25 October 2014

Detention Breaks the Soul

I have seen how detention is bad for the physical and emotional wellbeing of those detained, especially those who are kept there for months, not knowing when it will end. It is important to remember that these are not criminals but people who have been refused asylum or broken immigration rules - complex systems which few people understand. I believe that if an asylum seeker has the reasonable reason to stay within the government rules they should grant them asylum or send them home with dignity -not keep them in detention for a long period. Detention breaks the soul.

2 Dead, 3 Critical After School Shooting In Washington State

Marysville Kids Grass

Cameron Angrily Attacks EU Cash Demand As 'Clubbing Britain'

David Cameron
Yves Logghe/AP

Alex Salmond Eyes Return To Westminster As An MP

Alex Salmond
Danny Lawson/PA Wire

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Chilling Video Captures Moment Ottawa Shooter Stormed Parliament

Rcmp Video Shooter

Michael Zehaf Bibeau Tracked As He Stormed Building

Nigel Farage Gets His Own Twitter Q&A.. Without Even Asking For One

Nigel Farage
OLI SCARFF via Getty Images

'Outbreak' Fuels Right Wing Paranoia And Anti-Obama Conspiracies

Donald Trump

'Islamic State Used Chlorine Gas'


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Man Who Mummified Girl's Corpses And Dressed Them For Tea Parties 'Not Fit For Trial'


The Queen Tweets!


Or Did She? Doubts Raised Over Who Actually Sent First Message

Britain First Are Hurt The 'Right-Wing' Media Isn't Backing Them

Britain First

Government Students Visa System Marked By 'Cheap, Pathetic Gestures'

Uk Border
Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Woman Saved From Domestic Abuse Attack By Ordering Pizza

Vico Collective/Michael Shay via Getty Images

Shocking Footage Of Blind Man Thrown Onto Train Tracks


11 Family Members Hospitalised After Unwittingly Eating A Deadly Pufferfish

Jeff Rotman via Getty Images

Canadian Soldier's Dogs Pine For A Master Who Will Never Return

Cirillo Dogs 1

Russell Brand Reveals He Is Open To 9/11 Conspiracy Theories


7 Awkward Daily Mail Views The Tories May Not Want To Agree With

Daily Mail

Britain To Be Hit With Massive EU Bill

David Cameron Funny
Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

These Pictures Prove We Live In The Future

Earth Exposure
NASA/Don Pettit

Well That's One Way Of Making Your Mark

Bauer Photography
Bauer Photography

Nevada School Lets Students Pose With Guns In Their Yearbook Photos

Fresh Ukip Defection Rumour Dismissed As 'Total B****cks'

Conor Burns Mp
REX Features

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The North Sea Has A New Oil Field, Pro-Indy Campaigners Are Not Happy

Scotland Oil Salmond
Colin Rennie/Aberdeen Press and/PA Archive

What Cap? Here's Why Bankers Will Get Away With Bumper Bonuses

Andrew Bailey
JOHN STILLWELL via Getty Images

Ed Reveals 'Immigration Crackdown' - A Promise He's Made 7 Times Before

LEON NEAL via Getty Images

New York City Doctor Who Treated Ebola Patients In Guinea Taken To Hospital With High Fever

Fuse via Getty Images

Police Branded 'Inept' Over Cliff Raid


Balotelli Reported To Police Over Latest Round Of Bonkers

Balotelli Funny

BBC Moral Maze Forced Into Ironic Apology For Igniting Moral Outrage

Michael Buerk
Tim Whitby via Getty Images

The Genesis Of The Umbrella Movement

Hong Kong Tear Gas Umbrella
XAUME OLLEROS via Getty Images
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The Week In 50 Funny Tweets

Mike Read Ukip Calypso Twitter

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Nicole's First Pics In 'Cats' Are Here

Uli Weber

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Spoiler! Dot's Set For A Halloween Shock

BBC Pictures

Brad Pitt Stars In One Of The Most Awkward Interviews Ever

Brad Pitt
Marechal Aurore/ABACA

Fancy Slipping Into Madonna's Underwear? Now's Your Chance!


Prepare To Watch The Most Ludicrously Brilliant Goal Ever


Could YOU Soon Be The Owner Of Katie's Discarded Breast Implants?

Katie Price
Tristan Fewings via Getty Images

Imagine If All The UK Prime Ministers Were Merged Into One...

Alejandro Almaraz
Alejandro Almaraz

Is Gemma Leaving 'TOWIE'? Say It Isn't So!

Gemma Collins
SAV via Getty Images

Tulisa Looks Flawless In New Video


'Hobbit'-Themed Safety Video Is One We'd Actually Watch

The Hobbit Video
Air New Zealand

Teddy The Spaniel Isn't The Brightest Of Dogs...

Spaniel Dog Ball Chair

You'll Never Guess What Kym's Chinese Tattoo Really Said

Kym Marsh
Eamonn and James Clarke/Eamonn and James Clarke

This Tiny Pig Following A Dog Around Is The Cutest Thing You'll See Today

Tiny Pig Follows Dog

Brad Pitt's 'Between Two Ferns' Is Brutally Hilarious

Brad Pitt Two Ferns
Funny Or Die

'I See These Kids Twerking And Jerking... Why Are They Doing That?'

Miley Cyrus Bangerz
Karwai Tang/Ronaldo Schmeidt/Getty

Controversy, Romance, Stubble - Viewers' Favourite Has Emerged!

The Apprentice