Al Fox
When not staring anxiously at a blank Word document waiting to be possessed by inspiration, Al is a blogger, music reviewer and TV development producer (essentially, thinking up awesome new show ideas and awaiting the inevitable "no" from commissioners). A background in music TV production has provided him with his own slant on the industry: a sort of unique mix of appreciation, knowledge, passion and bitter hatred.

Blog Entries by Al Fox

The BBC Has Found Its Voice - But It Needs to Be Louder

2 Comments | Posted 4 January 2012 | 00:00:00 (EST)

Strictly Come Dancing: the reliable, adored staple of BBC One entertainment.

Right? Of course. Having just seen out its ninth series (to ITV1-battering viewing figures, no less), it's easy to forget its origins, and just what a colossal risk it was. Ballroom dancing? In prime-time? A celebrity elimination format?...

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The Battle (for the Battle) for Christmas Number One

5 Comments | Posted 10 December 2011 | 00:00:00 (EST)

Coyly asking for the receipt; arguing with the family; an overblown Eastenders special; Terry's Chocolate Oranges. They may not be in keeping with the true spirit of Christmas, yet they've all become a bonafide part of the Yuletide routine. But one such late 20th century tradition seems to be dying...

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