Alice Grist
Alice Grist is the author of The High Heeled Guide to Enlightenment and The High Heeled Guide to Spiritual Living these books document the fascinating journey her search for spirit took her on. Life then stepped in, literally, and she became pregnant with her daughter, Ivy. This pregnancy is documented in the raw and deeply moving Dear Poppyseed, A Soulful Momma's Pregnancy Journal. This pregnancy was also featured on 2014's Sky Living show 'She's Having A Baby', episode 2. Alice's most recently published a collection of all her articles (and some new ones) titled 'Sinsational'. Alice's four published books and extensive articles (Huffington Post, Hello Giggles, Natural Health, The Conversation, The Daily Love and more) stand as an open, warm, wise and comical reflection of the power of spirituality in real life.

In 2014 Alice expanded her intuitive experience and certified skills to work with individuals through her new venture Bad Girl Tarot and Coaching. A 'Bad Girl Tarot' book is also in the works.

Alongside this Alice is proud to have her own imprint of books with John Hunt Publishing called Soul Rocks Books. Soul Rocks is fresh list of soulful fiction and non-fiction aimed at those looking to enlighten and empower their lives!

Alice posts spiritual guidance and Bad Girl Tarot cards regularly to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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Entries by Alice Grist

Ten Tips For Cliche-Free Spirituality

(0) Comments | Posted 18 February 2016 | (08:24)

New age spiritual language has become a bog of well meaning terms that in effect mean whatever you need or want them to need, or, in fact, nothing. As much as we all want to be the light, find our truth and let it all go, whilst mantra-ing our ass...

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Bad Girl Tarot - Intuition V Ego - Lesson Three

(0) Comments | Posted 22 January 2015 | (10:45)

The beauty of tarot is that it provides a tool that distracts you sufficiently to remove your mind from the whirling howls of ego, and leads you towards a quieter, wiser, softer voice; that of your intuition. Your ego is the voice that shouts in your mind, reminding you of...

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Bad Girl Tarot Card and Guidance for the Week - 15 January

(0) Comments | Posted 15 January 2015 | (10:57)

Tarot reading is an art that anyone can indulge. The magic of tarot lays not in the cards, but in how they help you to access your intuition. Whilst I love to read for others, my greatest joy comes with enabling others to read for themselves. In learning to read...

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Cultivating Love in the Face of Terror

(0) Comments | Posted 12 January 2015 | (11:51)

I wrote a few thoughts recently that promoted the idea of issuing out love, rather than revenge or hate, in the face terror. It's a nice thought, but it leaves the reader hanging somewhat.

Our usual love narrative is limiting. It's all about our inner circle and...

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Seven of Wands - Bad Girl Tarot Card of the Week - 8 January 2015

(0) Comments | Posted 8 January 2015 | (10:46)

It is my belief that Tarot provides an intuitive connection to your spiritual higher self. As a reader of the cards, I believe they are more about reflecting back a truth you already know, than they are about me, or anyone else, making predictions. The card of the week is...

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Is Your Problem Actually a Solution?

(0) Comments | Posted 7 January 2014 | (10:24)

I started off the New Year with three flat tyres. One on my car, two on my daughter's pram. This seemed like more flat tires than any one person should have to deal with. But rather than rail against the Universe, and growl and moan to the skies, I had...

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Spiritualise Your Resolutions in 2014 - Seven Spiritual New Year Resolution Solutions

(0) Comments | Posted 30 December 2013 | (09:49)

Traditionally resolutions are all about trying to control your life through making stringent and unforgiving changes to your existence. My spiritual approach finds that doing the opposite, giving up control, is far more powerful in making lasting and meaningful change. When we stop trying to fit into a 'perfect' idea...

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How to Handle Toddler Tantrums in Adults!

(0) Comments | Posted 9 December 2013 | (11:35)

I have an 18-month-old daughter, and she has started to have toddler tantrums. These perplexing volcanoes of emotion can arise from all manner of events, silly, serious or otherwise. When subsumed in a 'wobbly,' nothing can knock her out of it. She is determined to feel how she is feeling,...

