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Angela Samata

Arts Professional and presenter of BAFTA nominated BBC1 'Life After Suicide'

Angela recently completed her tenure as Chair of the Survivors of the Bereaved by Suicide, a nationwide charity offering a unique and distinct free service with online, face to face and telephone support to bereaved adults across the UK. Under her Chairmanship and together with a 10-strong Board and 150 volunteers, the number of support groups doubled, with over 60 free support groups currently throughout the UK, offering support to over 7,000 people bereaved by suicide each year. Angela led the Liverpool support group for 7 years and currently sits on the All Party Parliamentary Group looking at Suicide Prevention in England and Wales. Angela recently presented the BBC1 BAFTA nominated and winner of the Mind Media Award for Best Factual TV documentary, ‘Life After Suicide’. The film encouraged discussion and exploration of mental health issues, challenging the stigma of suicide. Describing her own experience and that of her children after her partner took his own life 12 years ago, Angela travelled the length and breadth of the UK talking to others who had experienced the same loss. The documentary was reshown as part of the BBC’s Mental Health Season #InTheMind and was watched world-wide by over 3.5 million viewers, with over 95,000 views to date on YouTube. Her charity work, together with the making of the documentary were recently recognised as Angela was named as the Merseyside Woman of the Year 2015. As a freelance arts professional for over a decade, Angela continues to work with individual artists and arts organisations, while also speaking publically about mental health issues.

Kicking It Up... And Then What?

I think the only way to ensure that campaigns are delivered responsibly and effectively is to start legacy planning at the inception of such projects. This means looking at the call to action, making sure that we've thought through how to meet the needs of those responding to what we're kicking up.
31/10/2017 11:30 GMT

Can Soaps Play Their Part In Suicide Prevention? You Bet!

That all changed when I answered a call from the Hollyoaks press office asking me to watch four episodes before they aired. The story line they wanted my opinion on involves main character Scott Drinkwell, played by Ross Adams, a prominent LGBT+ character.
15/06/2017 12:19 BST

Suicide: What's In A Word?

Suicide is a difficult word. There's no getting away from it. Whether like me and many others someone you love has taken their life, whether you are someone who has contemplated taking your life or if you have no personal experience at all, suicide is still a very difficult word.
05/06/2017 11:55 BST

A Letter From Winston Churchill

And so my journey begins, almost 10 months before my first plane takes off in January 2018. It will be almost a year filled with forging links in the places I'll visit; talking to artists, curators and mental health professionals working in the field in the UK and making sure I can share what I witness in the USA and Japan when I return.
15/03/2017 10:40 GMT

The Daughter Of An Immigrant

As many others before him, my dad came to this country from Cyprus when he was 15-years-old, with just the clothes he stood up in. It was 1958 and he was fleeing a volatile situation on the Island and landed in London not really having a next step planned. Since then he's made his way, been married three times, led a full life and watched his island from his not so new home.
01/02/2017 13:49 GMT

Who Mentioned Self-Care?

Maybe self-care is one of those areas of our lives that you only take note of when you're not doing it right?! I think I know when I'm doing things like managing my stress levels by trying not to cram too much into my diary. I try to get enough exercise and watch what I eat.
28/09/2016 10:29 BST

A Little Knowledge Can Be a Tricky Thing

It was a conversation about a piece of research. Doesn't sound too memorable, right? Except, it was a conversation with a man whose research could have a transformative effect on children like mine and has implications for all of us doing as much as we can in suicide prevention.
01/08/2016 17:39 BST

How Should I Feel?

I felt grateful for the opportunity that our BAFTA nomination offered: an opportunity to continue to challenge the stigma that so many of us feel; the opportunity to highlight the issues raised in our film again.
02/05/2016 16:21 BST

How Do You Know That You Hadn't Driven Faster on a Different Day?

Nobody saw it coming. Nobody knew that a day that had started just as any other was going to end so tragically. Like many of us bereaved by suicide, I asked myself many, many questions over and over again. Why didn't I see how Mark was feeling? Why didn't I pick up on the signs? Why didn't I realise that our call was to be our final call?
22/03/2016 16:42 GMT