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Alexandra Johnson

freelance writer loving health, nutrition, food and startups

Aly Johnson, former RAF officer turned FMCG entrepreneur, launched award-winning, sugar-free dessert company Fools & Queens into Fortnum and Masons on New Years Eve 2015. She grew this dessert business from kitchen table to products retailing nationwide.

Now a freelance writer, she is keen to help the next generation of startups and the entrepreneurs who run them.

When she isn't in the kitchen or at her desk writing, she is out with her dachshund, Bertie, listening to him shout at nature.

How Do I Teach My Daughter That She Is More Than The Sum Total Of Her Appearance?

We live in an age of social media, where our daily lives are played out and laid out for all to see, criticise and judge. If we're not careful, the next generation of young women, and the ones that follow, are going to see an epidemic of low self esteem, requiring considerable investment in our mental health services, in order to combat the ongoing war.
01/11/2017 13:24 GMT

Why Don't We Talk About The 'Bizarre' Side Effects Of Pregnancy?

<img alt="mum bod" src="" width="300" height="35" /> Pregnant friends appear so keen to maintain the image of the glowing goddess, the one that is so widely portrayed via social media and glossy magazines, that they are reluctant to talk about, or even acknowledge, what they are going through:
19/10/2017 08:05 BST

Goodbye Carefree Holiday, I Hope We Meet Again!

The Husband and I are spectacularly average surfers. In fact we pride ourselves on our ability to spend the entire day fighting through the white water, only to get pounded by gigantic waves once we reach 'out back'.
04/09/2017 13:25 BST

How To Cope With The Perils Of Chlorine

With my first child on the way and a summer holiday booked for next year (in the sun, complete with swimming pool) I suddenly wanted to know a lot more about what I would potentially be exposing my daughter to, and much to my horror I found:
29/08/2017 13:19 BST

Is The Future Of Banking With Blockchain Technology?

As you're probably aware by now, the beauty of blockchain technology is in it's decentralisation - where no single person or computer has ultimate control over it. All cryptocurrency creation and transactions are open source, controlled by code and rely on peer-to-peer networks. Most currencies in circulation today are controlled by a centralised government and are regulated by a third party.
22/08/2017 13:28 BST

The Trials And Tribulations Of Buying A Car

With heavy hearts The Husband and I have spent the weekend trailing around car garages. This is most unusual for us. Ask anyone that has ever sat in the back seat of our car and they will tell you that we are clearly displaying signs of having Stockholm Syndrome.
07/08/2017 15:12 BST

Why Manuka Honey Is So Super It Should Wear A Cape

I'm not a naturalist by nature, I believe in the powers of modern medicine and openly scoff at those who chow down on herbal supplements. But seriously? The greatest scientists in the world can't find a cure for the MRSA superbug, but mother nature, using bees, has? This required further investigation.
28/07/2017 14:29 BST

Five Reasons Why Self-Employment Is The Way Ahead

In these uncertain economic times, striking out on your own may not seem like the most sensible option. But what if you have a product that has to come to market, or an idea that is so innovative it has to be seen through to fruition? What if you're simply like my friend who started his own Indian takeaway because he was fed up of people not experiencing authentic Indian food?
19/07/2017 14:32 BST

It's Never Too Late To Be An Intern

Starting over in the working world doesn't have to be a daunting experience, in fact if you think of it as 'evolving' rather than changing your career, you might just approach the opportunity with renewed vigour.
17/07/2017 11:45 BST

What's The Deal With Brunch?

What is about that heady combination of quintessentially breakfast food, eaten close to lunchtime (but not actually at lunchtime), that makes one feel quite so cosmopolitan? Is it because breakfast (the most neglected meal of the day) has the most tempting offerings which the majority of us forgo, choosing instead a quick slice of toast and a cup of tea before dashing out of the door?
20/06/2017 13:26 BST

Forget What You Know About Burgers: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

I love meat. I like my steak so rare that if it came still mooing I would be in seventh heaven. It's a running joke in my family: 'just knock off its horns and wipe its arse'. I take my burgers slightly more well done, but not overly so, I'd sooner chew on a hunk of leather than an overcooked patty.
09/06/2017 10:33 BST

Why The Fasting Diet Works For Me

Feel free to scoff (no pun intended) and tell me your diet is better/easier to follow/has quicker results etc, that's great, if it works for you. My point is this: it doesn't matter what the studies say, or that the Daily Mail is slating your choice of weight loss plan this week, what matters ultimately (and all the experts agree on this) is the best weight loss plan is the one you can stick at.
19/05/2017 14:18 BST

What Should I Expect From My Vagina Post-Birth?

As far as I can tell, the best thing I can do is go into labour with an open mind, be adaptable, and push safe in the knowledge that if it does all go horribly wrong, my vagina won't have to resemble a car crash for life.
08/05/2017 13:47 BST

If You Smoke E-Cigarettes, Do You Know How TPD Will Affect You?

Significant changes (stipulated by the EU) to the vaping industry were put into place last May, allowing a year's transition before the whole industry had to fully comply. And as of 20 May 2017, those who have come to rely on vaping as a means to make it through the day, might be in for a bit of a shock.
02/05/2017 13:42 BST

How To Eat For Less

I envy her lifestyle and her commitment to her values, I covet her retirement and although unable to copy her wholly at present (a first floor shoebox of a flat puts paid to any such day dreams of home grown veg, or a large freezer) I try to follow her lead as best I can: minimising food waste as much as possible, freezing anything close to its use by date, and implementing a simple cupboard stock rotation.
18/04/2017 12:45 BST

Enough With The Sugar Shaming - Give Me Solutions Not Problems

I've reduced my intake dramatically in recent years, but reading articles about some bird who quit sugar and lost a load of weight and now has glowing skin and sleeps like a baby, makes me want to reach for the nearest bag of sugar and gorge myself silly out of protest.
16/03/2017 17:01 GMT