Andy Burrows
Andy Burrows is Online Editor at As an expert in higher education, he writes for the Foreign Students blog, bringing the latest student news and issues to international students studying in the UK.

After graduating from Warwick with an MA in English Literature, Andy moved into the education sector with and has helped the company grow into one of the leading resources for international students studying in the UK. The site's blog focuses on topics ranging from the recent visa changes to student life in London, and features industry experts as well as current students as contributors.

Through his writing, Andy aims to not only educate overseas students about UK study, but to also help others understand the challenges faced by these students and the benefits they bring to the country.

Entries by Andy Burrows

Treatment of London Met's Students a Dangerous Precedent?

(1) Comments | Posted 15 November 2012 | (14:54)

Now that the dust has started to settle on the initial decision to revoke London Metropolitan's international student licence, questions must be asked about the process. For the students to be told just three weeks before their courses were due to start that they would not be allowed to study...

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Unjustifiable Treatment of London Met's International Students

(7) Comments | Posted 29 August 2012 | (12:48)

As I write, the start of new academic years at universities up and down Britain are just three weeks away. 25 days to be precise. And yet, London Metropolitan University and the thousands of international students attached to it are still waiting to hear from the UK Border Agency whether...

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Student Visa Restrictions Damaging & Badly Communicated

(5) Comments | Posted 14 May 2012 | (00:00)

In the first of a new series exploring the radical changes the British higher education system is undergoing, I look at how new student visa restrictions are affecting international students.

Last year Theresa May announced that 260,000 fewer student visas will be given out over the...

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Are International Students Still Welcomed to Britain?

(8) Comments | Posted 19 January 2012 | (23:00)

Over the last six months there have been several incidents that from the outside could suggest international students are no longer welcome in the UK. First there was the Malaysian student Ashraf Haziq who was the victim of one of the most shocking videos to come out of...

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The Future of International Students in the UK

(0) Comments | Posted 28 November 2011 | (13:47)

The landscape of the UK higher education system has gone through a huge process of change over the past year and the effects this change will bring are still largely unknown. One group of students who face increasing uncertainty over their position in the system are foreign students. With international...

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How Welcoming is London to Foreign Students?

(0) Comments | Posted 18 October 2011 | (13:04)

Can international students stand unfriendly Londoners or the constant British rain? Do they embrace the multicultural, fast paced life of London or quickly crave home? Whilst the press has recently been dominated by headlines about the number of international students in the UK and the higher education changes that will...

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