30 March 2015

Would We Be 'Blaming' Cancer for the Deaths of Those People Who Perished in the Alps?

The long and the short is... We don't know. The papers didn't know. But they chose to decide the truth without knowledge. Now it may be that it turns out he was a depressive and those same papers will say 'ah, we told you so, we were right to run the headlines we ran.' To which the answer is 'no you weren't.' If he had just been told he had cancer, and a note to that effect had been found, would we be 'blaming' cancer for the deaths of those poor people who perished in the Alps? This is reporting that belongs in the dark ages along with witchcraft.

Would We Be 'Blaming' Cancer for the Deaths of Those People Who Perished in the Alps?

Andreas Lubitz
Getty Images via Getty Images

How Daylight Saving Time Is Making Us Unhealthy And Costing The Earth

Daylight Savings
Charlie Riedel/AP

People Have Actually Threatened To Kill BBC Boss Over Jeremy Clarkson Sacking

Tony Hall
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Here's Proof That Ukip Basically Want To Destroy The World

Earth Hour

Girlfriend Of Germanwings Co-Pilot 'Pregnant With His Child'

Andreas Lubitz
Crystal / Splash News

Labour's Lucy Powell Nearly Lost It During 'Sunday Politics'

Lucy Powell

The Tories Are Making Some Bold Claims About The NHS

Jeremy Hunt
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Katie Hopkins Basically Just Said Depression Doesn't Exist

Katie Hopkins
Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle via Getty Images

Cameron, Osborne And Farage Get Absolutely Rinsed In New Cassetteboy Mashup

David Cameron
Francois Mori/AP

Let Your Kids Play 'Call Of Duty' And You Could Be Prosecuted For Neglect

Child Computer Game
small_frog via Getty Images

Victim's Father Fights Back Tears Saying The Dead Must Not Be Forgotten

Philip Bramley Germanwings
Sky News

Passengers Describe Bus Overturning And Narrowly Avoiding Loch

Bus Crash Loch
Stuart Herd

Labour Is Selling The Perfect Mug... Provided You're An Ardent Ukip Supporter

Controls On Immigration Cup

Becky Watts' Grandfather Sings Emotional Tribute As Hundreds March In Bristol

Becky Watts

NHS 'Deterring Pregnant Immigrants From Seeking Care'

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Victim's Family 'Surprised And Shocked' After Amanda Knox Verdict

Meredith Kercher

Cameron Calls Labour 'A Bunch Of Hypocritical, Holier-Than-Thou, Hopeless, Sneering Socialists'

David Cameron
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Somalia Ends Al-Shabab Hotel Siege, 24 Dead


Policeman Accused Of Murdering His Wife Yards From Force HQ

Otis Goldsmith
South Beds news Agency

BBC Reject Tory Accusations Of Pro-Miliband Bias

David Cameron
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

People With Depression Are Asking The Daily Mail What They CAN Do

Daily Mail Depression
The Daily Mail

'Hell Yes!' Miliband Tells Paxman He's Strong Enough To Be PM


Sparks Fly Between Kay Burley And Stan Collymore Over Tory Bias Claims

Kay Burley And Stan Collymore

Saudi Bombs Yemen For Second Day

Yemen March 2015
MOHAMMED HUWAIS via Getty Images

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Bercow Delivers Death Stare To Tory Conspirators After Failed Coup

John Bercow
PA Wire/PA Wire

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Man Arrested For Slapping Sneezing Elderly People

Elderly Man Sneezing

Females Shouldn't Go On Spring Break As They 'Can't Hold Their Booze As Well As Men'

Spring Break Florida
John Parra via Getty Images

'I've Been Given A Second Chance'


Meet The Charity Helping The Young People Excluded From School


Abused 'Top Gear' Producer NOT Pressing Charges

Jeremy Clarkson
Mark Robert Milan via Getty Images

Lib Dems Facing 'Criminal' Investigation Over Party Donations

Nick Clegg Funny
Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

Letters That Could 'Damage' Prince Charles' Kingship Set To Be Public

Prince Charles
John Stillwell/WPA-Rota

US Drops Graphic Anti-Islamic State Leaflets Over Syria

Isis Leaflets
Cent Com

What's It Really Like To Be A Woman In The British Armed Forces?

