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Which Should Be Britain's National Bird? Cast Your Vote Here!

(6) Comments | Posted 24 March 2015 | (16:29)

It's the third most exciting vote of 2015, after a) the general election and b) Eurovision.

It's the vote to decide which of our fine feathered friends should be the national bird of Britain.

Yes, America has its bald eagle, France has its cockerel, but Britain? Britain doesn't have a...

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The One-Star Amazon Reviews Of Nigel Farage's Book Are Hilarious

(29) Comments | Posted 23 March 2015 | (12:17)

nigel farage book quotes

Sadly, 'The Purple Revolution: The Year That Changed Everything' isn't a memoir by Prince about the year 1999.

It's Nigel Farage's latest tome (although at 320 pages, that description might be pushing it). And it's garnering some absolutely cracking reviews...

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Protests As Nigel Farage Invades Pub Where Drinkers Were Enjoying A Quiet Sunday Lunch

(49) Comments | Posted 23 March 2015 | (10:16)

Nigel Farage has been branded "scum" after he interrupted a pleasant afternoon in a pub.

Migrants, breastfeeding mothers and gay people were among the diverse patrons who were enjoying a quiet Sunday lunch in the pub when Farage and his family - also known as his 'entourage' -...

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The 14 Most Fecking Stupid Things Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Has Ever Done

(25) Comments | Posted 17 March 2015 | (11:26)

He's just come under fire for making a "patronising" St Patrick's Day message (see video below). But is this latest gaffe the worst thing Tony Abbott has ever done? There are some strong contenders...

SEE ALSO: Tony Abbott's Top 10 Quotes

We think we should...

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Millionaire Web Marketer Had Second Job As MP

(11) Comments | Posted 16 March 2015 | (11:49)

A self-proclaimed "multi-millionaire web marketer" has confessed to having a second job as an MP.

For years, Michael Green denied that he was also operating as the so-called Member for Parliament Grant Shapps.

But now, thanks to a recording published by The Guardian, his second job working for...

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Two Italian Tourists Arrested For Carving Initials Into Ancient American Monument

(5) Comments | Posted 10 March 2015 | (16:43)

Two Italians have been arrested after they were caught scratching their initials into an ancient American monument - and then posing for a selfie with their handiwork.

The two women, aged 21 and 25, used a coin to engrave the initials 'J' and 'N' into the walls of...

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Complaints About House Prices Up By 8% In A Year

(3) Comments | Posted 9 March 2015 | (15:46)

Complaints about the rising cost of housing are on the rise, new figures show.

The number of people complaining about house prices is up 8% year on year, according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics.

However, complaints in London - where the average property...

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Pleas Go Out As More Young People Run Off To Join Ukip

(53) Comments | Posted 24 February 2015 | (18:43)

Parents and liberals have expressed shock and dismay as yet more young British people are reported to have joined Ukip.

Students as young as 16 are believed to have agreed to fight for the party at the next general election.

"These young people are naive," one expert told HuffPost UK...

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British Have A Problem With People Who Have 'Ukip Features'

(11) Comments | Posted 23 February 2015 | (15:18)

Most people in Britain have admitted that they have a problem with people who have 'Ukip features'.

"There's absolutely no way I'm prejudiced, but the only people I do have problems with are Ukippers. And I don’t know why," one told HuffPost UK Comedy.

"I don’t know...

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Fat Cats Told: Change Your Lifestyle Or Lose Your Benefits

(0) Comments | Posted 16 February 2015 | (11:05)

Fat cats face losing their benefits if they don't curb their excessive lifestyles.

Bankers, CEOs and more could lose benefits such as huge bonus payments and access to tax avoidance schemes under proposals put forward by the British public.

The 1,000 richest Britons own the equivalent...

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People Who Choose Not To Have Children Are Selfish, Says Man Who Chose Not To Have Children

(1) Comments | Posted 16 February 2015 | (10:28)

A man who has chosen to remain childless has hit out at people who choose to remain childless.

“Not to have children is a selfish choice,” he said. "Unless you've chosen not to have children because you're a celibate man who's devoted his life to God. That's completely...

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'To Kill A Mockingbird' Author Harper Lee To Publish Second Novel, Twitter Goes Into (Comedy) Overdrive

(0) Comments | Posted 3 February 2015 | (15:24)

Iconic American novelist Harper Lee is to publish her second book, 'Go Set a Watchman', in July.

Coming, as it does, more than 50 years after the publication of 'To Kill A Mockingbird' - and as a sequel to that Pulitzer prize-winning novel - it's fair to say...

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Children Pose A Danger To Smartphones, New Research Reveals

(0) Comments | Posted 3 February 2015 | (13:59)

Parents are being warned not to let their young children use tablets and smartphones for long periods of time, after a new study highlighted the dangers.

The risks posed by toddlers and young children to iPads, tablets and similar equipment include cracked screens, dirty fingerprints and - in extreme cases...

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Teachers Launch War On Mediocre Government

(8) Comments | Posted 3 February 2015 | (10:40)

UK teachers have vowed an "all-out war on mediocrity" in government.

Under new powers, which will be unveiled in May, up to 303 'coasting' MPs could be forced onto the shadow benches.

Any Conservative MP judged by teachers as ‘inadequate’ or 'requires improvement' could find their seat being...

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Katy Perry Concert Interrupted By Football Game

(0) Comments | Posted 2 February 2015 | (09:33)

Fans are up in arms after pop star Katy Perry's latest show was interrupted by a game of football.

Over 70,000 fans had filled the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, to watch their favourite pop star on Sunday night.

Highlights of the concert included a giant...

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18 Dos And Don'ts For Dealing With #Snowmaggedon2015

(0) Comments | Posted 27 January 2015 | (11:04)

As Bill Murray so memorably said in 'Groundhog Day'...

Indeed. So how should you deal with these couple of flakes, Northeast America? Here are some top tips...

SEE ALSO: The Funniest Twitter Reactions To #Snowmaggedon2015

(All Gifs:

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Winter Storm Juno: The Funniest Twitter Reactions To #Snowmaggedon2015

(1) Comments | Posted 27 January 2015 | (08:43)

In case you haven't noticed (and being British, you might not have done), a massive snowstorm going by the name of Juno is sweeping across Northeast America.

And while the governors of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts have all declared states of emergency - and snow...

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'I'm Not Privileged' Says Straight, White, Privately Educated Man

(28) Comments | Posted 20 January 2015 | (15:17)

A heterosexual white man who went to public school has hit back at claims that he is privileged.

''Every step of the way, my background has been against me succeeding in the music business," said the man. "Except for the parts where it really helped that I was...

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Letter Urges Whitehall To Tackle Radicalisation Of Young People By Extremists

(1) Comments | Posted 19 January 2015 | (15:53)

A letter warning about the radicalisation of young people by extremists in Britain has caused shockwaves in Westminster.

"We must show our young people that extremists like Ukip and Nigel Farage have nothing to offer them," says the letter, which told more than 650 politicians that they "had...

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Joke Politician To Stand In South Thanet

(5) Comments | Posted 19 January 2015 | (10:26)

A comedian posing as a politician has announced that he will be seeking election in South Thanet in May.

The comic Nigel Farage will be contesting the seat as his character 'The Ukip Leader'.

Farage is famous for defending what he calls 'British values' and for his love...

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