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Angelique Pouponneau is a blogger at As an international student, she writes for the ForeignStudent blog, bringing the latest student news and issues and what it means for international students.

After completing her A levels, she left the Seychelles in pursuit of a law degree in the United Kingdom. She is currently a law student of the University of London International programmes. Through the blogging on she aims to share the experiences of international students and create a blog which everyone can relate and connec to. The blog will focus on enjoying studying away from home and embracing the student life of UK.

Moreover, the blogs aim to be thought provoking and encourage the sharing of ideas. It aims to maximise the potential of international students, through shared experience and hoping to benefit them in their lifetime whether they are in the UK or home.

British Culture: An Outsider's Point of View

This article can in no way be generalised. I am from a society which has adopted, or is quickly adopting, many western values (to our detriment or not) so it has not hit me as hard except for the freedom of expression which I love and embrace. However, many students from other communities may find what is seen as British culture rather daunting!
04/11/2011 09:51 GMT