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Andrea Mann is the Comedy Editor of The Huffington Post UK, writing and curating comedy videos, spoof news stories and funny clips of cats. And dogs. But mainly cats. She is also a jazz singer. You can find out more about her at and follow her on Twitter at @AndreaMann.

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'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Trailer: A Breakdown Of What Happens

(0) Comments | Posted 25 July 2014 | (10:00)

The must-see trailer for the must-see movie of the year has arrived. That year being 2015 - don't get too excited too quickly (as it were) - and that movie being the film adaptation of E.L. James's' 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'. Here's what happens in the trailer...


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Middle-Aged White Man Fails To Purge Himself

(1) Comments | Posted 15 July 2014 | (10:12)

A reshuffle aimed at purging middle-aged white men from the cabinet has failed to purge the middle-aged white man leading it.

It is also thought that David Cameron - the man responsible for getting rid of 'the men in suits' - will continue to wear a suit at...

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Happy Canada Day! Here Are 9 Reasons Why Canada Is Better Than Britain

(15) Comments | Posted 30 June 2014 | (16:30)

Happy Canada Day, Canadians! While you get hopped up on Labbatt's and McCain oven chips, we're celebrating it in the most British way possible: by putting ourselves down in a self-deprecating manner.

Yes, here are nine reasons why Canada is greater than Great Britain...


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Performer Disappoints Crowds By Miming

(0) Comments | Posted 30 June 2014 | (10:06)

A world-class performer left crowds shocked and disappointed by miming during a huge festival.

Arjen Robben was accused of faking three times during his 90-minute performance on the Estadio Castelao stage at the World Cup festival of football.

robben holandês

Here he...

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Terrible '80s Pop Lyrics As Inspirational Posters

(5) Comments | Posted 26 June 2014 | (10:46)

Well, I say 'terrible'. But in creating these, some of them suddenly started to seem strangely profound...

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It's 30 Years Since The Last Episode Of 'The Young Ones': Here Are 30 Classic Clips

(0) Comments | Posted 19 June 2014 | (14:15)

Rik Mayall's loved ones bid a sad, too-early farewell to the great comedy star at his funeral today. And in a twist of fate which won't be lost on many in the gathering, it's exactly 30 years ago that the last episode of 'The Young Ones' aired.


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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt ‘Star Struck' By William Hague And David Cameron

(6) Comments | Posted 13 June 2014 | (10:24)

You might have expected them to have other things on their plate. But as shooting continues on a daily basis in Hollywood, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt still managed to find time this week to hobnob with A-list British politicians David Cameron and William Hague.

The star-struck couple squeezed in...

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How To Celebrate The World Cup Like An Englishman: 18 Dos And Don'ts

(28) Comments | Posted 11 June 2014 | (16:11)

The World Cup is upon us once again. And if you want to celebrate it in style - ie like an Englishman - then simply follow these simple dos and don'ts...

SEE ALSO:32 Funny Football Quotes To Celebrate The World Cup

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People Say You Should Never Meet Your Heroes... Those People Never Met Rik Mayall

(9) Comments | Posted 10 June 2014 | (15:41)

As a kid growing up in a nice middle class house in nice middle England - literally, it was the West Midlands - in the 1980s, my parents weren't fond of us watching 'rubbish' on television. 'Rubbish' largely covered a) anything that was obviously loads of silly fun, b) anything...

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RIP Rik Mayall: His Nine Greatest Comedy Characters (VIDEO)

(6) Comments | Posted 9 June 2014 | (17:42)

The comedy world is mourning the loss of one of its greats: the comedian and actor Rik Mayall, who has died at the age of 56.

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Richard Dawkins Books ‘Are Harmful To Adults' Say Fairytale Authors

(6) Comments | Posted 5 June 2014 | (11:53)

Reading books by Richard Dawkins is harmful to adults, say the authors of fairytales.

“Is it a good thing to be fostering a spirit of scepticism?" one told us. "Or should we go along with occasional magical fantasies that, frankly, do us no harm and make life more...

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New Attempt To Tackle Dangerous Extremist Taking Over British Schools

(20) Comments | Posted 4 June 2014 | (11:38)

Theresa May has become the latest person to attack the threat to British schools from extremist Michael Gove.

Gove's so-called 'Trojan horse' tactics - becoming education secretary and then plotting a raft of reforms based on personal ideology - has come under fire from the home secretary.

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Reading About Actresses Complaining Is Like Being Tortured, Says Public

(4) Comments | Posted 2 June 2014 | (12:52)

Reading interviews with A-list actresses who complain about their lives is like being tortured, the public has said.

"I know that Charlize Theron says that media intrusion is like rape, but reading about her whingeing is like being waterboarded," one person told HuffPost UK Comedy. "When you start...

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Joey Barton The Best Of Five Ugly Panellists, Say Question Time Viewers

(0) Comments | Posted 30 May 2014 | (10:14)

Viewers declared footballer Joey Barton "the best of a bad bunch" on Thursday night's 'Question Time'.

Giving their views on football's philosopher king, in comparison to the other 'Question Time' panellists - who included Piers Morgan and Ukip MEP Louise Bours - they told HuffPost UK Comedy: "If...

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Non-Voters Triumph In European Elections

(1) Comments | Posted 27 May 2014 | (10:22)

Europe is reeling after swathes of non-voters caused an earthquake in this year's European parliamentary elections.

Non-voters topped the polls with an average of 57% across Europe. They scored particularly stunning victories in Slovenia (79% non-voters) Czech Republic (81%) and Slovakia (a whopping 87%). In the...

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Local Council Election Results: Ukip Gains Control Of Large Sections Of The Media

(17) Comments | Posted 23 May 2014 | (09:39)

Britain woke up today to find that Ukip had made huge gains across the country's media.

Ukip won seats in news studios all over England and Wales, including taking total control of airtime in London. The previously safe Tory area of the BBC also saw a huge swing...

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Office Worker Considering Quitting After Employer Forgets His Birthday

(1) Comments | Posted 22 May 2014 | (12:57)

An employee is considering leaving his job after his bosses forgot his birthday.

IT worker Yaya Touré says the Manchester-based company he works for "disrespected" him by not buying him a cake or standing around his desk singing 'Happy Birthday' when he turned 31 last week.

"The least...

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Dangerous Man On The Loose In Britain

(7) Comments | Posted 20 May 2014 | (11:22)

A dangerous man is on the loose in Britain, the public has been warned.

Nigel Farage, 50, is described as being of average build, with grey hair and swivel eyes. He was last seen wearing a tweed jacket and holding a pint of beer.

"This man is a...

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Most People Under 70 Are 'Uncomfortable' About Ukip

(7) Comments | Posted 13 May 2014 | (13:19)

Huffington Post UK Comedy has learned that most people under 70 find Ukip “distasteful if not viscerally repugnant”.

“When I was growing up, Ukip simply didn't exist," one told us. "I accept that the world has moved on - but I still hold the view that it's wrong."

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Jeremy Clarkson's Statement: Did He Say The S-Word? (VIDEO)

(29) Comments | Posted 2 May 2014 | (09:30)

SEE ALSO: Jeremy Clarkson's Statement: A Translation

A storm is raging around Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson after he issued a statement in which he may or may not have said the s-word.

In the video, posted to Twitter, Clarkson is clearly heard "begging for forgiveness"...

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