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Alison Powell

Penarth Times columnist and writer of articles, with my novel near completion.

I have been a columnist for the Penarth Times since 2015. I contribute to other newspapers and magazines, I blog and I am writing a novel. I love all things food, the history, the shopping, the cooking and most definitely the eating. I love theatre, ballet, books, travel and a good dance. I care about social justice, fairness, equality and food security. I feel passionately that we should all be just a bit kinder to one another. I particularly love Maya Angelou's advice that one should, 'Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.' and feel that if we followed quite a bit of what she said, the world would be a fairer, more just place for all. I am trying to do my bit, one blog or feature or chapter, at a time.

Legends And Losers - Boxing, Belief And Me

Standing in front of Joe Louis's gravestone with my dad, we both took a moment. He, because a kid born in to a poor Geordie mining community had come so far and was now stood before an idol's grave in Arlington Cemetery, Washington D.C and me, because I love and respect my dad and know boxing and this moment, meant so much to him.
25/10/2017 15:02 BST

Abandoned Books, Good Wine And Flats: Why I Am Not Old At 40

As a tween, before the term was coined, I looked at 40 year olds and they seemed old. They were proper grown-ups. They celebrated wedding anniversaries in double figures. They complained about mortgage rates, also in double figures.
14/08/2017 11:41 BST

'They' Say Young People Are Apathetic - They're Wrong!

"They" say that young people don't vote. Well, they did yesterday. From everything I have read, the 18 - 25 year olds came out in force and their footsteps striding to the ballot box; their pencils scratching their ballot papers and the crinkle of folding paper - has been heard loud and clear across the Country in General Election 2017.
12/06/2017 13:44 BST

We're In A State In Our One Party State

It does not matter if you are a Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem, SNP, Plaid, Sinn Fein, DUP, UKIP or Green you just have to believe in Democracy to know that this is not right. It is not right ideologically and it is not right practically.
19/04/2017 12:08 BST

When Do We Start Limiting Girls And Stop Them Striving In STEM?

<img alt="all women everywhere" src="" width="300" height="35" /> My perception is, that twenty years later, if I were choosing A levels, my experience would be no different. Apparently, there is a drop off in girls choosing STEM subjects at A Level, with a tiny proportion choosing physics compared to their male peers. This is followed through at University with a continuing small percentage choosing to take engineering or physics.
08/03/2017 16:16 GMT

Worry For The World, But Hope For Us All

My main worry is the pain we may all go through before this hoped for stability and kindness is in place and for that I can only hope, in the meantime, it is not all as bad as I worry it may be.
01/02/2017 13:19 GMT

Ice Magic Memories - The Joy Of Crimped Hair And Steak

I read a phrase recently, 'gourmet nostalgia' and whilst it may appear sound bitey it encapsulate so much of what was generating the gush over slices of pink and yellow sponge glued together with a cloying, overly sweet slick of synthetic cream.
27/11/2016 22:51 GMT

Before We Can Build A Modern Man, We Need To Build A Modern Boy

<img alt="bmm banner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="35" /> The title of this series triggered in me the firmly held belief that any attempt to build a modern man must incorporate building a modern boy. Declaring my interest, I am the mother of a daughter and son, both primary age with less than two years between them. The difference in how they are treated and talked to by the modern world never ceases to astound me.
08/11/2016 16:22 GMT

Nest-Flying, Wing-Spreading And Welcome Returns

The truth is we are raising our young to leave us. We are raising them to hopefully contribute in a positive way to the world and be decent people in a world where decency and kindness has arguably never been more needed.
19/09/2016 11:45 BST

It's 'Time Out' and 'The Naughty Step' For You Politicians!

On 23rd June over 17 million people voted in favour of the UK leaving the European Union. On that same day, over 16 million people voted to remain. That is over 33 million people that organised a proxy, walked to a post box with a postal vote or made their way to a polling station, to cast their vote and have their say.
01/07/2016 17:03 BST

Tartes on Tiles and the Power of a Plate

In the last couple of months or so I have been served a brownie on a board, baked beans in a bowl, chips in a bucket, mushy peas in a jam jar and a burger on a piece of wood. I haven't had anything served on a tile or a slate recently, but there's every chance that'll happen soon.
07/03/2016 09:34 GMT

Discovering the Motivation That Motivated Me to Get Fit

The motivation I needed was a determination to do what I could to keep my own children motivated to be fit and active and healthy and to keep myself in that way, to hopefully be there for as many of their milestones, achievements and adventures that spread ahead of them.
07/09/2015 16:24 BST

It's All in a Name, or Is It? The Power and Potential of Words

Names do make us think, form perceptions and yes, I am ashamed to admit but know it is universal, judge. Randy may be a perfectly common-place name among Americans, but unless it's just the people I know and I don't think it is, I have yet to meet anyone who wouldn't have to hide a smirk if they were introduced to a Randy from Swansea or Sheffield.
17/07/2015 10:47 BST

Sex, Love and Death... Only One of Which Is a Certainty in Life

When someone dies we are often shocked. Even if that person is ill and therefore their passing is expected to be imminent, I am still yet to lose a loved one to an illness and not be a bit surprised. I am taken aback, maybe slightly affronted.
01/07/2015 09:25 BST