24 July 2014

The Political Cost of Economic Mismanagement

The extent to which the UK and most of the rest of the Western world are currently mismanaging our economies clearly has a huge financial cost. In the longer term, however, the political cost will be even greater than the economic price - unless we see radical changes in policy. The failure of the West to deliver a reasonable economic performance - combined with the related problem of widespread inability to get difficult decisions taken - has led an increasingly large number of people across the world to consider whether more authoritarian of running modern diversified economies might work better than those based on liberal democracy.

Ukrainian Rebels Can't Get Their Story Straight on MH17

Mh17 Rebel
Rob Stothard via Getty Images

Plane With More Than 100 People On Board Missing Over Algeria

Air Algerie

Catholics De-Frock More Than 50 Priests In Sex Abuse Probe

Priest Sex Abuse England
Lewis Whyld/PA Archive

Barrowman Delivers Rebuke To Anti-LGBT Countries With Commonwealth Games Kiss


You Don't Want To Know What Happens To Chicken Before It Reaches The Supermarket

Tim Goode/EMPICS Entertainment

Tory MP Sorry For 'Inappropriate Action' After Police Caution For Assaulting Ex


'Death Hunters' Cause More Grief For Families Of MH17 Victims

BULENT KILIC via Getty Images

How Associated Press Sparked Second MH17 Crash Fears...

Ap Breaking News

With Awfully Worded Tweet

Why Putin Just Might Be F*cked

Putin Worried
STRINGER via Getty Images

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Haunting Images From Inside The Costa Concordia Two Years On

Costa Concordia

Energy Giants To Pay Millions More For Leaving You In The Dark

Christmas Uk Power Cuts
Matthew Lloyd via Getty Images

You Need To Know How This Bank Governor Could Ruin Your Day

Mark Carney
Lefteris Pitarakis/WPA-Rota

'My Saddest Photo Yet'

Alexander Gerst

Incredible Picture Of Gaza Conflict Taken From ISS


David Ward Issues 'Half-Arsed' Apology After 'Vile' Gaza Tweets

David Ward Facebook

EasyJet Cancels Flights To Israel

Barry Batchelor/PA Wire

'It's Important We Don't Stigmatise Individual Nationalities'

Ukip Steven Woolfe
Ian Nicholson/PA Archive
HuffPost Reports

Ukip's New Migration Spokesman Speaks To HuffPostUK

'More Than 40' Dead After Taiwanese Plane Crashes In Stormy Weather

Transasia Glight Ge222

Judge Takes 8 Minutes To Give Ian Watkins 'Good News'

Ian Watkins

Rebels Shoot Down Another Two Jets Less Than 20 Miles From MH17 Crash

Ukraine Jet

Fighters Target Ukraine Military Planes

Daily Mail Goes To Extraordinary Lengths To Put Evan Davis' Pants On Page 3

Daily Mail
Daily Mail

'I Thought It Was 1938' Israeli Ambassador's Fear Of Rising European Anti-Semtism

Paris Jewish
MIGUEL MEDINA via Getty Images

France Gives Green Light To Pro-Palestinian Demo For Tonight

5 Rich Russian Pals The Tories Would Prefer You Forgot

David Cameron Putin

So Is It Safe To Fly To Israel? It Depends On Your Airline...

Ben Gurion Airport
Eric Thayer via Getty Images

#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies: 13 Powerful Pictures That Are Pushing Peace


The Viral Efforts For Peace In Gaza And Israel

Mystery Plane Spotted Again Above London (And On YouTube)


'Lee Rigby Murder Was A Hoax' And Other Crazy Messages From 'Trojan Horse' Teachers

Park View Birmingham Trojan Horse
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

France's Jews Flee As Rioters Burn Shops To Chants Of 'Gas The Jews'

MIGUEL MEDINA via Getty Images

Lib Dems Blame Coalition, Tuition Fees And TV Debates For Election Drubbing

Nick Clegg Nigel Farage
Ian West/WPA-Rota

Queen's Champion Horse Tests Positive For Drugs

Queen Estimate
Steve Parsons/PA Archive
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'If You Want Someone To 'Blame', Then Start With Her Mother'

Piers Morgan Peaches Geldof
Ian West/Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Nicola Calls Time On Six Year Romance

Nicola Roberts
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

'Crocodile Dundee' Star Wins Huge Divorce Payout

Crocodile Dundee

Adele's Son Awarded Five-Figure Payout

Ian West/PA Wire

Student Quits University To Work As Possibly The Worst Harry Styles Lookalike Ever


'My Face Is Practically The Same'

Cyclist's Last Words Caught On Camera Before 'Miracle' Crash


19 Famous People You (Probably) Didn't Realise Were From Glasgow

Gerard Butler

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Tooth Fairy Declared Bankrupt...

Ashik Gavai
STRDEL via Getty Images

Teenager Has 232 Teeth Removed In ‘World Record' Surgery

Why Using Paracetamol To Ease Your Back Pain Is All Wrong

Sitade via Getty Images

The Best Pictures Of The Day

Pics Of The Day

Latest Snub For Cowell And 'X Factor'

Nicole Scherzinger
Suzan Moore/Suzan

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Which Movie Star Once Dived At Commonwealth Games?

Jason Statham

'Kids Are Spongers': Ricky Gervais On Why He Hasn't Had Children (Or Got Married)

Ricky Gervais

Using Tinder In The West Bank Means Booty Calls And Casual Racism


Split Rumours? What Split Rumours?


Justin Bieber 'Lands Calvin Klein Deal'

Justin Bieber
Splash News

Where Are All Today's Distinctive Voices?

The Mimic

Will James Arthur Be Entering The 'CBB' House?

James Arthur
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

How This Guy Is Making The World A Less Crappy Place By Trying To Grant Small Wishes


Why We Should All Start Chatting To Strangers On The Commute

Underground Train People Talking
peepo via Getty Images

Google Wants To Tattoo You. This Is Not A Joke.

Motorola Digital Tattoo

Cameron Cuts Interview Short Over Drew Barrymore Question

Cameron Diaz
Andrew H. Walker via Getty Images

Tulisa 'To Reveal Drugs Hell' In BBC3 Documentary

Justin Tallis/PA Wire

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Katie Addresses Marriage Reunion Rumours

Katie Price
Jon Furniss/Invision/AP