13 February 2016

Picture This: The Full Truth and Nothing But the Truth Over Torture During the War on Terror

Mr Obama's rhetoric over US torture is one of condemning the actions and adjuring us to "leave" them "where they belong - in the past". As if that answers to the seriousness of what took place. Few people would be content with a political arrangement which went no further than the condemning-and-leaving tactic if we were considering the everyday crimes of theft, fraud, assault or rape. I don't see why an official US programme of organised kidnap, illegal imprisonment and serial assault should be any different.

Tory MP's Daughter Calls For Jeremy Hunt To Be Sacked

Jeremy Hunt
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Levi Bellfield 'Denies Confessing To Abducting And Killing Milly Dowler'


Older People Share Timeless Wisdom Of Love And Loss

Elderly Loneliness
Holly Wren

Jeremy Hunt Accused Of Misleading Parliament, Told To Explain Himself

Jeremy Hunt

'Deceitful' Government Used Junior Doctors' Row To 'Bury Bad News'

Jeremy Hunt
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

Murdoch Heading Back To Fleet Street... To Get Married

Murdoch Hall
Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

Scots Labour MPs Were 'F***ing Useless' - Says Senior Labour MP

AFP via Getty Images

Gender Pay Gap 'Ludicrous,' Says Kelvin MacKenzie


Man Trafficked And Enslaved By UK Family Worked Unpaid For Five Years

Kyrstian Siwak
Greater Manchester Police

This Tiny Pile Of Paper Is Everything We Know About The Zika Virus


Two Schoolgirls Fighting For Their Lives After Car Hits Group In Liverpool

Sky News
Sky News

Trump Always Carries A shooter And Would Have 'Opened Fire' On Isis In Paris

Flintlock Rifle Trump
Richard Ellis via Getty Images

God-Fearing Presidential Candidate Accidentally Hires Porn Star For Ad

Ted And Amy

Interactive Tube Map Shows How Long It Will Really Take To Travel Between Stations

London Underground
Sharon Vos-Arnold via Getty Images

The Independent Becomes First British National Newspaper To Go Digital-Only


11 Radical 'Independent' Front Pages That Moved Us And Changed Debate

The Indepdendent
The Indepdendent

Adam Johnson Texted Girl: 'Just Wanted To Get Your Jeans Off, LOL'

Adam Johnson
Owen Humphreys/PA Wire

Ed Balls Warns Boris Not To Back 'Brexit'

Ed Balls
Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Commuter Accused Of 'Preposterous Sexual Assault By Actress' Speaks Out

Mark Pearson
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Adele Is An Absolute Queen On The Cover Of Vogue

Adele Vogue
Vogue/Annie Leibovitz

Kanye Claims Taylor Knew About *That* Controversial New Lyric

Taylor Swift Kanye West
Kevin Mazur via Getty Images

10 Pictures Of Posh's Left Hand That The Daily Mail Need To See

Victoria Beckham
Ian West/PA Archive

Pregnant Woman Uses Video To Shame London Commuters

Baby On Board

How A 'Snooty' Magazine Interview Ruined Bowie's Friendship With Elton John

David Bowie

These Heartwarming Photos Will Change Your Mind About PDA

Mikal Theimer
Mikaël Theimer

Touching Illustrations Of Man And His Wife Will Give You Serious #RelationshipGoals

Curtis Wiklund
Curtis Wiklund

Who's Expected On The BAFTAs Red Carpet?

Bafta Award
Joel Ryan/Invision/AP

Ant And Dec Admit to Getting Sloshed At A Royal Sleepover

Graham Norton
Ian West/PA Wire

Mum's Warning About Dummy Brand That's 'Not Safe'

Kimberley Graham/facebook

Strangers Donate £3,000 To Blind Busker Whose Equipment Was Stolen

Blind Busker

27 People Sum Up Single Life In Three Words

Bridget Jones