2 March 2015

Why We Need to Replace the Cancer Drugs Fund

The trouble is who's going to be brave enough to stand up - particularly in the run up to a general election - and state that they think having a massive pot of money to help treat cancer patients needs a rethink? All the political announcements so far have been about extending the CDF and nobody is really talking about reform because it is not exactly a vote winner. We need to engage the public in this important debate as it's one that gets to the very heart of our health care system, and the value that we as a society place on the quality of life for all patients.

England Footballer Arrested On Suspicion Of Sex With Schoolgirl

Adam Johnson
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Jihadi John's Former Boss Has Some Good Things To Say About Him

Jihadi John
via twitter

Here's How The Queen's Portrait On Coins Has Changed Since 1953

Queen Coin Potrait
Huffington Post UK

Chelsea Fans Investigated For Racist Train Abuse... AGAIN

Chelsea Fc Flag
Andrew Matthews/PA Archive

'Service To Islam' Prize For Cleric Who Blames George Bush For 9/11

Zakir Naik

Iraq Launches Military Operation To Recapture Tikrit From Islamic State

Recapturing Tikrit Isis
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

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US Politician Destroys Scientific Consensus On Global Warming

Inhofe Snowball

Missing Teen Police Make Murder Arrests

Rebecca Watts

The Next Lib Dem Leader And Deputy Prime Minister?

Tim Farron
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

We Asked American Political Activists If They'd Ever Heard Of Farage

Cpac Farage

Ukip Claim About BBC Called 'A Lie'


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Farage Joins Growing List Of People Who Don't Think He'd Be A Good PM

Nigel Farage
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Iran Says Nuclear Deal Hinges On US Will To Lift Sanctions

ATTA KENARE via Getty Images

Footage Shows Police Fatally Shooting Mentally Ill Homeless Man

Lapd Shooting La Skid Row
Anthony Blackburn/Facebook

These Cybernat Trolls Think Nick Robinson's Cancer Is Karma

Nick Robinson
Yui Mok/PA Wire

Osborne's Austerity Plan Isn't Making Many Voters Happy

George Osborne

Senior British Pilot 'Solves' Mystery Of MH370


Pinpoints Where Boeing 777 Came To Rest

The Unnerving Drug Driving Video That Should Make You Seriously Paranoid

Drug Driving

Ukip Launch Scathing Attack On BBC Over 'Apocalyptic' EU Mockumentary

Nigel Farage
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images
HuffPost Reports

'We Don't Need The Full Gym Membership,' Tories Tell Dave Over EU

David Cameron Europe
Wiktor Dabkowski/DPA

A Bit Rich From A Party That Pledged To Abolish Tuition Fees...

Ed Davey
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Lib Dems Would Block Tuition Fee Cut In A Labour Coalition

Britain First Held A 'Britannia Ball' And Barely Anyone Showed Up


We've Found The World's Dumbest Car Thief

YouTube / Gerry Brady

Jihad John Had 'Anger Management' Therapy At School

NIKLAS HALLE'N via Getty Images

200 Skeletons Found In Mass Grave Under Supermarket

Denis Gliksman, Inrap

But What Killed Them?

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Comedy Sketch About ISIS Touches A Nerve

Dakota Johnson
NBC Studios

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First Look At Sarah-Louise Platt Back On The Cobbles


Surprise, Surprise! Katie Has Something (Nasty) To Say About Danny's Engagement

Danny Dyer Katie Hopkins
Neil Mockford/Alex Huckle via Getty/Doug Peters

Podolski Took The Worst Corner Of All Time

Lukas Podolski
Marco Luzzani via Getty Images

'Why I Wrote A Play About Female Muslim Boxers'


4 Alternative Portraits Of The Queen For 21st Century Coins

Queen Selfie

'Babies Who Look Like Grumpy Old Men' Is Our New Favourite Thing

Old Babies

This Student Running For SU Election May Have Just Put Taylor Swift Out Of A Job


This Is What Happens When A Royal Correspondent Smokes Weed

Jenni Bond
Channel 4

Can You Believe They're Twins?

Worldwide Features

Michelle Rodriguez Clarifies 'Stop Stealing White People's Superheroes' Comments

Michelle Rodriguez
Luis Martinez/AFF

Here's Why You Won't Find Cameron Using Social Media

Cameron Diaz
Cosmopolitan/Matthias Vriens-McGrath

Only In Surrey.. Students Are Being Harassed With Stickers Like These On Their Rented Houses


Which British TV Show Does Perez Want To Take Part In Now?

Perez Hilton
Alexander Tamargo via Getty Images

Look Who's In The Studio Together...

Beyonce Cara

Who's In The Running For Kelly O's 'Fashion Police' Job?

Kelly Osbourne
Jeff Vespa via Getty Images

Now Noel's Taken A Pop At Taylor Swift

Fjeraku S/Karwai Tang/Getty

Jo 'Doesn't Need To Watch' Her 'EastEnders' Live Gaffe