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Amira Elwakil

Feminist writer/researcher, teacher and activist

Amira is a British Egyptian feminist writer/researcher and activist. She currently works with migrant communities (primarily women) in London, teaching English following a radical pedagogy and helping run a social centre. She has been involved in anti sexual harassment campaigning in Egypt, and work on the issue of 'comfort women' in South Korea. She is also involved in anti-racist, anti-imperialist, and pro-migrant campaigning in the UK. She holds an MA in Gender Studies from SOAS, University of London. Her research interests include masculinities, sexual violence, and gender and migration, particularly in relation to Egypt and diasporas of the Middle East.

Business As Usual: Why We Need To Stop Talking About Trump's Warmongering As An Anomaly

It is not through a revival of a 'golden past' with Obama at the helm or the discovery of a loophole that would send Clinton to the White House that the problem will be solved. It is through focusing the fight on the imperialism that makes it possible for Trump (and all that he embodies) to continue the warmongering legacy of his predecessors.
20/04/2017 12:01 BST