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Anita Darling Ubhi is an experienced Fashion Stylist who has worked with various designers over London Fashion Week as well as styling celebrities and working on a broad range of fashion campaigns. Anita also specialises in fashion journalism and is Editor to fashion blogazine ANITA DARLING...

I have always been a collector, whether it's little bits of advice from world-renowned experts in the Fashion & Beauty industry, or magazines, jewellery, shoes, random bits here and there, feathers and even anything sparkly - whatever - it's all pure gold to me. And I love scribbling it all down in my I thought, why not share it with everyone...? The site includes everything from Fashion, Beauty, Books and Art and there are Designer features, Interviews and Reviews.

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Savage Beauty Shatters MET Attendance Records

Posted 5 August 2011 | 17:28:54 (EST)

Fashion Weeks, Fashion Events, Fashion Exhibitions : Those ceremonious, frenzied affairs that leave the insatiable salivating for more. They turn conservatives into eccentrics and allow eccentrics to over indulge!

And indulged we have, as a staggering 582,000 of us fashion fanatics have flocked to the 'Alexander McQueen : Savage Beauty'...

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