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Alex McLean

I am 40. I am not over 40, as my children keep telling me. I am in my 40th year...

I am 40. I am not over 40, as my children keep telling me. I am in my 40th year. It may sound like I have bad feelings towards the number 40; in fact it is quite the opposite. I owe a great deal to reaching that milestone, and the new perspective it has given me. When I turned 40, I made up a sort of bucket list. It was a list of five things to do, not before I died though, but before I turned 41.
On that list was

1) Perform stand up comedy. I have written my material for this, and will perform twice before Christmas, and will hopefully appear at The Stand before I reach 41.

2) Finish my first novel. This may not be done by March, but it is well on its way, and will be completed.

3) Give up one of my jobs, and focus on my writing. I have done this, and the benefits are ten times what I imagined they would be.

4) Do a parachute jump. At 15 stone, I am too heavy for this. I need to get down to 14 stone before they will allow me to throw myself out of a plane.

5) Do a major unselfish act for someone. I am currently looking into the possibility of donating my kidney to a charity, which I presume then give it to someone who needs it, as opposed to making a nice pie with it. are the people who can make this happen.

I joined twitter as @alexmclean71 and have met a bunch of brilliant people who have kept me going in the right direction, and got me blogging and tweeting with a confidence I didn't know I had. I have a particular interest in sport and popular culture, and I will always blog about things I love, and know about.

My Stand-Up Comedy Debut

I made my stand-up debut on 9 December 2011. A date I will remember for as long as Alzheimer's allows me. It wasn't something I had considered doing until, perhaps, the last year or so, which is actually surprising when I think about it. You see, I've always thought of myself as being funny, and I've always been a show off. So why hadn't I tried stand up before now?
16/12/2011 22:53 GMT

To C or not to C

That is the question that more and more women are asking themselves these days. The C of course refers to a C section, as in Caesarean. They are now to be given the option of opting for a caesarean for reasons other than it being a medical requirement.
05/12/2011 10:36 GMT