1 July 2015

A Europe of Domination or of Solidarity?

The only sensible way forward is to cancel the Greek debt (or at least substantial swathes of it) and for the international community to support Greece's democratically elected government to rebuild its society and its economy. I ask my fellow Labour leadership candidates to echo this call to the Prime Minister, and for him to heed this call. It is in our own interests to do so. Let's use this as an opportunity to remake a Europe of solidarity.

Liz Kendall Insists Fiscal Responsibility Is A Labour Value

Liz Kendall
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

Women Are Being 'Pushed Out' Of Work By Maternity Law

Yvette Cooper
Joe Giddens/PA Wire

More Politics
Rob Lowe And Owen Jones In Twitter Spat.. 'Traumatic' Grexit.. Seething About Gay Marriage

Homophobic Comments Could See Kids Reported Under New Rules

Nicky Morgan
Joe Giddens/PA Archive

Britain's Spy Chiefs Hoist Rainbow Flag Outside MI6 For LGBT Pride

Marcus Warren

Former Fifa VP Appoints Barrister Who Defended Myra Hindley

Jack Warner
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

How Long Before America Elects An Openly Gay President?

New York Pride

China's Climate Change Plan Revealed

China Climate Change
Alexander F. Yuan/AP

Three Generations Of The Same Family Killed In Tunisia


Gay Marriage: What Would Confucius Say?

China Gay Marriage
STR via Getty Images

Vote Against Fracking Proves We Can Win Fight For Action

Fracking Cuadrilla
Peter Byrne/PA Archive

Natalie Bennett Blogs On HuffPost

Tomorrow's Forecast Temperature Is Only 3C Off An All Time Record

Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

Tunisian Woman 'Played Dead' Just Inches From Gunman

Angela Evans

This Is What A Terror Attack In London Might Look Like

Terror Training

What Happens Next If The Iran Nuclear Talks Fall Apart

Mideast Iran Nuclear Talks Scenarios

More WorldPost
Greece Floats New Bailout Proposal.. Dozens Killed In Indonesia .. Greece Heads For Default

Jason Manford Has Spat With Britain First Over 'Racist' Friends

Jason Manford
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

BBC Hasn't Had A Single Complaint Over All The Wimbledon Swearing

Nick Kyrgios Wimbledon 2015
Mike Egerton/PA Wire

Labour Candidate Wishes He'd Never Used Selfie Stick On Tunisa Beach


'Why Let Facts Get In The Way Of Spin?' TUC Hit Back On Welfare Report

Frances Ogrady
Lynne Cameron/PA Archive

This Architecture Graduate Made His Own Office Out Of Beer Bottles

Li Rongjun
ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

Danczuk's Public Split Turns Nasty As MP Husband Brands Her 'Tacky'

Simon Danczuk And Karen

Heat Wave Rule Means Women Can Have Breaks... But Not Men

Wimbledon 2015
Alastair Grant/AP
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'Big Brother' Welcomes Back Yet More Old Faces

Channel 5

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EL James Twitter Q&A Disaster.. Avril Breaks Down.. Ben Hardy's Rise To Fame.. Sheeran

Which Celebrity Bottoms Have Been Crowned Rears Of The Year?

Daniel Radcliffe Kym Marsh Bums

Who's Who In The FIFA Women's World Cup Semi-Final

Steph Houghton
Ben Nelms via Getty Images

Caitlyn Sports Two Fabulous Outfits During One Shopping Trip

Caitlyn Jenner
Alo Ceballos via Getty Images

A Masterclass In Irritating Your Other Half

Annoy Partner In Five Words
George Clerk via Getty Images

Opera Booed On Opening Night Over 'Gratuitous' Rape Scene

Royal Opera House Exterior
Peter Jordan/PA Archive

BBC3 Given 'Kiss Of Death' After Approval Given For It To Go Online

Nick Ansell/PA Wire

Someone Is Trying To Bailout Greece With A Crowdfunding Campaign

Indiegogo Greek Bailout

Who Said It, The Lions Or The Lionesses?

England Womens Mens Football Teams

John Oliver Shows Just How Far We Have To Go On Transgender Rights

John Oliver
Last Week Tonight

We're REALLY Not Sure About Beckham's Latest Tattoo

David Beckham

Wil Wheaton On Anxiety: 'I'm Not Just Existing, I'm Living'

Wil Wheaton

Kim K Slut-Shamed By Mean-Spirited Glasto Flag

Kanye West
Jim Dyson via Getty Images

It's Going To Be Cheaper To Use The Internet On Your Phone In Europe

Cameron Selfie
Lynne Cameron/PA Archive

The Royals Will Make Their First Outing As A Family Of Four

Duchess Of Cambridge