Andrea Sella
Professor Andrea Sella teaches and conducts research in chemistry at University College London (UCL) in central London in the UK. I also spend a lot time doing public science, and worrying about how to keep my family's energy consumption down. Originally from Canada, Professor Sella has been lecturing at UCL since 1990. His special interests include structure and bonding, lanthanides and graphitic carbonitrides.

Blog Entries by Andrea Sella

Creating the Next Generation of Scientists

0 Comments | Posted 21 March 2012 | (23:00)

Revolutions tend to be bloody affairs where lots of people die, and to be honest, executions are inadvisable when it comes to education. I don't want a revolution in science classrooms, what I do want is for the wonderful teaching and learning 'weapons' we already have to be used to...

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Revolutionising Science Classrooms

0 Comments | Posted 19 March 2012 | (23:00)

As anyone who has spent any time with a 10-year-old will know, primary school is the one period of life when everyone is a scientist: every child asks a million difficult questions, and tries things over and over trying to figure out how stuff works. It is also probably the...

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