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Aldert Vrij

Professor of Applied Social Psychology at the University of Portsmouth

Professor of Applied Social Psychology, Aldert Vrij's main research interests lie in deception, and he examines (i) nonverbal and verbal correlates of deception and (ii) people’s ability to detect deceit. He received grants from the British Academy, Economic and Social Research Council, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Innovation Group, Leverhulme Trust, Nuffield Foundation, and Dutch, British and American Governments, totalling > £2,200,000. His research has a strongly applied quality, and he has been working closely with practitioners (police, security services and insurers) for the last 20 years, both in terms of conducting collaborative research and in disseminating the research findings via seminars and workshops. He has published almost 400 articles and 7 books on the above topics, including his 2008 book Detecting lies and deceit: Pitfalls and opportunities (published by Wiley), a comprehensive overview of research into nonverbal, verbal and physiological deception and lie detection.