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Bee Action Plan - We Must Sting UK Government Into Tougher Action To Protect Our Pollinators

(0) Comments | Posted 12 March 2014 | (17:03)

It's hard to imagine a world without the familiar springtime buzz of bees among the blossom. We need bees to pollinate our food and keep our gardens and countryside blooming.

But unless we take decisive action to protect these iconic species now, we face a drab landscape lacking wildflowers and...

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Energy Company Profits: The Public Are Not a Golden Goose

(0) Comments | Posted 9 November 2011 | (22:00)

There'll be fireworks today - and not because they're left over from Bonfire Night. EDF and British Gas are announcing their latest quarterly profits - the first since the eye-watering bill hikes millions have suffered over the summer.

When it came to putting up bills, the big energy companies...

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Our Energy System is Broken. The Time to Fix it is Now

(13) Comments | Posted 17 October 2011 | (00:00)

Soaring energy bills. Millions unable to properly heat their homes. A gaggle of profit-hungry energy giants ripping us off and making billions in profits. A Government unwilling to act to curb their power. It sounds like the plot of a science fiction movie - but this is the state of...

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