27 June 2016
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Introducing 'The Best Medicine' - Good Mental Health Can Be a Laughing Matter

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In an ideal world, we wouldn't have to deal with anxiety, bipolar disorder, or anorexia - but this isn't an ideal world, so the best we can do is find any way to take away the hold those conditions have over us. If we can laugh about our own problems, it can help take away the spikes and prongs and slowly chip away at the them until we can take the power back. This is why we're running The Best Medicine - a week-long series of blogs, stories and videos on how comedy, stand-up and laughter can be part of the solution to help people cope with mental health problems.

Jeremy Corbyn Announces New Shadow Cabinet As Labour MPs Attempt To Force Him To Resign

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Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Five Things That Have Been Buried By 'Brexit'


Shapps Says Tories Should Dump Infamous Pledge On Immigration

Politics Tories
Hannah McKay/PA Archive

Alcohol Ads 'Shown Once Every 72 Seconds' During Euros

Pour Drink Glass Pint Bottle Lager Man Football Tv Television Alcohol
Sally Anscombe via Getty Images

George Osborne's Emergency Brexit Budget Is Not Going To Happen Yet

Stefan Wermuth/PA Wire

Brexit 'Regrexiter' Tells BBC She 'Wasn't Really Voting To Leave The EU'

Politics Eu Euref2016
Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Five Things You Need To Know Today In Westminster

George Osborne
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

'If We Lose This, I'm F****d,' Cameron Told Me

David Cameron
Stefan Wermuth / Reuters

Grant Shapps Blogs On HuffPost UK

Something That's Never Happened On The Markets Just Happened

Yield Graph Bond

Adam Boulton Calls Corbyn A 'Loser' In Fiery Debate On Leadership


Richard Branson Backs Calls For Second Referendum

Head Shot Headshot
Dennis Van Tine/ABACA USA

Boris Accused Of 'Taking The P*ss' With Vision For Immigration After Brexit

Wparota Politics Eu Euref2016
Mary Turner/PA Wire

Robert Webb And Julia Hartley-Brewer In Bitter Exchange Over Brexit 'Mess'

Head Shot Headshot Portrait Arrivals Blue Shirt
Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick

Jamie Oliver Has A Special Message For PM Hopeful Boris Johnson  #EUref

Athena Image
Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive

Eagle Demands Meeting With Corbyn After Mass Resignations

Politics Eu Women
Lauren Hurley/PA Wire

More Politics
Resignations Latest... Journalist Left Speechless... Sturgeon Says Scotland Could Veto Brexit

JK Rowling Mocks Sarah Vine Over Post-Brexit Plan And 'Experts'


Corbyn Doesn't Need MPs For New Leadership Ballot

JUSTIN TALLIS via Getty Images

Pro-EU Minister Asked How It Feels To Be 'Punched In The Nose'

Question Time

Dominic Raab Rules Himself Out Of Tory Leadership Bid


Nine Children Among Injured As Rollercoaster Crashes Off Its Rails

Rollercoaster Motherwell
Demi Campbell

Journalist Left Speechless As Leave MP Tells Him 'There Is No Plan'

Faisal Islam
Sky News

Scotland's Parliament Could Veto Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon Says

Nicola Sturgeon Says Snps Could Veto Brexit

Here's A Massive, Depressing List Of All The Post-Referendum Racism. So Far.


Passengers Take Emergency Slide As Plane Evacuated At Heathrow

American Airlines
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EXCLUSIVE: 'Hollyoaks' Role Delayed After Duncan James Rushed To Hospital

Rupaul Drag Race
David M. Benett via Getty Images

The New Host Of 'The Xtra Factor' Has Been Confirmed

X Factor 2016 Logo

8 Signs You've Reached Peak Brexit on Facebook

Matt LeBlanc Finds Romance On 'Top Gear'

Arts Culture And Entertainment Celebrities
Jemal Countess via Getty Images

Olly Alexander Delivers Empowering Speech For LGBT People At Glastonbury

Arts Culture And Entertainment Music Art Glastonbury
Shirlaine Forrest via Getty Images

Atheist Vlogger Divides Opinion With Hijab In Makeup Tutorial

Chloe Morello Eid Tutorial
YouTube/Chloe Morello

Men Reveal Their Most Embarrassing Sex Stories


Mum Of Stillborn Daughter In Tears At Gesture By Tesco Staff


Jeff Lynne's ELO Bring The Nostalgia To Glastonbury

Electric Light Orchestra Showbiz Glastonbury Glasto Idsok
Yui Mok/PA Wire

Heartwarming Moment Mum Breastfed Daughter During Wedding Ceremony


This Cheek Implant Could Be The Cure For Painful Headaches

Athena Image

Women With Overweight Fathers May Be More Likely To Develop Breast Cancer, Study Suggests

Athena Image
Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

Kimberley Walsh Is Pregnant With Her Second Child


Beyoncé's Look Killed It At The BET Awards

Arts Culture And Entertainment Los Angeles Feedrouted_northamerica Feedrouted_europe Feedrouted_australasia Feedrouted_asia Feedrouted_global
Kevin Winter/BET via Getty Images

John Oliver Totally Destroys Nigel Farage And Boris Johnson In The Wake Of Brexit Vote

John Oliver Last Week Tonight Brexit
Last Week Tonight