8 October 2015

Full Sex Industry Decriminalisation Puts Women's Rights Last

Prostitution is the commodification of the bodies of women of girls. It is born out of the ideology that women are second-class citizens raised to service men. Decriminalisation would reinforce that, declaring that women's rights must come last. If you think that is acceptable, you cannot stand for women's rights, you cannot stand for women's liberation and you cannot stand for equality.

Public Think Tories Haven't Changed Under Cameron, HuffPost Poll Shows

David Cameron
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Third Of Voters Agree With Cameron's Attack on 'UK-Hating' Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn
Danny Lawson/PA Wire

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Smoke Bomb In Kosovo Parliament.. Voters Still Think Tories Are 'Nasty'.. Boyle On Corbyn

Corbyn Accused Of Snubbing The Queen.. Again

Jeremy Corbyn
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Farage Calls France A 'Pipsqueak'... In Front Of The French President

Nigel Farage European Parliament

These Top Tories Also 'Snubbed' The Queen Like Corbyn

Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Tory Party Conference Loved 'The Iron Lady'

Margaret Thatcher Speech

Graeme Demianyk Blogs On HuffPost

Sun Columnist Says Nadiya's Bake Off Win Is 'PC Ideological Warfare'

Great British Bake Off

Neighbour Heard 'Something Heavy Being Dragged' In Becky Watts Trial

Becky Watts

Chicken 'Cruelty' On British Farms Still Being Ignored, Say Campaigners

Caged Hens
Animal Aid

Hatton Garden Raider Claims Police Are Blocking Him From Returning Haul

Hatton Garden
Metropolitan Police/PA Wire

Syrian Government Forces Launch Wide-Ranging Offensive

Athena Image

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'Vulnerable 20'.. US Rules Out Military Cooperation With Russia.. Merkel To Win Peace Prize?

Jack Monroe Schools Cameron Over Planned Welfare Cuts In Twitter Rant

Steve Meddle/ITV/REX

Give Merkel The Nobel Peace Prize -- She's Earned It

Merkel Refugee
ALAIN JOCARD via Getty Images

Sebastian Christ Blogs On WorldPost

Police Officer's Family Say His Death 'Made It Hard To Breathe'

David Phillips
Billy Griffiths/PA Wire

Belfast Girl, 12, Pregnant, As Teenager, 19, Is Arrested

Teenage Pregnancy
Geoff Manasse via Getty Images

Group Selfies Spark Racism Claims At London Hotel

Juliet Beatrice Segayi
Juliet Beatrice Segayi/Facebook

A Bit Late Fifa.. Ethics Committee Ban Blatter, Platini And Valcke

Sepp Blatter

More People Are At Risk Of Being Drawn Into Terrorism

Uk Police Guns
Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images

...And Many Of Them Are Children

Campbell: 'This Is How They'll Attack Corbyn, And There's Lots To Attack'


Boyle Has Utterly Brutal Assessment Of State Of UK Politics

Frankie Boyle

Donald Trump Drags Scottish Wind Farm Fight To The Supreme Court

Donald Trump Golf
Andrew Milligan/PA Archive

Steve Jobs Director Danny Boyle Gives His Verdict On Jeremy Corbyn

Danny Boyle

Rupert Murdoch Says Obama 'Not A Real Black President'

Rupert Murdoch
Andy Kropa/AP
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'Gegenpress' Is Coming To Anfield

Jurgen Klopp
Ian Walton via Getty Images

Klopp Signs Three-Year Deal

Clarkson And Co Tease With Stunning Images From Their New Show

Chris Harris/Twitter

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Simon Takes On A Flo Rida Rap.. Anthea Turner Looks For Love On TV Dating Show

'The Name's Klopp, Jürgen Klopp'

Jurgen Klopp

Here's Why People Think NASA Has Found Aliens On Pluto

Nasa Pluto

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World's WORST Traffic Jam.. Northern Lights Lit Up Britain Last Night.. VW Scandal.. Hoverboard

7 Things People With Breast Cancer Want You To Know

Breast Cancer
Peathegee Inc via Getty Images

Simon Takes On A Flo Rida Rap (And It's A No From Us)

Simon Cowell

Carey Mulligan Stuns In Chanel At Suffragette Premiere

Carey Mulligan Suffragette
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

This 80s-Inspired Engagement Shoot Is So Awkward

Engagement Shoot
icanseeyou201 imgur

This Man Was Attacked By A Shark And It Saved His Life

Shark Attack
YouTube / CBS Boston

GBBO's Nadiya Reveals How She (Literally) Kept Her Triumph Under Wraps

Nadiya Great British Bake Off

Mary Berry Cried On ‘GBBO' And People Couldn't Cope

Mary Berry Great British Bake Off

You Might Be Throwing The Best Bit Of Your Avocado Away

Monkey Business Images via Getty Images

Men Try On 'Sexy' Women's Halloween Costumes

Sexy Halloween Costumes On Men

Here's A Video Of A T-Rex Pole Dancing, Just Because

T Rex Stripper Pole
Brentwood Photography