18 September 2014

Scotland Decides - But Why Wasn't There a Third Way?

We all know that the Scots didn't really want to choose full independence, don't we? We know that really, deep down, an option for the third way was the best option, right? Whatever happened to devo max? The old way of seeing the world in black or white, left or right, or on this case yes or no, is tired. We've all been tricked into thinking about this as an ultimatum. We've all been played by politicians who tell us they future can only be how they see it. It's not. We need to resist the temptation to try and knock lumps out of each other and draw dividing lines between ourselves.

Referendum Day In An Edinburgh Pub

Scotland Polling Station
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Independence Tastes Nice But It Comes At A Price

British Hostage Fronts Extraordinary New Islamic State Video


'One Of The Most Worrying Periods Of Right-Wing Extremism'

Edl Isis

ISIS And Rotherham Fuelling Rising Tide Of Hate Crimes

International Separatists Descend On Scotland To Support Yes Vote

Catalan Scotland
Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Lows In Referendum Campaign Show Results Can't Come Soon Enough

Jackie Baillie/PA/Getty

Depravity Of Andy Murray Trolling Reaches Unfathomable Levels


How Andy Murray Has Always Struggled To Hide His Patriotic Streak

Andy Murray
LEON NEAL via Getty Images
HuffPost Reports

Scottish Historian Explains Why He Changed His Mind On Independence

Yes Scotland

Scotland's Biggest Ever Day - Greeted With 'Worst Ever' Front Page...

Scotsman Independence
The Scotsman

5 Reasons Why Many Scots Will Vote For Independence

Matt Cardy via Getty Images

Only Tory MP In Scotland Doesn't See Demand For An English Parliament

David Mundell
Danny Lawson/PA Archive

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Is This The Flag The UK Could Wake Up To Tomorrow?


Meet The Young British Muslims Rejecting ISIS

Active Change
Active Change Foundation

More Universities & Education
40 Most Musical Universities.. 14 Ways To Know You're A Cambridge Student

Tory Minister Leads Anti-Scots Revolt In Call For No More 'Goodies'

Claire Perry
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Here's What To Expect After Scotland's Independence Vote

Scotland No 18
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

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Islamic State Seizes Syrian And Kurdish Villages.. 'ISIS Is The Product Of The US Invasion'


Kay Burley Calls 'Stick-Wielding' Campaigner A Knob Live On Air

Sky News

You'll Never Guess How These People Voted

Scottish Independence Voter
Mark Runnacles via Getty Images

Alex Salmond Delivers Final Plea


Gordon Brown Delivers Speech Of His Life In Defence Of The UK

Gordon Brown
Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert via Getty Images

#IndyRef Poll Says No Ahead...But Only Just

Darling Salmond
Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

'Independence Would Change How Scottish MPs Vote In Westminster'

Oli Scarff via Getty Images

Prison & Lashes For Young Iranians Arrested For ‘Happy' Tribute Video

Iranians Dancing To Pharrell Happy

Suspect In Alice Gross Disappearance Is Convicted Murderer

Arnis Zalkalns

Grisly Islamic State Beheading Plot Uncovered In Australia

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Lauren's Racy Night On The Tiles

Zed Jameson/FameFlyNet.uk.com

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Maria Friedman

Holly Passes The 'This Morning' Baton To Amanda

Phillip Amanda Holly
Twitter/ITV/This Morning

Iannucci's Description Of Scottish Heaven And Hell Is Very Funny

Armando Iannucci Scottish Heaven

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Scotland Decides. Twitter Responds With #ScottishFilms (Sort Of)


9 UK Regions That Also Want Independence

Getty Images

‘Bampot', ‘Shut Yer Geggie' And More: A Guide To Scottish Insults

Scottish Insults

Andy Murray Says 'Aye' - What Are Other Celebs Saying Re #IndyRef?

Andy Murray

Scotland, Whatever Happens, You Gave Us Great Food

Scotland Food
BEN STANSALL via Getty Images

Jodie Marsh Strips Naked In The Name Of Self-Promotion. Standard.

Jodie Marsh
JST Jodie/James Rudland/Rex Features

'I Love Being A MILF!'

Beverley Callard
Phillip Massey via Getty Images

Sharon Osbourne Silences Co-Hosts With Shocking Secret

Sharon Osbourne
The Talk

Well, Chihuahuas Are SO Last Year

Taylor Swift

Jamelia Reveals Abusive Past Relationship

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And The New Voice Of Danger Mouse Is...

Thames TV

'I Make Paintings For Ants'

Lorraine Loots

Here's National Cheeseburger Day In All Its Glory

Dog With Cheeseburger Meme