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Alfie Stirling

Senior Economic Analyst, IPPR

Researcher at IPPR

Chancellor's 'Reset' Leaves UK Economy Exposed And Vulnerable

Philip Hammond has missed his first opportunity to formulate a proper response to the country's long term challenges; with a target that is not flexible enough to allow for significant, proactive investment. There is still much work to do.
23/11/2016 16:21 GMT

Flexible Working Still Isn't Flexible Enough

Flexible working in its current form, where many women are expected to work fewer hours than men in all phases of their life time, simply isn't flexible enough for anyone.
19/06/2015 23:30 BST

It's Time to Think Again About Rapid Deficit Reduction

More is it at stake than immediate political positioning. The agendas adopted now will define the policy space for most of the next parliament... Perhaps the present consensus on the haste of deficit reduction is deserving of greater scrutiny than is currently afforded by much of the UK's political class.
07/10/2014 11:38 BST