30 September 2016
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After Years Of Confusion, Labour Is Distinctive From The Tories - Now We Must Unite Behind Our Leader

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Labour is now, after years of personality confusion, distinctive to the Tories. Fairness versus division. Investment versus cuts. On your side versus on your own. Now we need to stay united in what we stand for and behind our leader. Those who fail to read this new mood correctly must surely consider their consciences. Our duty as a party is to turn and fight with our every fibre for the best deal for the people we represent, not to wheedle and plot, to dissemble and deceive, to disunite our party and distract us from our purpose. That purpose is, unequivocally, to win power. And the purpose of that power is to make ours a better Britain.

Tory Support For The Fox Hunting Ban Just Reached An All-Time High

Sandra Standbridge via Getty Images

This Is The Last Thing Rosetta Saw Before It Hit Comet 67P

Space European Space Agency

Mystery Over American Sisters Found Dead In Luxury Seychelles Resort

Robin And Annie Korkki

'People Think Violence Is In Libya's DNA, In Our Blood'

One Young World
One Young World

Sadiq Khan Accused Of 'Demonising' Lorries With Plan To Protect Cyclists

Idsok Empicsentnewspaper Labour Labor Party Group Opposition Politician Politics Political Parliament Government Minister Mp Member House Conference
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

Newly-Arrived Syrian Refugee Saves The Day At Canadian Wedding

Syrian Refugee
Lindsay Coulter Photography

Blair 'Nearly Quit' As PM To Chase Another Job, Claims Alastair Campbell

Arts Culture And Entertainment
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Van Gogh Paintings Stolen 14 Years Ago Recovered From Mafia

Athena Image

'Categorical Disaster' As Key Figure Quits Child Sex Abuse Inquiry

Athena Image

Ancient Tombs Will NOT Halt Ben Needham Dig

Ben Needham

Lib Dems Hail 'Growing Momentum' Behind Fightback

Politics Libdems
Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Tory MP Derided For Revealing Why He'd Vote For Trump

Athena Image
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn Called 'Selfish' By Ukip For 'Relaxed' Immigration Stance

Idsok Empicsentnewspaper Labour Labor Party Group
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

Restaurants Have Been Ordered To Reduce The Size Of Desserts

Baking Meal Gourmet Homemade Icing Cupcake Syrup Baked Pastry Dough Dessert Moving Up Cooking Melting Molten Backgrounds Heat Temperature Freshness
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Dimbleby Floors Minister With Joke That Man Won't Live To See Brexit


Five Things You Need To Know From Westminster Today

Theresa May
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Question Time Call For ‘Leftism’ To Be Mental Disorder Confused Everyone


Union Leader Calls For Pro-Corbyn Activist To Leave Labour

Idsok Empicsentnewspaper Labour Labor Party Opposi
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

Emma Watson: Feminist Movement Opened ‘Pandora's Box’ Of Abuse

Emma Watson
One Young World

Young Parents Urged To Learn About SIDS Risk Factors

Absence Apartment Color Image Cot Cuddly Toy Curta
Johner Images via Getty Images

Video Shows Shocking Aftermath Of Fatal Rush Hour Train Derailment

Hoboken Feedrouted_global
Pancho Bernasconi via Getty Images

Bob Geldof Had Some Strong Words To Say About Donald Trump

One Young World
One Young World

'Boundary Changes Show We're Finishing The Work Of Chartists'

Chris Skidmore

Ben Needham Search Halted After Police Uncover Ancient Burial Site

Athena Image
Chris McGrath via Getty Images

One Quarter Of Young Women Have Self-Harmed

Athena Image
PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou via Getty Images
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Will This VR Film Find A Whole New Gaming Audience?

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Shocking Footage Shows Cyclist Confronted By Angry Pedestrian At Zebra Crossing

Athena Image

Mum's Bumps From First And Second Pregnancies Look Very Different


Christian Dior Had The Most Star-Studded Paris Fashion Week Show

Athena Image
Thibault Camus/AP

How To Create The Perfect Hygge Home

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These Sustainable Wedding Dresses Will Take Your Breath Away

Minna Hepburn
Minna Hepburn

Rosetta Probe Collides With Comet 67P, Concluding Its 12-Year Mission

Athena Image
Handout . / Reuters

Where Have You Seen Them? The Famous Faces In 'The Fall' Series 3

The Fall

Driverless Cars In California Don't Legally Need Humans Anymore

Eame Europe Emea Eu European Dutch Information Technology Eu Computing Economy Transport Topnews
Bloomberg via Getty Images

This Time-Lapse Of Juno's Arrival At Jupiter Is Truly Spectacular

Athena Image
NASA NASA / Reuters

Londoners Queue From 5am To Try A Cronut


Sooty Was At The Centre Of A Strange 'Sex' Row Back In The 60s

Sooty Sweep Soo Harry Corbett

DC Comics Writer Confirms Wonder Woman Is Queer

Wonder Woman
DC Comics

Millennials Are Choosing Unusual Names For Their Babies

Athena Image
Tuomo Vainamo via Getty Images