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A few years ago angry with the state of affairs in British politics, I contacted the three main parties and voiced my concerns. The replies I got back made be believe that I had no representation from the political establishment. In frustration I naively attended a BNP meeting this led to me eventually joining them.

After rising through the ranks and eventually working for Nick Griffin I saw for myself what their real agenda was, and I left.

I started blogging in the hope that other disillusioned people will not make the same mistake that I did and join backwards and regressive parties like the BNP.

There are many problems in the UK but Nationalist parties hold none of the answers.

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BNP Plans Woolwich 'Crusade'

(3) Comments | Posted 25 May 2013 | (07:28)

First of all let me say that what happened in Woolwich was down to two evil sadists who follow an evil ideology, the ideology of political Islam/Islamofascism. This ideology is a very real danger to the modern civilised world. It is destroying lives and making life intolerable for millions of...

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The Woolwich Murders and the Far Right

(0) Comments | Posted 23 May 2013 | (09:00)

What has happened in Woolwich is unbelievable. A British soldier brutally murdered in broad daylight. The attackers then calmly stand and wait for the police before apparently getting what they so desperately long for-martyrdom. The idiotic belief that their barbaric actions will ensure them a place in the afterlife!

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Political Correctness, Human rights and the Far Right

(0) Comments | Posted 28 February 2013 | (10:52)

For a few years now no one could have escaped the injustices dealt out in the name of political correctness and the human rights act.

A whole industry has been built up, dedicated to building an inclusive society. A cause which is undoubtedly a good thing, but the way that...

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Nationalism: The Way Backwards

(40) Comments | Posted 17 February 2013 | (23:00)

In 2014 Nick Griffin MEP is due for re-election to the European Parliament. Shamefully I'm one of the people who helped him get elected in the first place.

A few years ago, sick of what was happening to Britain I naively attended a local BNP meeting. It...

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