26 June 2016
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On Thursday, 'Small Town Britain' Roared - Labour Must Prove It Can Win Beyond London and Big Cities

Jeremy Corbyn Rob Stothard via Getty Images

This campaign proved it is not enough to win support in London and the big cities - the heart of Jeremy's support. The voices of towns in former industrial, coastal and rural areas across England and Wales, who feel left behind, was heard loud and clear... The uncomfortable truth must be faced, or Labour will not rebuild our relationship with many of our longstanding voters. During the post-mortem, Labour MPs, MEPs, councillors and members will have to decide whether Jeremy can reassure and re-unite our supporters beyond London and the major cities. And do so, before a possible autumn general election against a new Tory leader.

Lammy Says 'Stop The Madness' And Overturn EU Referendum Result

Commons Bbc
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Justine Greening Comes Out As Being In A Same-Sex Relationship

Conservative Politics Conference Manchester Auster
Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment

'Double Celebration' As Policemen Propose To Boyfriends At Gay Pride

MetLGBT Network

Second Referendum Petition Passes 2.1M Signatures, Biggest In History

Politics Eu
Isabel Infantes/PA Wire

Corbyn Heckled At Pride, Slammed By Lord For 'Disappointing' Response


4 Hasty Leave U-Turns In The Wake Of The EU Referendum

Athena Image
Matt Dunham/AP

Lily Allen Urges Fans 'To Stop' Boris, Calls Hunt An 'Insidious Prick'

Athena Image
Toby Melville / Reuters

Trump 'Wouldn't Be Bothered' If Scottish Muslims Visited US

Athena Image
Carlo Allegri / Reuters

This 1980 Clip From 'Yes Minister' Basically Explains Brexit

Yes Minister

UK's European Commissioner Resigns Over Brexit

Jonathan Hill/Twitter

HuffPost's Paul Waugh On What Next For Britain After Brexit

Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Nicola Sturgeon Says Scotland To Hold Talks 'Immediate' Talks With EU

Athena Image
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Scotland's Daily Record Champions Second Referendum

Daily Record
Daily Record/Twitter

Jeremy Corbyn Says He Will Stand In Any Labour Leadership Contest

Politics Feedrouted_global
Rob Stothard via Getty Images

Evan Davis Struggles To Hide Frustration With Brexit Backtracker


Farage On The EU Ref In May Is Coming Back To Haunt Him

Athena Image
Matt Dunham/AP

Leave Voter Admits He Voted 'To Stop Muslims Coming Into The UK'

Channel 4 News

Corbyn Incapable Of Leading Labour To 2020, Says Caroline Flint

Politics Feedrouted_global
Rob Stothard via Getty Images

The Express Wasn't Even The Most Bombastic Of The Brexit Papers

Daily Express Front Page On Day Of Brexit
Daily Express

Second Scottish Referendum 'Highly Likely' Says Sturgeon After Brexit


Jeremy Corbyn Hits Back At Plot To Oust Him As Labour Leader

Politics Eu
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Moody's Cuts UK's Credit Rating From 'Stable' To 'Negative' Over Brexit Fears

Business Finance And Industry Brexit Stock Market And Exchange Dax Stock Market Index Frankfurt Am Main Feedrouted_global
Thomas Lohnes via Getty Images

French Newspaper's Front Page Shows What It Thinks Of Brexit And Boris


Data Shows Youth 'Screwed By Votes Of Older Generations'


Morgan Stanley Forced To Deny Moving 2,000 Jobs Out Of London

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Russell Boyce / Reuters
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What Boris Johnson Was REALLY Saying In His Brexit Speech

Boris Johnson Brexit Speech
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