31 January 2015

The Saudi Royals: Not People to Do Business With

I understand the need for diplomatic niceties to be observed. That's why when a royal head of state dies, I'm perfectly happy for one of our royals to attend the funeral. But why on earth do we have to send the prime minister as well? ... Wouldn't it be nice if, like Germany, we could halt our arms sales to what is undoubtedly one of the nastiest regimes on the planet. And when the new king dies - he's already 79 - perhaps we could send Prince Charles on his own. I'm sure he'd manage just fine.

Stephen Fry Delivers Stunning Rebuke When Asked About Meeting God

Stephen Fry

There's A Really Good Reason For Politicians To Stop Offending Migrants

Immigration Uk

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Flip-Flopper Makes Definitive Decision

Mitt Romney

For Now...

Escaped Syrian Child Soldier: 'Don't Join ISIS'

Islamic State Raqqa

Storms Bring Apocalyptic 'Vortex Shedding' To Britain

Vortex Shedding
Bob Hill/ Facebook

The Passing Of The Final Survivors And The Rise In Holocaust Denial

Auschwitz Survivors

Tory Chairman Very Confused About Whether He Likes Minimum Wage

Grant Shapps
ANDREW YATES via Getty Images

This Happened 50 Years Ago Today

Churchill Havengore
Getty Images

Extreme Weather Events That Put Thundersnow To Shame

Weather Bomb
Nigel Roddis via Getty Images

'IS Fighters Are Quite Literally W******'

Boris Johnson
NIKLAS HALLE'N via Getty Images

Read The Daily Blog Of Greece's 'Erratic Marxist' Finance Minister

Yanis Varoufakis
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Netanyahu Accused Of Election Ploy In Backlash Over New Settlements

MENAHEM KAHANA via Getty Images

Japan, Jordan Seek News On Fate Of Islamic State Hostages


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Miliband Reveals All About His Life As An 'International Sex Symbol'

Miliband Sandwich
Jeremy Selwyn/Evening Standard

Church's Horror At Vicar's 'Mossad 9/11' Post

Stephen Sizer

Why Is Everyone Betting The Royal Baby Will Be Named Charlotte?

Kate Middleton Surprised
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Top Tory Leadership Contenders Jostle For Dave's Job

David Cameron

The Thundersnow's So Bad People Are Walking To Stansted Airport

Stansted Airport Snow

The Moment Police Stormed A TV Station To Disarm A Teenage 'Gunman'

Student Storms Dutch Tv
Rex Features

Far-Right Leader Leads French Presidential Poll

Marine Le Pen

Hoard Your Toilet Paper - The Left Is Coming!

Greece Austerity
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

These Anti-War Protesters Made John McCain Bark

Henry Kissinger
Win McNamee via Getty Images
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Briton Tells America What The Super Bowl Means To The Rest Of The World

John Oliver

'Harry Potter' Star Rushed To Hospital

Robbie Coltrane
Ian West/PA Archive

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'Seasons In The Sun' Songwriter Dies Aged 81

Rod Mckuen
David Livingston via Getty Images

Apparently This Dress Was 'Too Inappropriate' For A High School Prom


School Officials Made Teen Wear Her Coat All Night

Low Self-Esteem Puts Women Off Sport. This Has Got To Change.

Sport Woman
Valueline via Getty Images

Erm, Why Is Google Making Human Skin?

Taylor Swift

'Be Wary Of Those Who Do Not Eat Baguettes', Informs Jihad Warning Signs Graphic

Jihad Baguette

Taylor Swift Hacker Insists He Has Naked Selfies

Taylor Swift
Bauer-Griffin via Getty Images

It's Not Just Charts Around the World Taylor Wants To Own

Taylor Swift
Charles Sykes/Invision/AP

Dippy The Dinosaur Speaks Out On Being 'Ousted'

Natural History Museum

9 Sex Toys That Will Give You Nightmares (NSFW)

Sex Toy

Athlete With One Arm Can (Probably) Lift More Than You

Luke Ericson

This Video Game Racing Car Is Now Real. Sort Of.

Taylor Swift

'EastEnders' Spoiler! Who Will Shirley Choose?

Eastenders Carters
BBC/Ray Burmiston/Kieron McCarron

Jodie's Marriage Is Over After Four Months

David Blakeley Jodie Kidd
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Police Hunt For Suge Knight After Fatal Hit And Run

Suge Knight
Jesse Grant via Getty Images

There Could Be Life On The Moon After All

Surface Of The Moon

Amanda Is All Coat And... Well Not A Lot Else

Amanda Holden
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QUIZ: Which One Of Lena Dunham's Girls Are You?


Barber Creates Astounding Celebrity Portraits In People's Hair

Rob The Original Rob Ferrel Celebrity Hair Cuts

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