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Adrian Lovett

Adrian Lovett is Europe Director of ONE, the global anti-poverty campaign

Adrian Lovett is Europe Director of ONE, the global anti-poverty campaign. Prior to joining ONE Adrian served as Global Campaign Director of Save the Children International, where he led Save the Children's global campaign for newborn and child survival, EVERY ONE. The campaign is active in more than fifty countries and seeks to achieve change through direct work to save lives, influencing policy makers and building a mass movement of people around the world.

Adrian joined Save the Children UK as Director of Campaigns & Communications in June 2007. In 2010 he was also part-time chair of the 1GOAL campaign to get millions more children in school through a partnership with governments and the FIFA 2010 World Cup. Before joining Save the Children, Adrian spent six years as Director of Campaigns & Communications at Oxfam. During this time he played a leading role in the Make Poverty History coalition and led Oxfam's Make Trade Fair and Control Arms campaigns. Prior to this he was Deputy Director of Jubilee 2000, after an earlier career in local commercial radio and in the office of a Member of Parliament.

For Me, Government Action on Global Health Is Personal

At ONE, we're working very hard to urge all governments to do their part. The good news for the UK is that others are stepping up, so the UK's share of the cost can fall a little. For a contribution of £1.2 billion over the next five years, averaging just £8 per year for each UK taxpayer, British support could save 1.5 million lives. What can be the argument for doing less?
06/11/2014 11:23 GMT

It Takes More Than Words to Beat Ebola

It is hard to imagine a crisis with the severity and reach of the Ebola epidemic currently sweeping West Africa. The outbreak of this deadly virus has presented the biggest global health emergency we've seen in years, perhaps even decades.
23/09/2014 12:10 BST

Could It Be That a Bearded Man in a Dress Has Rekindled Europe's Appetite for Democracy?

It has emerged that the winner of last weekend's Eurovision Song Contest, Austrian drag act Conchita Wurst, was not the choice of the elite juries that cast half the votes in the annual Euro-singathon. Instead, Wurst swept to victory thanks to the support of the public, who decided that behind the camp persona and hype there was actually quite a good song (at least, relative to the others). Conchita was the people's choice.
19/05/2014 12:49 BST

What Typhoon Haiyan Tells Us About the Best Defence Against Disasters

Eight hundred thousand. That's the most remarkable number to emerge in reports from the typhoon-hit Philippines in the last few days. In a story of lives lost, homes destroyed and people uprooted, 800,000 people were reportedly moved by the authorities to safe shelters as the storm approached.
15/11/2013 15:32 GMT

It's Decision Time in the Fight Against Aids, TB and Malaria

The debate about the quantity of Britain's aid budget was settled earlier this year when the government delivered on its promise to invest 0.7% of our national income in fighting poverty and disease - a decision that, contrary to what the cynics insist, had the support of the majority of British people.
17/09/2013 12:29 BST

Aid vs Defence: A False Debate

A UK taxpayer earning £30,000 per year will pay £7,065 in tax. Of that, £67 will go to the aid budget and £403 towards defence. That leaves £6,595 for everything else. A proper debate about government spending should surely recognise that pitching defence spending against aid is like robbing a pretty hard-up Peter to pay an even more impoverished Paul.
21/02/2013 13:03 GMT

A Golden Moment to End a Golden Summer

Our Olympic and Paralympic heroes deserved every bit of the great parade we saw last week. But why didn't this celebration happen again yesterday? That's when the UN announced that the number of children dying each year under the age of five has fallen by 41% since 1990. While 12 million died in 1990, just under seven million lives were lost in 2011. That's 14,000 a day less than were dying in 1990. The progress made in reducing child deaths must be one of the biggest success stories of the last decade. Yet there was no tickertape parade.
14/09/2012 18:25 BST

Superheroes in Suits?

I'm not saying everything I know in life I learned from Hong Kong Phooey. But somehow, it was the opening seconds of that legendary TV cartoon that sprung to mind recently when news broke from Washington of a big step forward in the fight for transparency in the oil, mining and gas industries, meaning African citizens can begin to ensure the rewards of natural resources don't end up in the wrong hands.
04/09/2012 09:49 BST

My Pledge for Nelson Mandela's Birthday

This week we celebrated Nelson Mandela's 94th birthday and it is a time for us to reflect on the achievements of the great man. I was lucky enough to share a stage with him in Trafalgar Square in 2005 for Make Poverty History. Today we still share a belief that what we pledged to do that day can be achieved.
19/07/2012 11:23 BST

Oiling the Wheels

Today we are squaring up to big oil. <a href="" target="_hplink">Adverts </a>will appear in papers across Europe shining a spotlight on a few corporate lobbyists who are trying to water down a new law that could transform millions of lives. It's an unusual move for us. But it might be the most important campaign we have ever run. Here's why...
30/05/2012 09:53 BST

Millions of Lives Depend on Osborne's Aid Promise

For many of us, the British Chancellor's annual budget announcement is a familiar ritual. We watch out for the extra couple of pence on a pint of beer or a glass of wine. We wince at the inevitable hike at the petrol pumps and wait hopefully for a few pounds back in tax credit or personal allowance. But the UK budget doesn't just matter to 60 million Brits.
18/03/2012 22:28 GMT

A Wake Up Call in the Fight Against AIDS

An uneasy sensation, of the pit-of-the-stomach kind, spread among the activists and donors supporting the fight against AIDS this week. The Global Fund, the international partnership that channels money to fight AIDS, TB and malaria, announced it has been forced to delay applications for new programmes due to insufficient funding from donors.
26/11/2011 00:40 GMT

Greece is the Word. But can the G20 Hummus Another Tune?

There is a slim chance that this Cannes summit also could be brought back on track. The report presented to the G20 this afternoon by Bill Gates puts Africa centre stage. Gates recognises that Africa can be part of the solution to the global economic crisis.
03/11/2011 15:48 GMT

The F-word: Why we did it

ONE's new campaign ad is getting a lot of attention. Not all of it of the admiring kind. Yahoo's news pages brand it the "shocking F-word vid". In the UK, the folk who decide what is fit and proper content for TV ads are stewing over it.
04/10/2011 11:56 BST

Leaders and Laggards in the Fight Against Famine

From the tsunami in 2004 to the Japanese earthquake earlier this year, the world has a long-established system in which citizens of the world, and their governments, support each other in times of humanitarian emergency.
11/08/2011 15:11 BST