9 February 2016

The Place Where No-One Is a Witness

Patricia Erdmann sits in a living room that is a shrine to her dead son Lee. Pictures of the 37-year-old on holiday, at weddings and with his five children are everywhere. She has an engraved marble memorial to him by her bed. Patricia admits to crying herself to sleep some nights. Lee was drinking in The Wellington pub on Regent Road in Salford, Greater Manchester, in the early hours of Saturday 10 September 2011. He had been laughing and joking with a man at the bar and got up to go to the toilet. The same man shot him in the back when it was turned.

Tories Accuse PM Of 'Scaremongering' On Brexit Migrant Claim

David Cameron
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

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Corbyn And Thornberry Braced For Trident Showdown.. 'I Am The Spiritual Son Of Tony Benn'

Party Of Austerity Enjoys Lavish Fundraiser With Financial Backers

Black And White Party
Hannah McKay/PA Wire

Five Ways To Help Build Mental Resilience In Children

Sad Child
Blend Images - JGI/Jamie Grill via Getty Images

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Wonderful Moment They Popped The Question.. Playground-Inspired Fitness Class

New Hampshire Vote Isn't Quite As Bonkers As Iowa, But It's Not Far Off

New Hampshire
Matt Rourke/AP

Health Secretary Savaged For Commons No-Show

Jeremy Hunt
Simon James via Getty Images

Student's Improbable Bone Marrow Quest Has Best Possible Outcome

Lara Casalotti
Lara Casalotti

UK Beset By Waves, Windswept Dogs And People Walking At Odd Angles

Weather Splash

Campaign Launched To Decriminalise Abortion

Tim Hale via Getty Images

Millions Promised For Mental Health Remains Unspent

Mental Health
Shutterstock / altanaka

George Osborne's Psychiatrist Brother Admits Sex With Vulnerable Patient

Dr Adam Osborne
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Britain Must Prepare For 'Greater Violence' From Far-Right Groups

Dover Protest

Continuity IRA Claims Responsibility For Boxing Match Weigh-In Hit


'Legend' Trips Up Fleeing 'Drug Dealer' While Walking With Girlfriend

Trip Up
Kingston Police

5 Countries Proving Prisons Can Work To Benefit Everyone


The 'Heartbreaking' Reality For 3 Million Primary Pupils

Handout via Getty Images

Galloway: 'I Am The Spiritual Son Of Tony Benn'

George Galloway
Nigel Roddis via Getty Images

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Hunt Calls Junior Doctors' Union 'Irresponsible'.. 'Ninja' Warning Over Sugar Tax.. Waugh Zone

Hatton Garden Heist Thief Claims Mystery Suspect 'Is Ex-Policeman'


The Place Where No-One Is a Witness

BBC Panorama

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23 Migrants Drown As They Try To Reach Greek Island

Athena Image

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ISIS In Libya.. Battle For Aleppo.. World's Largest Refugee Camp.. 'Brexit' Breakup?.. North Korea

The Juniors Doctors Aren't Striking For Themselves

Cost Medicine
crazydiva via Getty Images

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'The Jump' Ordered To Conduct Urgent Safety Review

Davina Mccall The Jump
Channel 4

There's A 'Simpsons' Version Of 'Making A Murderer' And It Works Perfectly


The Biggest Names In Trumbo's Fight Weren't All On The Same Side


Only Fox News Could Equate Beyoncé Performance To Killing Policemen

Beyonce Super Bowl
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

You're About To Lose A Good Chunk Of Your Life To This Videogame

The Division

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Mobility Scooter Goes 107mph.. This Is Why We Haven't Met Aliens Yet.. Bricking Your Phone

Cameron's Prison Visit Gets Very Awkward

David Cameron
Pool via Getty Images

What's Your Favourite Kiss Caught On Camera?


Rowling's Response To Fan With Depression Will Make You Love Her More

J K Rowling
Cindy Ord via Getty Images

'Corrie' Spoiler! Will Michelle Cheat On Steve?

Coronation Street Spoiler
ITV Pictures

This Plus-Size Yogi Will Inspire You To Love Your Body

Dana Falsetti
Dana Falsetti

Chef Creates 'Gourmet Meal' For Critics From McDonald's Ingredients

Food Mcdonalds

Instagrammer Photoshops Meryl Streep Into Food For Some Reason

Tasteofstreep Instagram Taste Of Meryl Streep

Mum Uses Maternity Leave To Travel The World With 10-Week-Old Baby