Ann Morgan
Ann Morgan is a writer and editor from London. In 2012, she set out to read a book from every country, an adventure she recorded on her blog, Ann's book The World Between Two Covers: Reading the Globe is published by Liveright, W.W. Norton.

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Digital Literature: Whose Book is it Anyway?

(2) Comments | Posted 29 April 2012 | (12:20)

It could soon be possible to create your own book without writing a word. Using a later version of "Rokfor" software first demonstrated in the Encyclopaedizer project in 2003, Swiss networker and literary critic Beat Mazenauer is putting together plans for a website where you can...

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North Korea: A Country Without Fiction?

(4) Comments | Posted 21 December 2011 | (09:18)

While the eyes of the world have been focused on North Korea over the last few days in the wake of the death of the Dear Leader Kim Jong Il, I have been busy trying to get another sort of story out of the world's most closed state. No, I'm...

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