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Anastasia Kyriacou

Human rights advocate, political campaigner & radio host.

Anastasia has a background in campaigning for equality, social justice and human rights. At sixteen years old, her inability to vote during the 2010 general election led her to establish the campaign Where’s Our Vote? with the aim of lowering the voting age to sixteen and to get compulsory political education on the UK government agenda.

While studying History at the University of Birmingham, she specialised in homelessness, genocide, radical right-wing movements and the power of the press. She campaigned on behalf of Amnesty International as the Campaigns Manager and then Chair of the student group.

In 2014 Anastasia became a voluntary Communications Officer for the Labour Campaign for Human Rights (LCHR), and currently sits on the LCHR Advisory Board. In the past year she has specialised in LGBT rights, having worked as a News Reporter at PinkNews and then on the communications team at legal charity, the Human Dignity Trust. Anastasia currently works as Advocacy and Press Officer at the Peter Tatchell Foundation.

On weekends, Anastasia runs her own weekly current affairs, politics and entertainment show called KyriaQ on Shoreditch Radio.

Period Poverty: A Bloody Injustice

I will never forget the scene in Ken Loach's <em>I, Daniel Blake</em> when the character Katie gets taken into the backroom of a shop for trying to steal tampons because she is too poor to afford them.
27/09/2017 11:58 BST

Little Stories Of Illegal Love And Survival In Jamaica

Sometimes it is the stories you hear of people who you know the least about, who you are furthest connected to, that touch you the most deeply; suffering or tragedy of another that makes you pause momentarily- and alters your sense of perspective thereon. This handful of little stories shared by LGBT+ Jamaicans exposes their struggle to live, love and be treated equally in a homophobic homeland, and sheds light on the key to survival that strings them together.
19/06/2017 13:04 BST

Why The Tories Are Not My Cuppa

On Thursday, Britain heads to the polls to cast a vote that will determine which political party will shape the next five years. Here is why the Tories are absolutely not my cup of tea...
06/06/2017 13:44 BST

Levelle London: Homelessness Helped Me At The Same Time As Hurting Me

Levelle's philosophy that resonated the most was that we all have a choice when it comes to how we move around in life, and choosing to advance with a positive mentality is the key to overcoming hardship. This message was only to be reiterated by the sticker on the studio door he was sitting besides which read: 'I have a choice'.
22/09/2016 12:38 BST

Black Lives Matter: Racism Will Be Remedied When All Hands Are Up, Waving Goodbye To Discrimination

As humans, we must raise our hands and accept that we all have a responsibility to look out for one another, regardless of skin colour, sexuality, faith or gender. For it is only when we fundamentally refuse to tolerate discrimination in its every form, can we wave goodbye to racism and embrace the fair and equal society humanity needs in order for it to truly prosper. Solidarity with Black Lives Matter.
27/07/2016 13:07 BST