Amanda Prowse
In 2012, Amanda Prowse made headlines with her highly acclaimed debut novel, Poppy Day, it rapidly became a bestseller. Amanda has continued to write heart felt novels about ordinary women in extraordinary situations. In early 2013 What Have I Done? became her first international best seller and was one of Amazon's Books of the Year 2013. Seven International best sellers have followed along with five novellas. Known as the UK's Jodi Picoult, she is a regular contributor to National Radio and can be seen popping up on our TV screens on panel shows, discussion groups and to offer her witty take on the news of the day!

"You will fall in love with her books!" Cosmopolitan

Entries by Amanda Prowse

My Boy

(2) Comments | Posted 14 September 2015 | (11:03)

Last night I dreamt my three-year-old son was being given bottles of beer as he sat in his highchair and at one point was tossed the car keys so he could drive himself to nursery. I told my husband about my dream over breakfast this morning and he snorted coffee...

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The Cleverest Kids in the World

(0) Comments | Posted 14 August 2014 | (21:56)

Urgh - so it was exam results day yesterday and no doubt some proud parents were sighing with relief as their offspring brandished the piece of paper showing a clutch of A*, but not me.

I hate exam result day as much as 'go to the dentist for a...

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Stepping Up

(0) Comments | Posted 27 February 2014 | (13:56)

Stepping Up.

'I am the mother of two boys and they are three months apart in age.'

'How is this possible?', I hear you cry. The answer I give, with alarming regularity, is this: 'because one was born in February of a particular year and the other in May...

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A Quiet Word...

(0) Comments | Posted 26 February 2014 | (15:45)

Durham University's Julian Elliot says the definition of dyslexia is 'so broad it's impossible to make a separation between a child with the condition and a poor reader.'

Let me help you, Mr Elliot, as the mother of one child who is a poor reader and another who is dyslexic....

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The Smug Parent Club - And Why I Can't Join

(0) Comments | Posted 3 July 2013 | (11:49)

I am stocking the larder with tinned food and making sure we have enough bottled water and chocolate hob nobs to see us through the summer. And before you ask, no, I am not a gun toting, beard wearing, soup hoarding, prepper. This is something I do every year. I...

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The Parental Guilt Trip

(0) Comments | Posted 1 July 2013 | (13:17)

I think it should come with your Bounty Pack - a certificate of remorse, just you know that you are a fully paid up member of the 'I feel soooo guilty club.' No one told me that growing a human would give me automatic membership, but it did. From the...

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Sex 'n' Drugs 'n' Pokémon: A Parental Tale of Teenagers

(0) Comments | Posted 27 June 2013 | (11:41)

Ok, so picture the moment, I'm in the car park of Burger King in Wednsebury, yesterday afternoon, (don't ask!). I open the boot to retrieve my handbag and the man in the van next to me, happily munching his Whopper and reading the Sun, spies the 24 cans of Strongbow,...

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Gas and Air

(0) Comments | Posted 24 June 2013 | (09:23)

Mid way through my pregnancy, I sat opposite my midwife, the first and only time I saw her, and whilst nibbling my organic carrot sticks and sipping herbal tea, stated that under no circumstances did I want drugs or intervention, I wanted my birth to be as 'natural' as possible,...

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The Hairy Truth

(0) Comments | Posted 23 June 2013 | (09:57)

I was born blonde and remained that way throughout my toddler years, before the shadow of age bought with it a darkening to my roots and there I stayed, in the mousy middle ground, lamenting the loss of my golden locks and wishing my hair was something more distinct, think...

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The Mummy Factor

(0) Comments | Posted 20 June 2013 | (10:31)

I sometimes feel like I am in a competition that no one told me I was entering. No one told me, being a mummy was like starting a race, but I'm here to tell you my friends, it is. As soon as that little windows blinks positive - you are...

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Computer Says NO!

(3) Comments | Posted 19 June 2013 | (17:22)

My name is Amanda; I talk to computers and other inanimate objects.

It feels better to have that out in the open. I am ashamed to admit that I do it on a daily basis and the range of objects and machinery with which I converse, is wide and...

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Nigella, You Are Not Alone ...

(0) Comments | Posted 17 June 2013 | (10:53)

Seeing the pictures of Nigella Lawson on the front page, being humiliated, hurt and looking afraid was shocking for some, but not to me. I've spent the last year studying domestic abuse among middle class women. There were an estimated one million or more female victims of domestic violence last...

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Woolwich Reflection From An Army Wife

(1) Comments | Posted 11 June 2013 | (09:58)

War is sh!t, violence is abhorrent and fighting is horrible, I think we can all agree on that. Like any wife and mother, I was gripped by an icy fear at the barbaric murder of Drummer Lee Rigby. My thoughts are still with his family and those that loved him....

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A nation of *!&^%£!!*(&^!!

(1) Comments | Posted 7 June 2013 | (16:41)

Maybe it's with rose tinted glasses that I remember my youth, but swearing was a big deal! I can recall the one and only time I heard my Grandad say sh*t. He was an east ender who worked in the docks his whole life, but who wouldn't have dreamed of...

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One of the Last Taboos - Control in the Home Is More Prevalent Than We Think

(2) Comments | Posted 11 February 2013 | (23:00)

It probably isn't news that there were an estimated one million or more female victims of domestic violence last year, accounting for almost one in five of all assaults, but it is a figure so huge and with such horrific connotations that it has to be worth repeating. Prosecutions are...

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