25 June 2016
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Our Fight for an Open, Optimistic, Hopeful, Diverse and Tolerant Britain Is Needed Now More Than Ever

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I am devastated and I am angry. Today we woke to a deeply divided country. Nigel Farage's vision for Britain has won this vote, but it is not a vision I accept. An institution that we built, that delivered peace, that promoted equality, kept us safe and opened the doors of opportunity, will no longer play part of Britain's future. With this vote, the very fabric of our country has changed. The whole fabric of Europe has been changed. Our fight for an open, optimistic, hopeful, diverse and tolerant Britain is needed now more than ever. Together we will continue to make the case for Britain's future with Europe, a future millions of people have voted for.

Jeremy Corbyn Hits Back At Plot To Oust Him As Labour Leader

Politics Eu
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Moody's Cuts UK's Credit Rating From 'Stable' To 'Negative' Over Brexit Fears

Business Finance And Industry Brexit Stock Market And Exchange Dax Stock Market Index Frankfurt Am Main Feedrouted_global
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The Express Front Page Wasn't Even The Most Bombastic Of The Papers

Daily Express Front Page On Day Of Brexit
Daily Express

French Newspaper's Front Page Shows What It Thinks Of Brexit And Boris


Data Shows Youth 'Screwed By Votes Of Older Generations'


Morgan Stanley Forced To Deny Moving 2,000 Jobs Out Of London

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Russell Boyce / Reuters

Meet The 6 Brexiters Who Now Regret Voting To Leave The EU

Anthony Devlinpa Wire

Italian Couple In London Receive Heartwarming Letter From Neighbour

Italian Neighbours

London Independence Goes Beyond A Twitter Joke

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Matt Dunham/AP

It's Been A Great Day For The Far-Right


'What Is The EU?' Is Now One Of The Most Googled Questions In The UK

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James O’Brien Scolds Brexiters Who Rubbished Experts But Now Listen


9 Facts That Sum Up Just How Awful Brexit Was For The Markets

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There's A 'Dark Horse' Among Tory Leadership Runners And Riders


Trump Couldn't Have Got It More Wrong With Scotland EU Ref Tweet


Corbyn Facing Leadership Coup Over Brexit Blunders

Politics Eu
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If You're Planning A Trip To Europe Soon, Here's What You Need To Know

Beach Sea Tourists Holiday Sunny Hot Weather Parasol Sunbathing
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Cornwall Demands Government Replaces EU Millions

Politics Eu
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Nigel Farage Admonished On ITV For 'Mistaken' £350m NHS Funding Pledge

Itvgood Morning Britain
ITV/Good Morning Britain

Boris Johnson Praises 'Brave And Principled' David Cameron

Sky News

Jo Cox's Widower Writes Message Of Hope After EU Refendum Results

Politics Mp
Daniel Leal-Olivas/PA Wire

Brexit May Wipe £20K Off London Property Values By Christmas

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Reuters Photographer / Reuters

Boris Johnson's Most WTF Brexit Moments

Election Uxbridge Hli Electioncountdowncoll Funny
Andrew Matthews/PA Archive

David Cameron Resigns As Prime Minister Following Brexit Vote

Politics Feedrouted_global Topix Bestof
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JK Rowling Is Proud To Be Part Of #TheIndecentMinority

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Corbyn Pulls Out Of Glastonbury Appearance, Following EU Referendum Result

Politics Eu Corbyn
Peter Powell/PA Wire

What Boris Johnson Was REALLY Saying In His Brexit Speech

Boris Johnson Brexit Speech
HuffPost UK Comedy

Another 'BB' Housemate Makes Their Escape As House Floods

Big Brother
Channel 5

Alexander Armstrong Reveals How His F-Bomb Gaffe Offended Mary Berry

Athena Image
Mike Marsland via Getty Images

Guy Moves In With Girlfriend, Gets Unexpected Welcome Cake From Her Housemate

Reddit / Largerthanlogic

13 Stages Of Brexit As Illustrated By Babies

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This Playlist Is Everything You Need To Get You Through Your Break Up...And Brexit

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grafvision via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton Sends Condolences To Scotland After Donald Trump's Arrival

Politics Trump
Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Brexit Could Make Zara More Expensive

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Marcelo del Pozo / Reuters

Costa Sells 'Rainbow Flat White' To Celebrate Pride

Rainbow Coffee
Costa Coffee

Sorry Canada, Your Immigration Queue Is About To Get A Lot Longer...

David Cameron Boris Johnson Canada
Paul Giamou/Aurora/Press Association

Poignant Poem Describes Glastonbury Reaction To Eu Referendum News

Jonathan Hordle/Rex/Shutterstock

Joanna Lumley Reckons PC Culture Is Making Comedy 'Harder'

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Dave J Hogan via Getty Images