5 September 2015

Are the Conservatives Really the Party of Working People? Don't Believe It for a Second

If ministers are really concerned about low pay, they should start by announcing that all government departments are to become living wage employers, and encourage other employers to follow suit. They must also fund local councils properly so that the introduction of the living wage does not bankrupt the social care sector. The government should also back UNISON's Ethical Care Charter and help address the endemic levels of non-compliance in the care sector by ensuring that all care workers are paid for their travel time.

Refugees Desperate To Leave Hungary Start 150-Mile Trek To Vienna

Refugees March To Vienna
Twitter / nabihbulos

Yvette Cooper Says She Can Still Win

Yvette Cooper
Clodagh Kilcoyne via Getty Images

Farage: No Point Voting Green If Corbyn Becomes Labour Leader

Nigel Farage
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

David Cameron Dodges Whether 'Sam Cam' Influenced Syria U-turn


Murdoch's Former Security Chief Threatens New Shock In Hacking Case

Mark Hanna

UK Will Accept Thousands Of Syrians From Refugee Camps

David Cameron
Armando Franca/AP

More Politics
Farage Thinks Refugee Compassion Is A 'Threat'.. Stella Creasy Reads Out Nasty Emails

Rich Arab Nations Aren't Doing Anything To Help Syria's Refugees

Muhammed Muheisen/AP

Kim Davis Has Become A Puppet For The Christian Far-Right

Kim Davis
Ty Wright via Getty Images

Palestinian Man Saves Five Jewish Students After Their Car Is Firebombed

Palestinian Rescues Jew
Sky News

Geldof Opens His Homes To Refugee Families

Bob Geldof

Young Britons Set Out To Raise £1k For Refugees.. End Up Raising £113k

Calais Fundraising

Here's What's In Store For Hispanics Should Trump Get In


American Civilians And Veterans Are Fighting ISIS In Syria And Iraq

Athena Image
Credit: Mursel Coban/Associated Press

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Chinese Vet Gets His Due.. Robots AI.. ISIS.. Grim Gaza Report.. Air Guitar Pics.. Apartheid

Nigel Farage Thinks Our Compassion Is A Threat

Farage Lbc
John Stillwell/PA Archive

Iain Duncan Smith Reprimanded For Wrongly Docking Deaf Man's Benefits

Iain Duncan Smith
Oli Scarff via Getty Images

'Intruder' Found On Easyjet Plane With No Passport Or Boarding Pass

Easyjet Gatwick
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Father Who Spent Three Years Trying For A Better Life Buries His Family

Abdullah Kurdi
Shams Shahin/Twitter

Aylan Kurdi's Father Gives Heart-Breaking Interview

Europe Is Facing A Clear And Undeniable Refugee Crisis


Natalie Bennett Blogs On HuffPost

Iranian Boy's Selflessness Is So Touching Obama Facebooked It

Humans Of New York Obama
Humans Of New York / Facebook

Syria In Numbers: Why Cameron's Offer Barely Scratches The Surface

Syrian Civil World
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Newspaper Prints Anonymous Obituary To Aylan Kurdi

Syndey Morning Herald Aylan Kurdi
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The New 'Danger Mouse' Trailer Is HERE!

Danger Mouse

So, 900 Million People Use WhatsApp But We Still LOATHE It


Bestival 2015: The 10 Acts Not To Miss

Bestival Acts 2015
M Crossick/Jim Ross/Invision/AP/MikeMarsland/Getty

Daily Mail Branded 'Sickening' After 'Body Shaming' Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston
Mail Online

How Many 'Strictly' Winners Can You Remember?


Tom Hardy To Be A Dad For Second Time

Tom Hardy Charlotte Riley

Christian Clerk Kim Davis Is Jailed... And The Memes Are Brutal

Kim Davis

Beyoncé In 34 Stunning Instagram Posts On Her 34th Birthday


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Plastic Bag Trend Is Catching On.. Sustainable Silk.. Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Is Minging

Meet The Woman Transforming Kids' Eating Habits

Hayley Gaitgolding
Bear Nibbles

There's A Lightsaber University Where You Can Literally Awaken The Force

Star Wars Lightsaber
Mark Baker/AP

Rumours For Next Year's Glasto Line-Up Have Officially Started

Miley Cyrus
Rex/Chelsea Lauren

Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Is Now Utterly Minging

Lady Gaga Mtv 2010
Gregg DeGuire via Getty Images