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Alice Rigby

Politics and History student, spare time music journalist

Alice is currently studying politics and modern history at the University of Manchester. She writes on these subjects for university newspapers, The Manchester Historian and The Mancunion. When not arguing about current affairs, she can be found interviewing musicians in venues around the country.

University Isn't for Everyone... And Nor Should It Be

A degree, with its ever-elevated status, has become a means to a personal end. This elevated status, coupled with the economic concern of students, has also led to a proliferation of new degree subjects. It is now possible to study almost anything at university. And yet, many of these courses simply don't suit a degree structure, an issue many concerned with higher education seem all too happy to ignore.
27/01/2014 16:20 GMT

Sex Education Should Cover the Sex Industry

Sex is often an instigating element of relationships and the pressure from peers to engage is outstanding. The psychological damage caused by the influence of sexual relationships founded without understanding their emotional implications can be monumental and, more importantly, can alter a teenager's interpretation of a healthy relationship forever.
18/06/2013 17:08 BST

The Traditional Family Is Irrelevant Because It Doesn't Exist

What hasn't been discussed though, probably partly because it seems so <em>obvious</em>, is the social structure that is a family. Advocates of 'traditional' marriage have rolled out their favourite phrase, the 'traditional' family, without acknowledging one simple fact; there isn't such a thing.
09/06/2013 22:38 BST

Sexism Is Normal for Twenty-Somethings: A Twin Perspective

Sexism's a big deal because boys like my twin brother <em>don't</em> hate women. It's a big deal because misogyny has become 'just a joke'. It's a big deal because while someone like Dom would never make a joke about lynching a black person, many wouldn't think twice about making a joke about rape.
16/05/2013 17:36 BST

Letters of GCSE Praise for Poorer students Are Too Little, Too Late

Many commentators have observed that the proposals seem at best an impractical use of resources and at worst deeply patronising. The complications of implementing the policy seem to make it a difficult one to advocate; is a child defined as poor if they attend a poor school or come from a poor family?
01/05/2013 11:56 BST