16 September 2014

Victims of Crime Need Real Action Not Lip Service

Time and again over the last four years we've pressed the government to support our plans for a victims' law. Repeatedly they've refused to do so, going so far as to attack our plans. Just last week in the House of Commons chamber ministers were given the opportunity to back a victims' law - an opportunity they didn't take. Back in July Chris Grayling even attacked Labour's victims' law, saying "the opposition always talks about laws". So this weekend's sudden conversion by the government to the need for new 'laws' - a victims' law - is a little surprising. After all, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Of course if the government are sincere about their new found passion for victims, it is to be welcomed, but it is little wonder many are cynical.

Why Salmond's Independent Scotland Could Fail Within A Year


Spain Just Decisively Undermined Salmond's EU Hopes For Indy Scotland

Igo Mndez De Vigo

Pro-Union Rally Sparks Wave Of Twitter Wrath At Bob Geldof

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Irishman Geldof, Izzard Born In Yemen And Englishman Al Murray Lead Rally

What Happened When Passport Control Was Set Up At The Scottish Border

Jon Parker Lee Photography Ltd.

Journalists Covering Scotland Face 'Range Of Abuse' Including Threats Of Violence

Bbc Scotland
ANDY BUCHANAN via Getty Images

Union Pleas For Reporters To Be 'Free From Intimidation' After BBC Protest

Police Commissioner Finally Stands Down Over Child Abuse Scandal

Shaun Wright Police
South Yorkshire PCC

British Tourists Killed In Thailand Named As Police Release CCTV Images

Hannah Witheridge

'MH370 Pilot Committed Suicide & Killed Everyone Else On Board'

Ewan Wilson Mh370 Author

House Prices Have Not Soared This Fast In Seven Years

House Prices Rise Uk

Got A Mortgage? Carney Won't Be Ruining Your Christmas

Mark Carney
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Severe Weather Warning As Thick Fog Blankets London

Steve Parsons/PA Wire

US Launches Airstrikes Against ISIS Near Baghdad

Barack Obama
JIM WATSON via Getty Images

Who'd Be Dumb Enough To Sign A Petition To SUPPORT Isis?


Yep, Students Really Will Agree To Anything

'Never Mention My Father Again'

Alex Salmond
Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Daughter Of Alex Salmond's Teacher Hits Out At First Minister

Here's Why Nigel Farage May Actually Want Scots To Vote Yes

Nigel Farage Scotland
David Cheskin/PA Wire

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Portugese Professor Writes Book Calling English 'Disgusting Wild Beasts'


'They're Violent Animals', Adds The Charming London University Lecturer

Osborne's Bill To Defend Bankers From Brussels Soars Even Higher

Osborne Money
Ian Nicholson/PA Archive

Apple Just Sold More iPhones Than You Can Possibly Imagine

Iphone 6

'Unforgettable' Solar Storm Blooms Above Earth

Chris Blakley
Chris Blakley

'I Know What Really Happened To MH370'

Gen Sutarman

Why Do So Many Students At Royal Holloway Fear This Eerie Painting?

University Of London
Royal Holloway, University of London

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Kim's Got Something To Say About That Wheelchair Rant Vid

Kim Kardashian
Pepito / Splash News

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Is Simon Planning A Celeb 'X Factor'?

Simon Cowell
Ian Gavan via Getty Images

Look Who's Back In The Dales...


This Is What It's Really Like To Drive A £100,000 Electric Car


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Estate Agent Sacked For An Intensely Embarrassing Reason

Your Move Estate Agent
Evening Standard

Look Who's Standing In For Holly On 'Celebrity Juice'...

Holly Willoughby
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

'Lindsay Never Came Into Contact With Whitney's Body'

Lindsay Whitney
Samir Hussein/Larry Busacca/Getty Images

'Corrie' Bosses To Crack Down On Cast's Bad Behaviour

Jack P Shepherd
Doug Peters/Doug Peters

9 Facts In 90 Seconds On 'Bad Education' Star Jack Whitehall

Jack Whitehall

Meet Come Dine With Me's Worst Loser EVER

Come Dine With Me

Lima Payne Rushed To Hospital After Mystery Injury

Liam Payne

Probably The Best Matt Damon News You'll Hear All Day...

Jason Bourne

'I Was High On Vicodin And Alcohol When I Recorded 'Blurred Lines''

Robin Thicke

Here Comes The, Errrm... Bandmate In Labour

Natasha Hamilton Kerry Katona
Alex Huckle via Getty Images

How Many Of These Wine Names Can You Pronounce Correctly?

Chris Gramly via Getty Images

This Photo Sums Up The Truth About Wedding Night Sex

Mr And Mrs
Draw05 via Getty Images

Mel B's Family Feud Deepens

Mel B Mum
Photoshot via Getty Images

REVIEW: Cilla - Sheridan Smith Reveals Grit, Charm And A Hell Of A Voice


Mighty Breast Cancer Campaigner Ismena Clout Passes Away From The Disease

Ismena Clout
Breast Cancer Care

Twitter Trend Proves Vogue's 'Big Booty' Article Was An Epic Fail

Ladies Bottom
epicurean via Getty Images

How A Simple Injection Could Save The Lives Of 90 Teenage Girls

Cervical Cancer Vaccine
BSIP/UIG via Getty Images

'I Feel Beautiful For The First Time In A Long Time'

Christy Mack
Twitter/ Christy Mack

If We Needed An Excuse To Eat More Cheese, Now We've Got One

Yoghurt And Berries
Barbara DudziÅska via Getty Images

Stylish And Timeless Ideas To Give Your Home An Autumn Update

Autumn Home Trends

This Is What It's Really Like To Drive A £100,000 Electric Car


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Re-United? 'Ronaldo Out' Stories Gather Pace

Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester United
John Peters via Getty Images

Boris Johnson Launches Bid To Become His Own Independent Country

Boris Johnson Funny
Andrew Parsons/PA Archive

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