29 May 2015

Lack of Transparency Brings Nasty Surprises to the Sports Industry

Louis Saha Ian Walton via Getty Images

Interestingly, it's not until a major incident happens, such as the Fifa arrests, that people start getting involved with the transparency debate and why the sports industry needs to address the lack of it urgently. Looking at the Qatar scandal and the refusal of Fifa to publish the whole Garcia report, which most certainly suggested that some level of corruption was taking place within the organisation, yet the severe allegations about potential corruption died off fairly quickly and again, the issues that should have been addressed on the back of this was buried once again.

Someone Gave Sepp Blatter A New Job Title On Wikipedia

Sepp Blatter

London Crowd LIFTS Double Decker Bus Off Injured Unicyclist

Cyclist Hit Bus Bus

Selling Laughing Gas Can Now Land You In Jail For A Long Time

Legal Highs
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Assault Rifle Used In Seven Unsolved Murders Has Been Discovered On Display In A Museum

Imperial War Museum Gun

How To Watch The Fifa Presidential Vote Live

Sepp Blatter

Katie Hopkins' 'Fatties' Column Just Blew Up In Her Face

Katie Hopkins
The Sun

This Is The Most Daily Mail Headline The Daily Mail Has Ever Daily Mailed

Shutterstock / Ammentorp Photography

Scotland Bill Dismissed By Sturgeon Over Westminster's Right To Veto

Rob Stothard via Getty Images

David Dimbleby's Scottish Accent? Not So Much

David Dimbleby Hosting Question Time In Aberdeen

Fifa Chief Ignores Calls To Resign, Blames Corruption On Everyone Else


Cooper Coming Through The Middle? Now Ahead In MP Endorsements

Yvette Cooper
Laura Lean/PA Wire

A Case For Devolution

Evelyn De Rothschild
Matthew Lloyd via Getty Images

Evelyn Robert De Rothschild Blogs

After 800 Years, Oxford University Finally Appoints Its First Female Vice Chancellor

Louise Richardson
Danny Lawson/PA Archive

Science Just Proved That Conspiracy Theorists Will Literally Believe ANYTHING

A Giant Asteroid Hit The Earth So Hard It Made The Oceans Boil

Asteroid Impact
puchan via Getty Images

This Creationist Won't Budge, Despite Just Uncovering A 60 Million Year Old Fish

University of Calgary

Man Proves He Has Balls Of Steel By Quite Literally Being Shot In The Balls

Ball Protector
Barcroft TV

SNP Are Proudly Trashing The Westminster Establishment

Alex Salmond Thumbs Up
AFP via Getty Images

Google Invents An Operating System To Run The World

Planet Earth
Adastra via Getty Images

More Tech
WhatsApp Messages To MI5.. Women Are Finally In FIFA.. A New Species Of Human Discovered

Galloway Makes A Big Announcement In Most Bizarre Way

George Galloway

US Trained Commander Of Elite Police Force Defects To Islamic State


Sun Apology Over Transphobic Comments Might Not Be Its Last

Rod Liddle
Jeff Overs via Getty Images

Police Hunt Man Who Climbed Into Zoo Enclosure And ATTACKED Bear

Man Attacks Bear
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'Cruel Intentions' Reunion Causes Twitter Storm

Sarah Michelle Gellar
Araya Diaz via Getty Images

Andy Serkis's 'Star Wars' Character Revealed

Andy Serkis
Anthony Harvey via Getty Images

Our (Highly Scientific) Breakdown Of The New Little Mix Video

Little Mix

Gillian Anderson Tells Us What She Can About 'The Fall' And 'X Files'

Gillian Anderson

Katie Price Resurrects Jordan For One Night Only

Katie Price
David M. Benett via Getty Images

Ed Sheeran's Waxwork Has One Very Impressive Feature

Ed Sheeran
D Dipasupil via Getty Images

Glasto Organiser Emily Received Death Threats Over Kanye Booking

Emily Eavis
Photoshot via Getty Images

Tom Hardy's Reaction To A Sexist Interview Question Is Perfect

Tom H

'BGT" Star Reveals Costa Concordia Terror

Bgt Beat Brothers
ITV Pictures

Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Goes Up For Sale

Michael Jackson Neverland
NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

Why Davina McCall Feels Like She Should Be 'The Perfect Mum'

Davina Mccall
Jon Furniss/Invision/AP

Which 'Familiar Face' Is Heading Into The 'BB' House?

Nikki Grahame
Ian Gavan/Ben Pruchnie/Getty/Channel 5

Zoella For 'Xtra Factor' Job?

Matt Alexander/PA Archive

Zayn's 'Thailand Girl' Set To Spill The Beans

Zayn Malik
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Topshop Oxford Street Has Turned Into A Giant Playland For 3 Days Only

Topshop Playland

'Abused Emojis' Hope To Help Vulnerable Children Communicate When Words Are Not Enough

Abused Emojis
Abused Emojis

Trans People Answer All Those Questions You Felt Too Awkward To Ask

Bbc Three
BBC Three

These Two Young Girls Have Become A Symbol Of Hope

Tazz Jones/Facebook

Woman Sees Dead Brother's Face On Another Man Following Transplant

Richard Norris Face Transplant
60 Minutes YouTube

This Girl Has Magical Colour Changing Hair (And We Want It)

Colour Changing Hair

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