Kate Lord

One In 20 Students Selling Their Bodies To Pay Their Way Through University

Young Man In Bed Alone
Aleksandar Nakic via Getty Images

Building Explodes In New York


Iran-Backed Shiite Militias In Iraq Contradict US About Role In Battle For Tikrit

Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Google Is Getting Really Sassy In Its Responses To Journalists...


Poignant Last Texts Of Students Who Died Aboard Fatal Flight Revealed


Teens Told Friends They 'Couldn't Wait To Come Home'

Brand Accolade Compared To Clarkson Getting The Nobel Prize

Russell Brand
Carl Court via Getty Images
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Brace Yourself, Daphne And Celeste Are Back

Daphne And Celeste

13 People Who Couldn't Handle The Clocks Going Forward

yuriyzhuravov via Getty Images

Who's Made It Through To The Live Final Of 'The Voice'?

Voice Coaches
BBC/Wall To Wall

Soap Awards Ditch 'Sexiest' Categories

Michelle Keegan
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

Sad News For 'X-Men' Fans...

Hugh Jackman

James May's Running Commentary On Unemployment Has Gone Musical

James May

Roger Moore Denies 'Racist' Accusations Over Idris Elba Comments

Roger Moore
Yui Mok/PA Wire

Could Clarkson Still Host 'Top Gear Live' Shows?

Jeremy Clarkson Top Gear
isifa via Getty Images

Simon Cowell To Help Zayn With Solo Career?

Zayn Malik
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

Caroline And Olly 'To Replace Dermot' On 'X Factor'

Caroline Flack Olly
Mark Cuthbert via Getty Images

The First 'Spectre' Trailer Is Here!

Sony Pictures

EXCLUSIVE: This Man Is 50 Years Old. Fact.

John Wick

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
The Huffington Post UK

The Best Android Phone Yet?

12 LGBT Films Anyone Will Enjoy

Rex/Moviestore/BBC Films/Everett Collection

Gogglebox Jay Says, Don't Be Silent!


Kurt Cobain Film Director Reveals His 'Immersion In A Cobain Room'

Kurt Cobain

Harry Wasn't Crying Over Zayn

Harry Styles

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Zayn Breaks Silence On 1D Departure

Zayn Malik
Francois G. Durand via Getty Images

Women Bare Breasts Online In Support Of Trolled Student

Free The Nipple
Twitter/Rakel Sigurðardóttir

Ed Sheeran - Secret Wedding Crasher

Instagram/Ed Sheeran

David And Lara 'To Divorce Next Month'

Lara Stone David
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

Woman With A Hearing Loss Taught Her Deaf Cat Sign Language, Including The Word 'Dance'

Tim O'Donnell

Still Not Seen 'Breaking Bad'? You're In Luck...


Jessie J Just Really Loves Crackers, OK?

Jessie J
Twitter/Jessie J

Puppy Sent To Die Over A Cleft Palate Gets A Second Chance

Sonoma Humane Society

Move Over Paxman, Joey's Getting His Own General Election Show!

Joey Essex
Tim P. Whitby via Getty Images

Christine Hà Offers A Fascinating Insight Into How Blind People Apply Make-Up

Christine Ha Beauty
Christine Hà YouTube

Parents Think Crisps Count As On Of Their Kid's Five-A-Day

Black Child Crisps
Rob Lewine via Getty Images

Crossing Your Fingers Could Affect How You Feel Pain

Fingers Crossed
lofilolo via Getty Images

Look Who's Expecting...

Sylvain Longchambon Samia
Mark Robert Milan via Getty Images

Britney Reveals Plans To Go Back To School

Britney Spears
Omar Vega/AP

When Do The Clocks Go Forward For British Summertime 2015?

Clock Change
Felix Kstle/DPA

Can You Ever Get Over A Broken Heart? Science Says Yes

JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

Man Finds Winning Lottery Ticket Inside Get Well Soon Card

Joseph Amorese

*Foodie Klaxon* Nando's Adds Four Fresh New Dishes To Menu

Thigh Burger