31 May 2016
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Introducing Young Voters: #EURef

Ballot Box Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Today, HuffPost UK Young Voices launches Young Voters: #EURef giving young people a voice ahead of the referendum on Britain's membership of the EU on 23 June. Young voters will potentially cast the deciding votes in this referendum - and they'll live with the result for decades. Yet many believe the campaign thus far has done little to speak to young peoples' interests, concerns, or experiences. Put simply, young people also don't trust the messengers of the EU campaigns.

Vote Leave's £111bn Spending Bombshell

Politics Eu
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Corbyn Laments Young People’s ‘Lack Of Opportunity’

Politics Eu Miliband
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Crucial Detail About EgyptAir MS804 Crash Confirmed By Officials

Athena Image

Australian Dad Slams British Government On 'Untrustworthy' Immigration Rules

Scotland Brain
Danny Lawson/PA Wire

JD Wetherspoon Is Getting Slated For Mixing Beer And Brexit With Anti-EU Mats

gpointstudio via Getty Images

Amazing Vintage Pictures Show The Glamour Of Air Travel At Heathrow

Black White Print Environment Plane Food Trolley Looking Down Looking Far Looking In The Eye Hostess Interior Passenger Seated Carefulness Cordiality Professionalism Relief V2
Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Claims Harambe The Gorilla Was Trying To Protect Boy Spark Heated Row


This Man's Brexit Kebab Shop Analogy Is Surprisingly Eloquent

Eu Party
ShotShare via Getty Images/Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Man Named And Charged After Arrest Over 'Offensive' Hillsborough T-Shirt


Zoo Defends Shooting Gorilla To Protect Child

Athena Image
William Philpott / Reuters

Ukip MEP Castigates 'Foreign' Doctors' English Ability In Bad English

Politics Ukip
Gareth Fuller/PA Archive

Stephen Hawking Describes Trump With Word He Might Not Understand

Athena Image
Van Tine Dennis/ABACA USA

Boy Missing After Being Left In Bear-Infested Woods As Punishment

Athena Image
KYODO Kyodo / Reuters

Report: Attempted North Korea Missile Launch Fails

Athena Image
Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Boris Johnson Just 'A Nicer Version Of Donald Trump,' Senior Tory Says

Athena Image
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Eton Head Threatens To Quit As Tory Peer Over Private School Question

William Waldegrave Politics Eton
Fiona Hanson/PA Wire

NUS President-Elect Fears Muslims Will Be Put Off Entering Politics

Mum Shares The Heartbreak Of Raising A Child With A Fatal Disease


People Can't Believe Cameron Is Praising 'Proud Muslim' Sadiq Khan

Wparota Politics Eu
Yui Mok/PA Wire

Prince Philip 'Reluctantly' Follows Doctor's Advice To Miss Jutland Event

Prince Philip Phillip Wparota Royal Philip
Yui Mok/PA Wire

Guess Why There's An Almighty Row About This Referendum Voting Guide

The Voting Pack Distributed To Voters In Bristol
Bristol City Council

Incredible Footage Shows Gorillas Saving Children

Athena Image

Arrest After Man Wears This 'Offensive' Hillsborough T-Shirt In Pub


Two Britons Charged After Albanians Rescued From Sinking Dinghy Off Kent

The Dinghy That Brought Albanian Immigrants To The Kent Beach
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'Smart Skin' Could Monitor Your Health Or Turn Your Arm Into A Remote

Wearable Technology
Yei Hwan Jung and Juhwan Lee/University of Wisconsin-Madison

These People Were Remarkably Chill About A Huge Alligator Walking Around

Giant Alligator On Florida Golf Course
Charles Helms

Hermione Norris Reveals Why She Didn't Want 'Cold Feet' Return

Cold Feet Reunion

This Chipmunk Getting Caught Red-Handed Will Be The Best 30 Seconds Of Your Day

Chipmunk Caught Stealing From Bird Feeder Guilty Reaction

Piers Morgan Says Susanna Reid's Hard Work Deserves More Praise

Good Morning Britain
Ken McKay/ITV/Rex

How This Grandma Became A Bikini Model In Just 8 Months


Children's TV Stars Tie The Knot After 30 Years


'BGT' Dealt A Blow As Final Viewing Figures Revealed

Athena Image
Syco / Thames / Dymond

Victoria Beckham Dresses Eva Longoria In Stunning Unseen Wedding Photos

Victoria Beckham Eva Longoria Wedding Dress

Mum Overwhelmed By Stranger's Response To Toddler's Tantrum On A Plane


Lisa Riley On Why She Would Rather Adopt Than Get Pregnant

Celebrities Radio
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

ASOS Is Sending People Giant Jeans

George Riggall

Lauren And Steven Twist Leaves 'EastEnders' Viewers Stunned

Lauren Branning Steven Beale Eastenders