30 October 2014

Raising Girls

My daughter has a fight on her hands. She won't be married off at nine or twelve. But at nine or twelve she will already be exposed to fashion aimed at her which sexualises her, she will perhaps like female pop stars whose pert bums as crucial to ticket sales as their music. She will have started to get comments, positive and negative about her face and figure. I want the sky to be the limit for both of my children, but it is already clear that my son's ambition will be celebrated and the size of his bottom under much less scrutiny.

Head Of Historic Child Abuse Inquiry Faces Fresh Controversy


As Syria's War Rages Next Door, Students Violently Clash At Turkey's Oldest University

Ozan Kose Istanbul University
OZAN KOSE via Getty Images

MP Confuses 55-Year-Old Dancer With Mario Balotelli

PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images

More Politics
Farage Takes On Boyle.. Thatcher's Defence Secretary Voted Ukip.. 'Mafia Capitalism'

Protesters Storm Parliament In Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso

Home Office Study Says Harsh Sentences Don't Stop Drug Use

Illegal Drugs
Jeffrey Coolidge via Getty Images

Gay Ukip MEP Calls Same Sex Marriage Supporters 'Equality Nazis'

David Coburn Farage
ANDY BUCHANAN via Getty Images

Press Told To 'Shut Their Traps' Over Putin Cancer Rumours

Sasha Mordovets via Getty Images

Tory MP Under Fire For His Attack On A Local Clothes Bank

James Wharton
PA Wire/PA Archive

Russian Military Flights Increasingly Violating European Airspace

Russian Bear

Fox News To Reveal Identity Of SEAL Who Shot Bin Laden

Zero Dark Thirty

Ukip Accuse Tories For Pandering To Racists With Latest Immigration Talk

Fallon David Cameron
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Iraqi Kurdish Forces Enter Kobani To Fight ISIS


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Brutal Winter.. Freed Hostages.. 'All Hell May Break Loose'.. Racism Punched.. Arab Spring

Airplane Crashes Into Building In Wichita

Wichita Plane Crash

Child Grooming 'Now Normal' In Parts Of UK

Child Abuse
Imgorthand via Getty Images

Farage Set To Enter Downing Street

Nigel Farage
REX Features

Supersonic 'Explosion' Shook The Hell Out Of Southeast England

Raf Typhoon

Tony Blair Is Annoyed People Are Ignoring Him

Tony Blair
John Stillwell/PA Wire

Father Of Murdered Schoolgirl Sarah Payne Dies Aged 45

Sarah Payne

Do You Waste Time On The Internet? Get A Degree For It!

Student Internet

Clarkson Branded A 'Bloody Idiot' Over Beer Tweet

Jeremy Clarkson
James Moy/James Moy Photography/Press Association Images

'Drunk' Flybe Pilot Arrested Moments Before Flight

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Google Might Finally Have Made An iPad Killer

Google Nexus 9
The Huffington Post UK

Neighbours Thought Son Decapitating His Mother Was Halloween Prank

Patricia Ward
Associated Press
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Which Scary Movie Should You Watch?

Woman Scared Sofa
Laurence Dutton via Getty Images

'Tom Cruise And Brad Pitt - They're Playing Themselves'

Mr Turner

Apple CEO 'Proud To Be Gay'

Tim Cooke
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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NASA Rocket Explodes After Liftoff.. Colbert Destroys GamerGate.. Sony BROKE The PS4

'Do We Need To Have Full Penetrative Sex On Stage?

Annie Lennox

Stephen Colbert Destroys GamerGate


Puppy Power! 7 Pups Stolen From Their Mother Are Safely Returned


White Dee 'Signs Big Money Deal' For New Show

White Dee
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

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Daniel Radcliffe Is Ridiculously Good At Rapping.. 'House Of Cards' Actress Dies

Guy Turns House Into An Ebola Quarantine Zone For Halloween

Ebola Halloween House

Has The Mystery Of Missing Pilot Amelia Earhart Been Solved?

Amelia Earhart

Kylie's Birthday Surprise

Kylie Minogue
Kylie Minogue/Instagram

Man Puts Single Sister On eBay To Find Her A Boyfriend. Charming.

Ebay Sister

This Is What A Comet Looks Like From 8KM Away


The Most-Shared Horror Movie Trailers Ever

Grave encounters

Robbie Reveals His Son's Name - With Another Video, Naturally

Robbie Williams
YouTube/Robbie Williams

Ant And Dec To Host The Brits

Ant And Dec
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Spoiler! Dot Leads Memorial Service For 'Dead' Son Nick

Eastenders Dot Cotton
BBC Pictures