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Controlling Your Chaos - Start Stopping

(1) Comments | Posted 9 December 2013 | (11:27)

Sometimes chaos and manic woo woo is the most attractive thing in our lives. It is seemingly the driver that pushes us forward. We throw ourselves into turmoil for the sheer purpose of feeling something, experiencing something and, we hope, to make things change for the better.

Now chaos, in...

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Creating Space to Be Inspired

(0) Comments | Posted 23 October 2013 | (16:02)

Inspiration is a mythical beast isn't it! We can search for decades to find it, trolling our inner depths and taking on massive outward adventure. It can be as elusive as a once trodden upon grass snake. Then it hits. Right when you aren't looking for it. Right when you...

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Ten Ways to Get to Know Your Unborn Baby

(0) Comments | Posted 1 August 2013 | (01:00)

My new book Dear Poppyseed, A Soulful Momma's Pregnancy Journal was written, in the first instance as a means to help me communicate with the little person growing inside me. The journey of pregnancy for me and for my relationship was a transformative one, and one I felt I needed...

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When Kate and I were BFF's - My Soulful Momma Advice to Catherine Duchess of Cambridge

(0) Comments | Posted 22 June 2013 | (13:09)

Last night I dreamt that Kate Middleton was my next door neighbour and that she and Wills had their baby. It was a boy in case you were wondering, and the Duchess looked glowing and perfect within minutes. Promptly upon her birthing (home birth) she and I went shopping, I...

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Are You 'Baby Ready'? How to Have a Soulful and Transformative Pregnancy

(0) Comments | Posted 2 June 2013 | (14:04)

A year ago I gave birth to my very first child. A fact captured and detailed forever in time by my latest book, the diary of my pregnancy, Dear Poppyseed, A Soulful Momma's Pregnancy Journal (out July 2013), and by a new docuseries about pregnancy, to be shown...

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It's the End of the World as We Know It... A Guide to 21 December 2012 for Mere Mortals...

(5) Comments | Posted 13 December 2012 | (00:00)

Being of a spiritual persuasion I can't let the famed 21 Dec 2012 pass by without mention. This date, for those who don't know, is the end of The Mayan Calender, and therefore, presumed by some to be the end of the world. How very dramatic.

Anyone who predicts...

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Sex, Boobs and Spirituality... A Rant

(2) Comments | Posted 9 December 2012 | (11:55)

A hundred years ago women were covered up, we were supposed to be pious, shy and quiet. When we demanded rights and freedoms, the freedom that an all male establishment gave us was the freedom of our sexuality. How very convenient for them! Hence birth control, legal abortion, free love,...

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Gay Adoption Is Not Abusive But Mr McKenzie of UKIP Your Beliefs Are

(87) Comments | Posted 29 November 2012 | (00:00)

The only inherent abuse occurring to children of a gay partnership is that which is ladled upon them by an intolerant society. Mr McKenzie from UKIP states that, 'To say to a child, "I am having you adopted by two men who kiss regularly but don't worry about it" -...

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Essential Spiritual Tips for Living That Even an Atheist Will Love...

(0) Comments | Posted 6 November 2012 | (11:06)

In my spiritual explorations I have found that much wisdom and wondrousness can be found in amongst the angels, energies and light healing. Indeed the most incredible, life changing stuff I have taken from my 'spiritual path' has been the down right sensible, the obvious, the 'tips for life' that...

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Soulful Momma Notes Five Months In... Being Confident

(0) Comments | Posted 1 November 2012 | (09:29)

I've been a mother five months and I'm strangely confident. Maybe it's not so strange. Perhaps I'm hard wired for it. In my extensive experience thus far I have learned how important confidence really is for a new momma. There is no shame in it. Here are my notes on...

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There Are No Mistakes

(0) Comments | Posted 11 September 2012 | (10:37)

Today I was given a very loud and clear message. I was driving along thinking of all the things that could have been but never were. I thought briefly about something that had it happened I believed would have been an error of judgement on my part. Suddenly my thoughts...

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10 Empowering Things I Have Learned Since Having a Baby

(0) Comments | Posted 14 August 2012 | (13:47)

Before you have a baby everyone has a story to share or a warning to give. You take it all in, some of it you disregard convinced it will be different for you. Other stuff, no one tells you, and perhaps it's best that way. Alot of the stuff about...

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