero Hours
Richard Pohle/The Times/PA Wire

Czech Police Write ID Numbers On Train Refugees In Disturbing Nazi Echo

FERENC ISZA via Getty Images

A Dose Of Perspective On The Media Coverage Of Eurostar Delays

FERENC ISZA via Getty Images

Five Reasons These People Are Desperate To Get Out Of Hungary

Roszke Hungary Migrant

Hundreds Of Brits Are Pledging To Offer Their Homes To Syrians

Syrian Refugees
Thanassis Stavrakis/AP

LBC Presenter Investigated For Telling Listeners To 'Beat Up' Tube Workers

Steve Allen

Eurostar Chaos Amid Reports Of Migrants On Top Of Trains

Eurostar Migrant Calais

Chrissie Hynde, It Was Not Your Fault

Chrissie Hynde
Ian West/PA Archive

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HIV Status Of Almost 800 People Revealed By London Clinic

56 Dean Street

'Loose Women' Bosses Apologise For 'Misjudged' Rape Poll

Loose Women

Rogue Landlords Exploiting Housing Crisis, Causing 'Misery' For Tenants

Houses For Rent Uk
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

WHSmith May Have Just Leaked Your Personal Data To Its Entire Mailing List

Wh Smith
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Is That Grandma Pulling In Or Police Responding To An Emergency Call?

Vauxhall Corsa
Scott Barbour via Getty Images
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GBBO REVIEW: This Year We Bring You... Gusset-Gate

Great British Bake Off

Woolly Sheep Gets Haircut 5 Years In The Making, To Save Its Life

Tammy Ven Dange/Twitter

Meet The World's First 4K Smartphone

Sony Xperia Z5

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' Curse Strikes Again

Helen George Oliver Boot
David M. Benett via Getty Images

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British Survivalist Scores A BIG Selfie

Bear Grylls
NBC via Getty Images

This Teen Made A Dictionary Change Its 'Racist' Definition Of 'Nude'

Do Something

Two Term Mayor Of Rabbit Hash, KY, Joins US Presidential Race

Lucy Lou Rabbit Hash
Mayor Lucy Lou/Facebook

Why The Fashion Industry Needs More Transgender Models

Johanna Londinium
Giovanni Martins / www.thisisgio.com

JK Rowling Is Sending Some Very Important Harry Potter Tweets

Jk Rowling
Cindy Ord via Getty Images

11 Things That Are Uglier Than London's Walkie Talkie Building

Walkie Talkie Building
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Who's Been Named Favourite To Take Over From Bill Turnbull?

Bill Turnbull
Dave Hogan via Getty Images

Kim Jong Un Claps And Giggles As He Watches A Missile Launch

Kim Jong Un
Russia Today

100 Disposable Cameras Were Given To Homeless People

Athena Image

Treat Robots As An Instrument For Human Intelligence

Cello Robot
Hulton Archive via Getty Images

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This Baby Boy's Love For His Books Is Just Too Much


Spoiler! Fan Favourite To Return To 'Doctor Who'

River Song Doctor Who