Anja Liebe
Anja Liebe is a qualified nutritionist and practices Naturopathic Nutrition in London and Sussex. Naturopathic Nutrition is a unique combination of nutritional therapy, supporting cleansing techniques and diagnostic tests.

Anja strongly believes that there is no diet that perfectly suits everyone and that achieving radiant health requires a carefully tailored approach to the individual's diet, environment, lifestyle and unique personal history.

She therefore provides delicious recipes for colourful inventive dishes and runs regular Open Kitchen workshops, which are a fun and tasty way to learn more. She also gives talks, and organises health and detox retreats.

For more information on Anja’s work, consultations and courses please visit Or read more of her articles at Body in Balance.

Blog Entries by Anja Liebe

Top 10 Tips to Taming the Flu Naturally and Without Stress

Posted 14 September 2011 | 16:16:04 (EST)

Winter colds and flu seem like a fact of life when season change, but they needn't be. Natural remedies and the right diet can minimise your misery and even help you sidestep the sniffles entirely. Maintaining a strong immune system is the best way to stay healthy and nature's pharmacy...

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