Arjen Kamphuis
Arjen is co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Gendo. He studied
Science & Policy at Utrecht University and worked for IBM and Twynstra
Gudde as IT architect, trainer and IT strategy advisor. Since late
2001 Arjen has been self-employed, advising clients on the strategic
impact of new technological developments. He is a certified EDP
auditor and information security specialist. As a much sought-after
international speaker on technology policy issues he gives over 100
keynote talks every year.

Since 2002 he has been involved in formulating public IT policy in the
areas of open standards and opensource for the government and public
sector. Arjen advises senior managers and administrators of companies
and public institutions, members of parliament in several European
countries and the Dutch Cabinet about the opportunities offered by
open standards and open source software for the European knowledge
economy and society as a whole.

In addition to information technology, Arjen also works on scenario
planning and strategic assessments of emerging technologies such as
bio- and nanotechnology. With clients he investigates the social,
economic and geo-political impact of science and technology.

Entries by Arjen Kamphuis

The Other IT From Another Europe

(1) Comments | Posted 10 June 2014 | (15:22)

Also on Consortium News.

Over the last 10-15 years public IT in Europe has not developed in line with public interests, nor does it guarantee the fundamental rights of citizens such as privacy and freedom of expression. Tremendous opportunities in the field of economic development and employment have...

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NSA Intel Goldmine, Who Else Has Access?

(1) Comments | Posted 16 September 2013 | (07:03)

Shortly after the initial release of some documents from whistleblower Edward Snowden I wrote a little summary about the IT-policy implications for Europe based on earlier columns. A lot of additional documents have come out since then and we can basically conclude that almost every computer system...

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(1) Comments | Posted 13 June 2013 | (19:41)

<originally a webwereld column in Dutch>

Over nine years ago, I was talking to Kees Vendrik (then a Dutch MP) about the broken Dutch software market. Not only was it impossible to buy a top brand laptop without buying a...

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OHM and Other Three-Letter-Agencies

(0) Comments | Posted 22 May 2013 | (22:22)

"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it." - Mahatma Gandhi

This summer the Dutch hacker community, with help from friends all over the world, will organise the seventh hacker festival in a series that started in 1989 with...

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Cyberwar - The West Started It

(2) Comments | Posted 23 February 2013 | (10:35)

The War Room, Dr. Strangelove - 1965

A few years ago, Israeli and American intelligence developed a computer virus with a specific military objective: damaging Iranian nuclear facilities. Stuxnet was spread via USB sticks and settled silently on Windows PCs....

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Privacy, A Decade On

(0) Comments | Posted 30 January 2013 | (09:25)

On July 11th 2001 the European Parliament published a report on the Echelon spy network and the implications for European citizens and businesses. Speculations about the existence of this network of Great Britain-and-her-former-colonies had been going on for years but it took until 1999 for a journalist to...

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Dining With Assange and Spies

(1) Comments | Posted 28 January 2013 | (12:03)

Foto van Israelische plutonium core, gemaakt door klokkenluider

At their yearly conference the Dutch The National Cyber ​​Security Center stated this week they want to listen more to the hacker community. It is fine that the government will at last listen...

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Internet, Copyright, Privacy: Choose Two

(0) Comments | Posted 25 September 2012 | (18:11)

The Dutch Considerati think tank reported some time ago that there is still widespread  downloading in the Netherlands. But for an allegedly 'broad' piece of research, some key parties were missing - Civil Liberties NGO's, for example. Nor did the...

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DIY Privacy

(0) Comments | Posted 21 September 2012 | (13:19)

Over the last few years it seems as though everything that is centralised fails. Governments fail to solve societal problems (or even just complete a successful IT project), central banks fail to monitor the behaviour of ordinary banks, IT companies fail to...

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IT and Government, What to Do?

(0) Comments | Posted 20 September 2012 | (13:09)

Two months ago I, along with other "experts", attended  a Parliamentary Working Group to answer questions about government IT projects. This was a Parliamentary group of MPs investigating the many IT failures of the government. After the the sept 12th elections...

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iTunes for ebooks

(0) Comments | Posted 23 August 2012 | (15:26)

In 1996 I got my first MP3s. Storage was expensive, so I burned files onto CD-ROMs. There were 10 to 12 audio CDs on a CD-ROM. Conversion of an audio CD to a series of MP3s lasted hours using an encoder...

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Windows 8 Does Not Have to be a Disaster

(0) Comments | Posted 22 August 2012 | (14:53)

Klik voor grotere afbeelding

Gartner, IT-journalists and even former employees of Microsoft agree: Windows 8 will be a disaster. The Metro interface designed for tablets (a market that virtually does not exist in relation to MS-Windows) is unworkable on...

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