21 October 2014

MPs Should Trust Voters and Support Real Recall

Recall would strengthen the link between an MP and their constituents, which is at the heart of our representative democracy. Real recall would mean MPs who are involved in serious misconduct, fail to represent their constituents (think Nadine Dorries or George Galloway ditching the Commons for reality TV), switch parties without triggering a by-election or break electoral promises could face recall if enough of their constituents demand it.


Sun Admits It 'Didn't Get It Right' On 'Devil Boy' Headline

The Sun
The Sun

Flames In The Sky About Kobani As Turkey Makes Major U-Turn

Gokhan Sahin via Getty Images

Green Party Surges Past Lib Dems In Latest Poll

Green Party Lucas
Chris Ison/PA Archive

'Ukip Calypso' Song Warns Of 'Illegal Immigrants In Every Town'


We're On The Verge Of Becoming A 'Permanently Divided' Nation

Horse Racing Spectator
Steven Weinberg via Getty Images

Blow Me Down! Gales Set To Lash UK From Hurricane Gonzalo

Uk Weather
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Nick Clegg Wants To Overhaul Your Parenting

Nick Clegg Baby
Fiona Hanson/PA Archive

The Moment That Made A 14-Year-Old Schoolgirl Turn FGM Campaigner

Louise Ridley

Man Convicted Of Murdering Identical Twin Brother

Police Tape
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Banksy Arrested & Unmasked Is Same Hoax From Last Year, People

JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter

Monica Lewinsky
Michael Loccisano via Getty Images

Student Gets Her Head Stuck In Bottle Bin After 'Looking For More Alcohol'

Daily Echo

London Mum's Incredible Syria Mission To Win Back Son From IS


Around 500 Young British Muslims Have Travelled To Fight In Iraq And Syria

Chloe Addresses Rape Threats In Lengthy Statement

Chloe Madeley
Mike Marsland via Getty Images

Has China Just Launched A Massive Cyber Attack On Its Own People?

Iphone 6
JOHANNES EISELE via Getty Images

Gay Couple 'Ordered Off London Bus For Kissing'

Gay Kiss
Adrian Samson via Getty Images

Cameron Making 'Historic Mistake' Over EU

Jose Manuel Barroso

Sir Ian McKellen Tells It Straight To Students

YouTube/Chew Valley Media

In Full Gandalf Mode, Of Course

Not Satisfied With Nailing His Testicles To The Ground...

Naked Artist Cuts Off Ear

This (Naked) Artist Has Gone Even Further

This Astronaut Wants Us To Live On The Moon

The Moon
Digital Vision. via Getty Images

Why Tesco's Former Chief May Not Get Away With His £10m Pay-Off...

Tesco Philip Clarke
PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images

King Tutankhamun Was The Product Of Incest

King Tutankhamun

You're A 'Numskull' If You're Worried About The TTIP Deal, Says Boris

Boris Johnson

Ukip Deputy Denies Bizarre Allegations Over Mystery Former Job...

Bungle Rainbow
Myung Jung Kim/PA Archive

'Not Knowing Is The Worst'


Plea For Missing Brits To Get In Touch After Avalanche

'I Could Join The BNP And Not Get Sacked' Claims MP Of Recall Bill

House Of Commons
PA/PA Wire

This Stolen $10,000 Must Have Been Seriously Heavy To Carry

American Coins

'It Was Unforgiveable But I'm No Rapist,' Ched Evans Says

Ched Evans
Martin Rickett/PA Archive
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Kim K Hasn't Always Been Super Stylish, Y'Know...

Kim Kardashian
Enos Solomon via Getty Images/ASSOCIATED PRESS

Will This 'Corrie' Wedding Go To Plan?

Tracy Barlow Wedding
ITV Pictures

'EastEnders': Pregnant Ronnie Plans To Flee

Eastenders Ronnie
BBC Pictures

Footballer Dies After Fatal Celebratory Somersault


Lynda Bellingham Dies, Aged 66

Lynda Bellingham
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Reggae Legend John Holt Dies, Aged 69

John Holt Reggae
David Corio via Getty Images

Today In Pictures


The View From The Best Office In The Solar System

Alexander Gerst/ESA/NASA

This Is The Ultimate Send Off

Mesoloft Balloon

Olly Apologises To Taylor Over 'Sexist' Comments

Taylor Swift
Mark Piasecki/Anthony Harvey/Getty

Disney's New Film Needed A Supercomputer To Create It

Cat Deeley's Nude Pics Leak Online

Cat Deeley
Donato Sardella via Getty Images

11 Sounds Deaf People Would Love To Hear

i love images via Getty Images

Dog Completely Steals Weatherman's Thunder On Live TV

Mike Sobel Weatherman Dog

'One Bloke Asked If I Was Steve McDonald - Then Spat In My Face'

Simon Gregson
Ian West/PA Archive

Sex Or Food? This Is How Most Men Would Answer...

Sex Food
Fuse via Getty Images

Here's A Very Compelling Reason Not To Shop Online

Brazilian Wandering Spider

This Guy Has Been Pooing The Wrong Way His Entire Life

Charles Gullung via Getty Images

Rachel's Marriage Split 'Not Caused By Strictly'

Rachel Riley
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Cheryl Loses Two Acts On 'X Factor'

Chlo Jas
Thames TV/Syco/Corbis

Health Worries For 'Corrie' Michael

ITV Pictures

Kelly And David 'Bonded Over Nude Photo Leak'

David Mcintosh
Splash News

Look Who's Back In Albert Square...

BBC Pictures

Moira Gets A Shock In 'Emmerdale'

ITV Pictures

Cheryl's Unfortunate Dress Choice Sparks Muppet Comparisons

X Factor

Jeremy Clarkson Just Got Something He Hasn't Had In 30 Years...

Jeremy Clarkson
David Davies/PA Wire

You Want Suspense? Watch Jimmy Fallon And Bradley Cooper Play Egg Russian Roulette

Jimmy Fallon Bradley Cooper Egg Russian Roulette