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Adam Bown is Cabin Crew for Monarch Airlines, a leading UK-based leisure airline offering ski and sunshine flights to more than 40 destinations including Spain & The Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Italy, Madeira, Portugal and Turkey. Visit the Monarch blog for more information, tips and travel news or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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The Best North African Dishes

(0) Comments | Posted 22 July 2014 | (11:37)

North African cuisine is a fragrant mix of exotic flavours, colourful spices and tantalising tastes. From slow-cooked tagines to fluffy couscous, here are 10 must-eat North African dishes.



Koshari is the national dish of Egpyt, so they'll be no shortage of...

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Europe's Best National Days and Celebrations

(0) Comments | Posted 14 July 2014 | (09:27)

Today is Bastille Day, France's national day commemorating the famous storming of the Bastille prison and the start of the French Revolution. Throughout France, le Quatorze Juillet is celebrated with parades, fireworks and parties.

Bastille Day (France)


While Paris is known for...

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The Most Romantic Summer Travel Destinations

(0) Comments | Posted 2 July 2014 | (14:50)

Looking to take your other half on a romantic summer break to rekindle the flames? Or do you just want some well-deserved time out with your partner? Whether they love the arts or the tourist classics, here are the top spots with perfect backdrops for a bit of romance -...

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Be in Rome Right Now

(0) Comments | Posted 26 June 2014 | (14:44)

With so many great reasons to visit Rome, it's a task in itself to narrow down the must-see attractions. With more than 900 churches alone - that's more than two church visits every day for a year - it's unlikely that you will fit everything into one visit. So, don't...

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10 Ancient Ruins That Can't be Missed

(2) Comments | Posted 23 June 2014 | (11:37)

Imagine bustling streets, silks and spices, man-eating lions and mad emperors. Ruins aren't dead - they're your keys to the intriguing past of your holiday spot, so don't pass them up. Here are 10 sites you can't fly home without seeing.

Luckily for modern-day tourists, the Ancients tended to...

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The Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Guide to Ibiza

(0) Comments | Posted 12 June 2014 | (13:03)

Boasting some of the Med's most spectacular coastline, gloriously unspoilt beaches and a rich history, Ibiza's reputation as a clubber's paradise hides just how much there is to do. Yes, there's a lot more to the White Isle than superclubs and dancing till dawn.

History: Empire to Epic Nights

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The Everything You Ever Wanted to Know Guide to Bodrum

(0) Comments | Posted 10 June 2014 | (11:09)


With its combination of great weather, beautiful beaches, a rich local heritage plus amazing food, it's little wonder that Bodrum has become one of the top places to head for your summer holidays! Home of Herodotus, the original historian, it still...

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Shakespeare's Cities: The Best of Shakespeare's Story Settings

(0) Comments | Posted 22 April 2014 | (17:24)

The 23rd April 2014 will be the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare's birth and it's amazing that his plays are still universally recognised, taught in schools and performed on the stage and the big screen. Our beloved bard is never out of fashion, and the major themes of his work remain...

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Eight Reasons Why You Should Head to Cyprus Right Now

(0) Comments | Posted 10 April 2014 | (16:07)

When you think of Cyprus you might typically think of a Mediterranean island of sun, sea and sand. Of course you wouldn't be wrong, but these things alone do not give Cyprus its unique charm. For starters, the people of Cyprus are some of the friendliest people you'll meet. The...

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A Foodie's Guide to Spain's Ultimate Dining Hotspots

(0) Comments | Posted 13 March 2014 | (18:05)

Spain is a gastronomic Nirvana for foodies, with towns, cities and regions all boasting delicious local specialities. However, we've tasted our way through España to give you the inside scoop on the best places to taste tantalising tapas and other Spanish delicacies! From cosy and obscure to super chic and...

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