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Anna Berrill

Food and interiors writer, cake lover, and recipe hoarder

A food and interiors writer living in London, Anna has written for The Guardian, The Observer, TANK, Psychologies, and The Hub. She has worked for the BBC and Decanter and has risen to the baking boom.

Is Food the New Fashion?

Yes, there have always been 'trends' in food, just as on the catwalk, but there seems to be more prominence placed on Russell Norman's downstairs red titan bar, Scandinavian foams, pickling, offal, and a return to casual dining (with those minimal menus), than in previous years.
02/11/2012 14:52 GMT

Hot Chocolates With Paul A Young

It's the creativity and individuality oozing out of every handmade treat from the fine chocolatier that has set Paul A Young apart from every other chocolate company. It is his flare for treating British classics,as an ingredient and tasted as a seasoning which has kept his chocolates clear of gimmicks.
02/08/2012 17:55 BST

Haute Confiture

Jam making is having something of a revival, no longer just confined to the ladies of the WI. From the classics raspberry and strawberry to the slightly unusual apple pie and melon with ginger, confiture has turned into a cult.
10/07/2012 16:58 BST

Taking The Jubilee Biscuit

The 1950s, the decade of the Queen's coronation, was a time of austerity, rationing, and simplicity in the baking stakes. From malted date cakes and cherry bakewells to pillow soft finger rolls, shortages meant that food was on everyone's minds.
31/05/2012 10:05 BST

The Fat Fight

I was recently told that by the end of a three course meal in most high end restaurants, you would have consumed about two and a half packs of butter. Now, granted you wouldn't want to do that every night of the week if that were true (and I'm not recommending it), the fact didn't bother me as much as my companions.
22/05/2012 09:19 BST

Supermarket Swap

With record numbers of people turning to food banks to help feed their families and with charities giving out an emergency supply of dried and tinned foods, an important movement in food is showcasing a new and economical way to shop for food.
04/05/2012 13:28 BST

Don't Take My Picture

With a growing number of people taking and sharing pictures of their food to Tumbler, Twitter, Pinterest, or a personal blog, can we no longer just sit down and simply enjoy a meal, without it being documented?
17/04/2012 15:38 BST

Don't Cross Buns

Every holiday and religious celebration comes with a menagerie of delights for foodies, and even though Easter is only just approaching, supermarket shelves have been packed full of spiced hot cross buns and Cadbury Mini Eggs for months - and in some cases, they never stopped.
05/04/2012 22:25 BST

A Cut Above the Rest

On cooking a Sunday lunch, I found myself with the unenviable task (as a vegetarian) of trimming a chicken.
26/03/2012 10:54 BST

The Breakfast Club

The nation's breakfast has moved on from just a bowl of Kellogg's cereal, rashers of bacon topped with HP Sauce and a mug of Yorkshire tea, to something a little more colourful. The first meal of the day has turned into an art form, but does this mean the end of the traditional greasy spoon?
19/03/2012 22:41 GMT