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Alistair Barbour

Anti-nationalism/far right

A few years ago angry with the state of affairs in British politics, I contacted the three main parties and voiced my concerns. The replies I got back made be believe that I had no representation from the political establishment. In frustration I naively attended a BNP meeting this led to me eventually joining them.

After rising through the ranks and eventually working for Nick Griffin I saw for myself what their real agenda was, and I left.

I started blogging in the hope that other disillusioned people will not make the same mistake that I did and join backwards and regressive parties like the BNP.

There are many problems in the UK but Nationalist parties hold none of the answers.

BNP Plans Woolwich 'Crusade'

The likes of the BNP never do anything altruistically. They see only an opening to spread division and distrust. They believe all publicity is good publicity, this is all the death of this poor young man is; publicity.
27/05/2013 21:56 BST

The Woolwich Murders and the Far Right

What has happened in Woolwich is unbelievable. A British soldier brutally murdered in broad daylight. The attackers then calmly stand and wait for the police before apparently getting what they so desperately long for-martyrdom.
23/05/2013 10:34 BST

Nationalism: The Way Backwards

In 2014 Nick Griffin MEP is due for re-election to the European Parliament. Shamefully I'm one of the people who helped him get elected in the first place.
17/02/2013 22:16 GMT