30 July 2014

We Are Better Than This

So, while the powers-that-be retreat to their various lairs and try to figure out how to stop killing each other long enough to re-stock their arsenals, here's my modest proposal: nobody is right. We are all wrong. Because you know there's another side to the story, and you are completely uninterested in trying to understand it. No matter which narrative you support, you are turning a wilful blind eye to the facts which don't prop up your position. This is dangerous and provocative - but it's not the bombast that offends me so much as the smug hypocrisy. We are better than this.


Hammond Warns Of UK 'Threat' As Man Tested For Ebola In Birmingham

ZOOM DOSSO via Getty Images

Airline Stops Africa Flights, Outbreak Could Last All Year, Leading Doctor Dies...

Russell Brand To Fox News Anchor: 'You're Wrong About Gaza..

Russell Brand Sean Hannity
YouTube/Fox News

'.. And You Look Like A Ken Doll'


'Eager For Death': Reclusive Hamas Commander Surfaces With Chilling Warning

MAHMUD HAMS via Getty Images

Israeli Continues Heavy Bombardment As Ceasefire Hopes Fade

You Won't Believe How Face Transplant Patient Looks Now

Richard Norris

Rolf Harris Plaque Gets To Stay (Despite It Being Stolen)

Rolf Harris
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Richard Dawkins Admits 'Mistake' In Rape Tweets

Richard Dawkins
Mark Renders via Getty Images

Blames Quote Marks For Bad Phrasing - But Internet Isn't Buying It

Ukip Candidate Resigns For Very Mysterious Reason...

Jake Baynes

More Than 5,000 People Sign Petition Against The Sun's 'Devil Boy' Story

The Sun
The Sun

How Your Wages Have Returned To The Victorian Era

George Osborne Cameron
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

HSBC Closes Muslim Groups' Accounts As They're 'Too Risky'

Hsbc Sign
Jeff Moore/Jeff Moore

Former F1 Chief Sues Google Over Sex Party Images

Max Mosley
CARL COURT via Getty Images

Driverless Cars Are Coming To A Public Road Near You...

Car Steering Wheel
mihtiander via Getty Images

And There's Not Much You Can Do About It

Got Away With Your Bank Bonus After The Crash? Carney Won't Touch You

Mark Carney
Peter Macdiarmid/PA Wire

George May Get His Former Adviser To Run The BBC

George Osborne
Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Sanctions Set To 'Send A Message' To Putin


EU Agrees Package Of Economic Measures Against Russia

Secret Cinema Has Finally Got Its Act Together


S**t? Bolt Clearly Loves The Commonwealth Games

Usain Bolt

BA Sued Over Pilot Who 'Sexually Abused Children In Orphanages On Stopovers'

British Airways
Tim Ockenden/PA Wire

World Aviation Chiefs Set Up International Task Force To Deal With Attacks On Passenger Planes


Thousands Of Firms 'On The Brink Of Shutting Up Shop'

Businessman Bills
Andrey Popov via Getty Images

Stop Personal Attacks On Ed, Warns Ex-Tory Cabinet Minister

Ed Miliband
Oli Scarff via Getty Images

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6 Things PM Ignored To Scaremonger About Benefit Tourism.. Air Strike On Gaza Park 'Kills 8'

Lords Committee Lambasts EU's Online 'Right To Be Forgotten' Law

Shutterstock / l i g h t p o e t

Sports Star Banned From Wearing 'Free Palestine' Slogan

Moeen Ali

More Sport
Driver Killed In Classic Car Race.. Giggs' Old Boys. Club.. Torres Misses Open Goal Again

Carlos Tevez's Father Kidnapped

Carlos Tevez

Tesco Has Not Done This Badly In Over 20 Years

Tesco Shopper
PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images

6 Things Cameron Ignored To Scaremonger About Benefit Tourism

David Cameron Europe
Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive
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'Susanna Reid Can Turn Things Around'

Richard Madeley
Ian West/PA Archive

Drew Barrymore's Half-Sister Found Dead

Jessica Barrymore

Millie Mackintosh Strips Naked For Women's Health

Millie Mackintosh
John Wright courtesy of Womens Health

Every Time Motherf**cking Samuel L. Jackson Has Said Motherf**cker

Samuel L Jackson
Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

Which Movie Star Tried To Deck Justin?

Justin Bieber
Mike Windle via Getty Images

Uh-oh! Kim's Not Happy...

Kim Kardashian
Pascal Le Segretain via Getty Images

It's A Sell Out

Josie Cunningham
Rocky/ Wenn

Josie Cunningham Selling Tickets To The Birth Of Her Third Child..

Luisa's Back In The 'BB' House For Sexy Task

Channel 5

5 Fruit And Veg To Help You Feel Body Confident This Summer

Fruit And Vegetables
Veniamin Kraskov via Getty Images

Breast Slapping And Butt Punching: All The Bizarre Beauty Treatments People Have Tried Over A Year


Why You Should Never Take A Selfie In Front Of A Swan

Swan Selfie Attack

This Little Girl Doesn't Want Her Baby Brother To Grow Up

Sadie Baby Brother

Rylan FINALLY Scores A Record Deal

Rylan Clark

Who Wants To See Zac Efron Get His Shirt Off And Eat Worms?

Zac Efron

'Working With Kiefer Made Me Want To Quit Acting'

Freddie Prinze
Anthony Harvey/Jemal Countess/Getty Images

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Luisa Slams Lauren After Sex Tape Revelation.. 'The Hobbit' New Trailer.. Kylie Return

8 Unlikely Animal Friendships To Celebrate International Friendship Day

Raccoon Kitten

TV Shows That Prove Friends Can Be Your Family


Kate Moss Causes A Stir At Bodrum Airport

Kate Moss
Chris Jackson/PA Wire

'Her Death Still Doesn't Feel Real'

Natasha Richardson
MAX NASH via Getty Images

'BB' Mark And Christopher Rekindle Their Romance

Mark Christopher
Channel 5

Danielle Deletes Her Wedding Photos

Danielle Ohara
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

Polish Priest Receives Angry Text Messages From The Devil

Demon Preist

18 Funny Quotes About Friendship To Celebrate International Friendship Day

Oscar Wilde

Cosmo's Lesbian Sex Positions Guide Has Got Tongues Wagging

Lesbian Guide

‘How Long Does It Take To Travel 80 miles At 80mph?'

80mph Family Discussion Belfast

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Puppy Plus Baby Equals Video Cuteness Overload.. If Qatar's World Cup Video Had Told Truth

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