Amal Fashanu
Critically acclaimed TV presenter, model, musician and tireless charity campaigner, Amal Fashanu is the daughter of football legend John Fashanu and Spanish model Marisol Acuna and shot to fame last January, with her hard-hitting BBC Three documentary Britain's Gay Footballers, one of the channel's highest rating shows of the year, with more than 1.3 million viewers.

The documentary was nominated for a prestigious British Broadcasting Award this year and followed Amal's brave and moving journey, interviewing premiership stars including her father to find out why her uncle Justin Fashanu tragically committed suicide after becoming Britain's first (and only) footballer to come out... and why there are still no openly gay footballers among the 5,000 professional, British players.

Amal has gone on to become the country's most vocal campaigner against homophobia and racism in sport and will be launching her own charity this year to stamp out prejudice.
The rising star's warm and intelligent presenting style has seen her snapped up by the BBC, for subsequent documentaries including The Batman Shootings. Amal was one of the lucky stars invited to the Dark Knight Rises premiere and days later, found herself on a plane to Aurora, Colorado - after 12 people were shot dead by a lone gunman dressed as The Joker while watching the same film - to interview survivors and investigate the attitudes of young Americans towards gun ownership.

And with striking looks inherited from her model mother, Amal - who stands at five-foot-11-inches - has understandably been in demand as a model for campaigns by major brands including eBay's Spring/ Summer collection and Puma's recent advertising campaign alongside Professor Green.

Amal's knowledge, standing and passion for the fashion industry has also inspired her to launch her own, eagerly-awaited fashion line, Black Heart and the first brand from the label will be Fash and U, which has already amassed celebrity fans including her style icon friends Cara Delevingne and Rita Ora.
F&U was inspired by Amal’s late uncle, Justin, who wanted to use fashion to spread the fight for equality through cool, credible and edgy clothing.

The unisex line of tees, vests, snap-backs, beanies and jumpers features bold, gritty designs at affordable, highstreet prices.
And the ambitious, trilingual star - who speaks English, French and Spanish - won't stop at conquering the worlds of TV and fashion and also has her sights set on music, as a singer-songwriter.

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