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Alexander Jan

Director, Transaction Advice, Arup

I lead Arup’s transaction advice team for transport. Based in London, I oversee delivery of UK and international assignments for clients wishing to buy, sell or finance transport infrastructure. In addition, I provide leadership for our policy and economic regulation work covering rail, roads, maritime and aviation.

My background includes around twenty years of public policy and consultancy experience, working for the CBI, KPMG and the CAA. I also provided policy advice to the then newly elected Mayor for London and was head of business planning and performance improvement at Metronet Rail (BCV).

I recently co-authored one of the Sir Roy McNulty rail value for money studies and an Arup/RAC Foundation report Providing and Funding Strategic Roads.

Fair Regulation?

Last week, hundreds of thousands of Londoners and commuters in the rest of the South East battled strikes and main line signal failures to get to work. With considerable grit and determination many of them succeeded. It's fair to say that George Osborne's Christmas gift to restrict regulated fare rises is already no more than a distant memory...
12/02/2014 12:09 GMT

Raising the Capital: Report of the London Finance Commission

The report's message is clear: for London to continue to fuel its own growth and succeed internationally, it needs far greater control over its own destiny. The Commission's chair, Professor Tony Travers of the LSE, notes that only a fraction of the taxes raised in London - just seven percent - is determined by the representatives elected to spend them.
30/05/2013 15:01 BST

The Mayor's Vision for Cycling

Recently the mayor of London, Boris Johnson, launched his cycling vision for London. His plan is to double bike use over the next ten years. "Mini-Hollands" in the suburbs are promised alongside thousands of additional bike parking spaces. Designated routes criss-crossing the capital are also in the mix.
21/05/2013 13:20 BST

Wanted: A Secretary of State for Infrastructure

A Department for Infrastructure should be created. This super ministry would provide more than leadership for spending departments. It could consolidate infrastructure resources and talent spread thinly through the rest of Whitehall.
23/04/2013 14:15 BST

Running the Tube Later at the Weekend

Last week Transport for London held out the prospect of the Underground running later at weekends. Commencing in 2015, this could deliver a boost to London's £8 billion a year dining, drinking and entertainment industry. It would provide a boon to the thousands of Londoners who flock to the West End for a night out.
05/02/2013 16:01 GMT

Rail Fares on the Rise: The Challenge of Change

Unlike buying a car or new kitchen, the hard pressed commuter of today is often paying for improvements that will be enjoyed years from now. When upgrades do arrive, the benefits are often taken up in the form of catering for increased demand.
07/01/2013 21:42 GMT