3 May 2015

Fantasy and Reality

Our contemporary times has made fantasy the biggest of all industries in the world. Fantasy as distraction; as movie, as game, as Internet distraction; the fantasy of perennial fulfilment through white wires running into your ears; and continuous communication through cell phone fantasy. The fantasy that you can only be whole and human by digital connection. Fantasy is our way of coping, of making a dry cake cream laden in our imaginations. It is going to bed with one person but having sex with a dozen others. This is how we get to fuck the stars, the celebs; by fantasy. Fantasy keeps the world ticking over. Take fantasy out of Capital and you have nothing left.

Rolf Harris Defended As 'Kind, Sweet, Honest'

Rolf Harris Bindi
PA/PA Wire

#VoteCameronOut Trends As Labour Activists Launch Twitter Assault

David Cameron

Floyd Mayweather Triumphs In 'Fight Of The Century'

JOHN GURZINSKI via Getty Images

Kate And William Present Their New Baby Girl To The World

Royal Baby
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

The 29 Worst/Best Royal Baby Name Suggestions

Royal Baby
Pstaude via Getty Images

Labour Candidate Manhandled By 'Tory Activist' While Trying To Debate Boris Johnson

Rupa Huq
Chip Somodevilla via Getty Images

The Princess Is Going To Be Called One Of These Names..

Lindo Wing
Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Rio Ferdinand's Wife Rebecca Has Died Of Cancer

Rebecca Ferdinand
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

It Was A Long Day For The BBC's Nicholas Witchell..

Nicholas Witchell

More Allegations Against Rolf Harris Have Surfaced...

Rolf Harris Queen Painting
ANDREW STUART via Getty Images

Will These 20 Shocking Facts Make Politicians Finally Listen To Renters?

Woman At Home Uk
Lilly Roadstones via Getty Images

'A Lot Of Anger' At Labour HQ Over Ed Miliband's Question Time Interrogator


The Video That Proves There's No Stopping #Milifandom

Ed Miliband

Criminal Charges' Over Freddie Gray Death In Baltimore

Marilyn Mosby
NBC News

Dublin Women Share Defiant Kiss In Front Of Same-Sex Marriage Protestor

Same Sex Marriage Kiss
James Delaney

Is Ukip's 'War' On The BBC The Feeblest Boycott Ever?

Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

Boris Johnson Goes Overboard With Dog Metaphors While Talking Miliband/Sturgeon

Boris Johnson
John Stillwell/PA Wire

House Prices Have Become A Ludicrous Game

Jupiterimages via Getty Images

And This Proves It

General Election 2015 Newspaper Endorsements: Who Is Backing Who?

Guardin Editorial

Now We Are Relying On The Full Moon To Trigger The Royal Birth

Kate Middleton

Watch Cameron Accidentally Call The Election 'Career Defining'

David Cameron
Chris Radburn/PA Wire

The Party Leaders Making 'Sexy Eyes' To Marvin Gaye Is Strangely Compulsive

General Affection
Sky News/ YouTube

Britain's Housing Is A Mess: Here's How We Sort It Out

Daisymay Hudson
Kate Murray
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Think This 'Mad Men' Actress Looks Familiar? You'd Be Right.

Mad Men

Another Corrie Star Is Off, This Time For A Great Reason

Craig Charles

Was Jamie Foxx's National Anthem Really THAT Bad?

Jamie Foxx

Katie Hopkins' Tweet On Royal Baby Doesn't Offend, Just Confuses

Royal Baby

12-Year-Old Maia Stuns 'BGT' Judges With Her Tear-Jerker Audition


Best-Selling Crime Writer Ruth Rendell Dies Aged 85

Ruth Rendell

14 Babies Who Are Not Bothered About The Royal Baby

Royal Baby

BREAKING NEWS: Woman Gives Birth To Second Baby

Duchess Of Cambridge
Max Mumby/Indigo via Getty Images

'Entourage Movie' Star Hints At Plot Details


Corrie Favourite Quits After A Decade On The Street

Alison King

The 10 Most Significant David Beckham Moments So Far...

David Beckham

David Beckham's Already Done Two Special Things For His 40th Birthday

David Beckham
David Beckham/Instagram

Top 5 Showbiz Stories Of The Week

BBC/CBS/Channel 4

Noel Gallagher Calls David Cameron 'A Bell-End'

Noel Gallagher

10-Year-Old's Show-Stopping Pirouette Puts Us To Shame

Pirouette Crazy Ballet

These Beautiful Pictures Are Helping Support Nepal Earthquake Relief

Nepal Aid
Daniel Alexander Harris

James Bond 'Spectre' Reveals Epic Car Chase On Roman Streets

James Bond

Kim Kardashian Opens Up About Bruce Jenner's Transition

Kim Kardashian

Russell Brand Doesn't Have Much Luck At The Bank (VIDEO)

Russell Brand

'Stand By Me' Singer Dies, Aged 76

Ben E King
M6004Y/EMPICS Entertainment