30 August 2016
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Muslim Women- We Are Not Commodities To Be Sold In Your Political Marketplace


The actual problem at hand, that perhaps someone could shed light on, is this internalised archaic colonial fetishization, that we are shockingly still forced to be a part of in 2016. There is a multitude of Muslim women with a multitude of firm voices ready to share a multitude of opinions because we are not a homogenous group, you are all just speaking too loudly over us to hear any of it.

No.10 Hits Back At Sarkozy Over Calais Camp

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Michel Euler/AP

Jeremy Corbyn Praises Bernie Sanders For Pushing Hillary Clinton To The Left

Politics Horizontal

7 Times Labour Members Were Banned From Leadership Vote

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Jeff J Mitchell via Getty Images

Apple's €13 Billion Tax Fine Is Bascially Loose Change To Tech Giant

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Thomas Peter / Reuters

Jeremy Corbyn's 'Digital Democracy' Launch Marred By Ironic Blunders

Politics Labour
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Conjoined Twins Defy Odds To Start School

Health Conjoined
Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Jeremy Vine Posts Terrifying Road Rage Clip After Motorist Threatened To 'Knock Him Out'

Jeremy Vine Road Rage
Facebook Jeremy Vine

Amber Rudd Heads Off French Threats Of Calais Jungle Move To Britain

Politics Hate Courts Student
Dan Kitwood/PA Wire

Aboriginal Mother Fuels Race Debate With Picture Of Daughter's ‘Whiteface’


Jeremy Corbyn Campaign Attacks Labour 'Purge' Of Members

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Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Sainsbury's Launches 'Slow Shopping' For Vulnerable Customers

Business Corporation Corporat Eame Europe Britain England Economy Economic Eco Emea Europe Finance Financial Economy Food Foods Produce Supermark
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Willy Wonka Actor Gene Wilder Dies, Aged 83

Gene Wilder
Warner Bros

'People's Challenge' To Stop Brexit Without Act Of Parliament

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Neil Hall / Reuters

Corbyn Hopes To Learn From Sanders In Digital General Election Fight

Politics Labour
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Police Seek Four Women After Banker 'Killed By Single Punch'

Oliver Dearlove
Metropolitan Police

North Korea Executes Official Who 'Fell Asleep During Meeting'

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KCNA KCNA / Reuters

Hero Brit Backpacker Dies After Being Stabbed Trying To Save Woman


Family Of Five Dead In Ireland May Be Murder-Suicide Say Police


Thornberry 'Disgusted' At Attempts To 'Put Members Back In Their Box'

Politics Eu Nato
Yui Mok/PA Wire

Calais Migrants 'Should Be Able To Claim British Asylum While In France'

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Pascal Rossignol / Reuters

Labour To 'Suffer Most' Under Boundary Changes

Politics Labour
Jane Barlow/PA Wire

Team GB Medalist's Hometown So Proud They Carried Him In Kayak

Reppic Sport Olympics
Richard Vernalls/PA Wire

French Restaurant Owner Tells Women Wearing Hijabs To 'Get Out'

France Islamophobia
Le Parisien

Hundreds Protest Outside Parliament Against Live Animal Exports

Animals Are Not Freight
Compassion In World Farming

Lighting Strike Kills 300 Reindeer 'In One Moment'

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Why Everyone's Talking About 'The Night Of'

The Night Of

There's An Aubergine Sex Toy That Looks Like Your Favourite Emoji


Your Help Is Needed To Find Out The Truth Behind A 'Floating' Island

Aliens Ufos
Google Maps

Agyness Deyn Gets Married In A Molly Goddard Wedding Dress

Agyness Deyn

Mitchell Family In Danger In Tense New 'EastEnders' Trailer

Eastenders Spoilers
BBC Pictures

Brain Defect Could Be Why Alcoholics Are Less Able To Control Impulses

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Andrei Spirache via Getty Images

German Law Could 'Force' Mums To Name Lovers In Paternity Cases

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MacGregor & Gordon via Getty Images

This 'Space Train' Could Transport Humans Around Our Solar System

Solar Express
Solar Express

Vaping As Bad For Heart Health As Smoking Cigarettes, Study Finds

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Martina Paraninfi via Getty Images

Anna Richardson Says Relationship Has Had An Effect On Her Waistline

Anna Richardson Sue Perkins

Tulisa To Make Musical Comeback With Interesting Choice For A New Single

Head Shotsmilinglong Eyelashespink Lipstickpink Dr

A (Clothed) Orlando Bloom Among 8 Top New Netflix Titles For September

VCG via Getty Images

‘Ghost’ Of Monk Put To Death By Henry VIII Pictured At Abbey

Horizontal Color Image Illustration Henry Viii Oil
Hans Holbein the Younger via Getty Images