6 March 2015

We Are Part of the Generation That Says No to FGM

Through their dissemination, the young people have reached over 1,000 girls directly, and many, many more through their films, educational resources and music videos. In the last 12 months, we've provided training and advice to over 2,400 frontline professionals and other adults across the UK. Raising public awareness is key to all this change and media plays a critical role. The Comic Relief documentary for BBC Three, Stop Cutting Our Girls: A Comic Relief Special is an excellent example of this and we are all hoping it will reach a new audience.


Harrison Ford Pilots Small Plane In Text Book Emergency Landing

Harrison Ford

Powerful Domestic Violence Campaign Features #TheDress

The Dress
Salvation Army

ISIS Vs Climate Change - Which Kills More? Asks Russell Brand​

Russell Brand

A Ukip MP Candidate Has Recorded A Brilliant Abba Cover

Ukip Abba

Major Warns Labour Coalition With SNP Would Lead To 'Break-Up Of UK'

Sir John Major
Chris Jackson via Getty Images

Former PM Tells Miliband To Rule Out Governing With SNP To Protect The UK

At Least The Greens Don't Seem Afraid Of Getting Into Bed With The SNP

Sturgeon Green
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Straw Says Newspaper 'Agenda' Has Damaged Reputation Of Parliament

Jack Straw
Rob Stothard via Getty Images

This Oxford Circus Crush Led To Scuffles In The Streets

Oxford Circus

'Beautiful People' Dating Site Bans 3,000 People For 'Letting Themselves Go'

Greg Hodge
ROBYN BECK via Getty Images

11-year-old's Fifty Shades Costume Didn't Go Down Well With His Teachers

Christian Grey Child
Nicola Scholes

The Cable Ties And Eye Mask Probably A Step Too Far...

Islamic State Militants 'Bulldoze' Ancient Nimrud Archaeological Site

DEA / C. SAPPA via Getty Images

Police: Palestinian Driver Rams Into Pedestrians In East Jerusalem

Jerusalem Ambulance
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Tory Austerity Stoking Up Resentment Not Seen Since Days Of Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher
PAUL ELLIS via Getty Images

It's A Fact Of Life That Mothers Earn Less, Says Nigel Farage

Loose Women

Fake Harvard Rejection Letter Is Causing Some Real Problems For The Woman Who Wrote It


Scribbled Note May Shed Light On Killing Of Slain Putin Critic


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Bibi.. Russia Stretches.. Men In Burqas.. Last-Ditch Offer.. Migrant Save.. Future Of Work

Where Is MH370? What We Know A Year Later

Candles Mh370
AFP via Getty Images

Wage Against The Machine - Tale Of First Time Buyers

Uk Housing
Howard Brundrett/Eye Ubiquitous

Adam Van Lohuizen Blogs For HuffPost

'This Is The Best Economic News In Human History'

Andrew Mcafee
Andrew Parsons

MIT Director Predicts Rising Living Standards For Everyone


Branson Blasts MPs 'Terrified Of Risk, Terrified Of Daily Mail'

Richard Branson

'I’m Not Pro-Skunk'

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Kim K Really Needs To Learn The Meaning Of TMI

Kim Kardashian
Zabulon Laurent/ABACA

Is Jared Leto Stealing Kim K's Style?

Beretta/Sims/Laurent Benhamou/Sipa/Rex

Former 'Corrie' Star Lands First Role Since 2013 Sacking

Chris Fountain
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

Harrison Ford's Crash Landing Caught On Camera

Harrison Ford

Ozzy And Sharon's OTHER Daughter Finally Steps Into The Limelight

Aimee Osbourne
Jamie McCarthy via Getty Images

This Is Why Vegetarians Could Live Longer

Vegetables Live Longer
Rita Maas via Getty Images

Liz Hurley On The Grandmother Who Inspired Her To Fight Breast Cancer

Liz Hurley

Breastfeeding Mum Says EasyJet Told Her To Cover Up On Flight

Gemma Leung
Gemma Leung / Facebook

Holi Festival In 37 Vibrant Pictures

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Purim Celebrations Across The World

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Obsessed With Your Eyebrows? You'll Love This Woman

Vanita Parti
BlinkBrow Bar

Terminally Ill Woman Gets Her Dying Wish To See Art Exhibition

Rijksmuseum Rembrandt Exhibition
Robin Utrecht Photography via Getty Images

Major Campaign #SheBelongs Hopes To Call Out Sexism In Football

Football Women
Filipe Farinha via Getty Images

Liam Reacts Furiously To Drinking Rumours

Liam Payne
Tony Barson via Getty Images

Richard Curtis's Next Film Will Be His Last

Richard Curtis
Venturelli via Getty Images

Kim Forgets Her Bra At Paris Fashion Week

Kim Kardashian
Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho via Getty Images

Kim K Just Unveiled A Platinum Blonde Dye Job

Kim Kardashian
Marc Piasecki via Getty Images

Kelly Gives Everyone A Lesson In How To Respond To Katie's Jibes

Kelly Clarkson Katie Hopkins
Vi Will/Invision/AP/N Mockford/A Huckle/Getty

Michelle Praises 'Corrie' Ahead Of BBC Drama Debut

Michelle Keegan
Samir Hussein via Getty Images

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Rita Reveals The Truth About 'Fifty Shades' Role

Universal Pictures

Why Super Volcanoes Are Actually A Good News Story

Rainbow Volcano
Doug Steakley via Getty Images
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