2 December 2015

The BBC Helps Shape Britain But It Must Change With the Times

The BBC provides a remarkable social glue, reaching more than 90% of the population every week. Our identities, our entertainment, engagement and access are all things we see delivered by the BBC's orchestras, by its network of local speech stations and its public campaigns. The BBC World Service, now funded by the licence fee, is the single biggest influencer of our international reputation. But talking of the detail, there's much heat and little light around the vexed issue of BBC governance.

Activists Protest Against Push To Extend Bombing At London Rally

Sam Dean/PA Wire

Facebook Chief To Give 99 Percent Of Wealth To Charity

Mark Zuckerberg

Downing Street Slaps Down Labour MP Over 70,000 Syrian Troops Figure

Louise Haigh
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

11 Pictures From The Emergency 'Stop The War Coalition' Protest

Stop The War Coalition Protest
Ben Pruchnie via Getty Images

Caroline Lucas Offers Alternative To Bombing Syria

Caroline Lucas

236 Words That Could Lead To War

David Cameron
LEON NEAL via Getty Images

The Horror Of Being Gay In ISIS Territory

Athena Image

RAF Can Kill Toughest Isis Targets In Syria, Says Defence Secretary

Parliament TV

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Commons Motion On Syria Bombing.. Britain Will Be Less Secure Outside The EU.. Outdated Tips

Corbyn Urges Pro-Syria Bombing MPs To 'Think Again' Ahead Of Vote

Jeremy Corbyn
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

If Climate Change Isn't Tackled, London Could Look Like This...

Climate Central

Osborne Confirms Plan To Impose Rules On Foreign Students Ditched

George Osborne
Tim Ireland/AP

Doctor Fox 'Took Secret Phone Calls From A Teenage Girl While On Air'

Neil Fox
Carl Court via Getty Images

Explosion Near Istanbul Metro Station May Have Been Bomb

Athena Image

'Fat Cards' Handed Out On Tube Brought Out Worst In Everyone

Fat Card

Presidential Candidate Says Paris Massacre Just 'Part Of God's Plan'

Marco Rubio

Britain Must Continue To Lead In Fight To End AIDS

World Aids Day

Diane Abbott Blogs On HuffPost

NHS Must Supply Drugs That Could Save Thousands Of Lives

Norman Lamb
PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images

Norman Lamb Blogs On HuffPost

How Faith Calls On Us To Fight Climate Change

Earth Flame
Khuong Hoang via Getty Images

Kevin Rudd Blogs On WorldPost

Mysterious Corpse-Filled 'Ghost Ships' Found Drifting Off Japan

Japan Ghost Ships

Transgender Woman Found Dead In All-Male Prison

Chris Radburn/PA Archive
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Kylie Jenner's New Photoshoot Just Broke The Internet

Kylie Jenner
Interview Magazine/Steven Klein

Those Jay And Aliona Rumours Just Won't Go Away

Jay Mcguiness Aliona Vilani
BBC Pictures

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The Mystery Of Apollo 16's Missing Rocket Has Finally Been Solved


Peter Andre Lands Film Role

Peter Andre
Instagram/Peter Andre

Rosie Nelson Hands Model Protection Petition To Parliament

Rosie Nelson
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

US Engulfed In Mass Hysteria About DiCaprio Bear 'Rape' Scene

The Revenant

Adele Fans 'Saw Other People's Personal Details' When Buying Tickets


X Factor Makeup Artist's Secret To Red Lips

Red Lips
Lee Cohen-Coles

Mail Readers Lambast 'Cruel' Image Of A 'Drunk' Woman On The Tube

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

Chewbacca Voiced By Peter Griffin

Chewbacca Peter Griffin Star Wars Family Guy

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Puppy Tries Watermelon For First Time.. Heckled On Live TV.. Kid Sees Automatic Doors

Connection Between Climate Change And Paris Terrorism Explained

Bill Nye
HuffPost Live

This Speaker Turns Your Room Into A Recording Studio

Sonos Play5